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Rust Boosting

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Rust boosting is a good way to start playing an action survival game developed by Facepunch studious. Stranded naked and alone, players must scavenge an island in search of food and resources. Every server features a procedurally generated map, with multiple environments to explore, from snow-capped mountains to densely wooded forests. Collect wood to forge a spear and hunt boars for meat and cloth. Create an extensive number of items, from hunting bows to padded locks, to arm yourself and secure your goods. Protect yourself from the elements by constructing a home, using a robust building utility that makes almost any design possible. Watch out for other players, who can be as friendly as they are deceiving. Only a few shots from a Eoka Pistol or a few pokes from a spear are needed to render your naked body useless. Arm yourself with weapons and gear to raid player fortresses, in pursuit of loot or an epic firefight. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy rust boosting service from