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New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Guide

Dynasty Shipyard in New World is a 55 level entry PvE activity. You can bring your 5 pals into these Dungeons to overthrow the Corrupted Ebsonscale Empress.

General Information about New World Dynasty Shipyard

You definitely need to equip high nature damage Weaponry as your opponents will be Corrupted.
To enter the Expedition just follow the north side of the beach on the western shores of the Ebonscale Reach.

dynasty shipyard map

All of your enemies will be of Level 55. Moreover, they all are of the same attributes.

Strong Against

Strike damage -15%

Ice damage -40%

Weak Against

Nature damage +15%

Thrust damage +20%

Arcane damage +30%

Trashmobs in New World Dynasty Shipyard Expediton

Shipyard Spearman

Shipyard Warrior

Shipyard Trainee

Shipyard Musketeer

Deeppit Abomination

Corruption Swarmer

Shipyard Hound

Shipyard Worker

Corrupted Abominations

Shipyard Summoner

Minibosses in New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition

Maiden Jingfei

Level 55
Room 3

Commander Chen, Maiden Daiyu, Maiden Lanfen

Level 55
Room 4


Level 55
Room 6

Captain Kaiwei

Level 55
Room 7

Bosses in New World Dynasty Shipyard Expedition

Maiden Jingfei

Level 55
Room 6

Maiden Jingfei

Level 55
Room 8

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