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New World The Depths Dungeons Guide

New World The Depths Dungeon is a 40-45 lvl Expedition. You can obtain really valuable Epic loot. However, it turns out quite extensive as there are a lot of trashmobs and minibosses. Read this guide to ease your life a bit.

General Info and Tips for New World The Depths Dungeons

First thing you need to do is to talk with a Crocodile outside and go to the waterfall. New World The Depth is located under this waterfall. 

The minimum number of players in your teams is 3 but you better go with a company of 5. Don’t be too confident here.

You need to bring The Depths Tuning Orb with you and three Azoth Staffs. You will need all three of that Azoth Staffs for one mechanic down New World The Depths Dungeon.

Your opponents are the Corrupted of 45 and 46 lvl. They are strong against Strike damage (-15%), Ice damage (-40%). So equip weaponry of Thrust damage (+20%), Arcane damage (+30%), and Nature damage (+15%).

Trashmobs in New World The Depths Dungeons

You will encounter oceans of trashmobs in every room of this New World The Depths Dungeons. They are all different kinds of Skerryshivs. There also will be quite a number of Skerryshiv Tendril which are some Corrupted plants trying to kill you. 

In the 1st Point, you need to apply three Azoth Staffs on the Ancient Artifact. And keep in mind there is a supply stockpile up on the tree in this room.

The Boor guards the Nadir Bridge, get rid of him, and proceed to the right sight then down the stairway.

In the Conveyance, there are again a lot of trashmobs and a teleport in the end of the room. It will take you to the King of Rot Room of New World The Depths Expedition. The lights on the floor turn on as you are killing more mobs, no need to solve any mind quests.

After all this chaos you will enter the Nadir Bridge again, now from the left. Use Azoth Staff on the sphere and pick it. Then go upstairs, take right from the stairs you climbed on and go across the bridge. 

Bosses in New World The Depths Dungeons

In the Unholy Pit some Corrupted Priest Archdeacon Azamela already awaits you. He has different mechanics that will make your trip a bit more difficult. He constantly spawns Hounds and Mines (first time at approximately 55% of HP). These are two things you need to get rid of again and again. And don’t leave there just one person, because it is tough to deal with both mines and Hounds simultaneously. One or two of your team need to teleport to the monolith and cleanse it. 

When the Priest is about 25% of HP, there will spawn another two monoliths guarded by the 2 mobs each. Do the same as with the first monolith and then go back to the Priest to get rid of him.

You will need to teleport to the Core where kill The Carapace, open the Chest and once again teleport. 

On the last point, there is a Corrupted Bear Archibald Hearty. Stick to its back and dps, dodge his slaps as they do a lot of damage. After you killed it, pick the skin as it is a valuable material. Then you should destroy the monolith and another sea of trashmobs. 

The Final Boos of New World The Depths Expedition is Captain Thrope. Just dodge constantly from any suspicious activity of him because he will chop down your HP with any mechanics of his. He is not very big, so it is hard to stick to his back, leave it to the dps. Near the 15% of HP left he regenerates and spawns two Mature Skerryship Behemoths. He does it 3 times actually, second at 50% of HP, third at 25-30% of HP. Can attempt more if you won’t be quick enough to kill him. After you killed him return to the supply stockpile which just unlocked.

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