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New World Garden of Genesis Expedition Guide

The Garden of Genesis in New World is a 60 Level expedition. It comes in a form of PvE and can be quite challenging. The final boss will definitely make you respawn not even once, and you will need quite an effort to complete this Expedition. Well, here we try to help you go through that.

General Info and Prep for the Garden of Genesis Dungeons

The mechanics of this Expedition were altered after the official release, so it is more difficult to complete now.
The Expedition Location is Edengrove.

First things first, you need to obtain the Genesis Tuning Orb. It can be achieved or crafted but is the required item. You need only one.

Then, to go through the corridors in New World Garden of Genesis Dungeons you will need to lit the flame in the stone cups. For that, you need the Azoth Staff. The Armour here is better be heavy. Go all heavies if you can, otherwise, you will need to pull up all your effort not to die.

The next thing to know is there is the Angry Earth Mobs. They are weak against Fire (+30%) and Slash (+20%) damage. So, equip accordingly.

For your team, you better find 2 DPS, the Healer, and 2 or 3 Tanks.

You may bring potions to help you with the damage, and Blight Tincture to remove the affliction.

Miniboss Caretaker 66 lvl in New World Garden of Genesis

You basically need to dodge his attacks because they take a decent amount of damage. 

When he comes at approximately 60% heals. What he does then is walk to the center of the room and summons the arena of roots about 10 meters away from it. The arena locks you either inside or outside. 

If you are inside of the arena you will need to survive the attacks. It jumps into the air and smacks down onto the ground. It’s a one-shot basically. What you need to do is to wear his stamina off (the yellow bar below the HP) before that move. 

If you are outside of the arena there will be Mobs. When you kill them, the arena will be opened and you go back in. 

The overall strategy here is for the Healer to stay outside and one DPS to kill the mobs while the tank and one DPS can stay inside. 

After that, it will reserve three moves which all can be dodged. What he does is actually summon different kinds of creatures. You will need to kill them before the Caretaker summons the arena the second time. The arena will rise at approximately 30% of HP left, so don’t really DPS the Caretaker too much before you kill the Mobs. Otherwise, you will need to deal with both the arena mechanics and the Mobs.

After you defeated the first boss, there is a chest reward. To go further use azoth staff to light the flame then walk to two passageways. Once you opened up the first corridor you have an option to hold up azoth staff and help DPS until you get to the second corridor where will be quite a lot of Mobs and miniboss which is not hard to deal with. Lit the flame in the next room and AOE the Mobs. 

The Blighted Greenskeeper Boss 66 lvl in New World Garden of Genesis

The best and easiest advice here is don’t take it face on. There are quite a variety of moves it does that bring heavy damage and can be one-shot. There are poison balls that will roll on the ground, so you need to dodge them.
Then it will spray green liquid targeting one player. They need to go as far away from the rest of the team as possible because it can affect the other members heavily.
After you chopped about 40% of its health, the Mibs will spawn, and you need to deal with them while the Boss can come up from the ground underneath you.
When you see it is going to summon the storm, everyone has to go behind the boulders she dropped earlier or you will face one shot. After that attack, because it has a tiny little cooldown.

The Rewards here can be 3,000 XP, 27.00 Gold, 375 Territory Standing, 1,365 Faction Reputation, 1,415 Faction Tokens, and Boss Chests with common, rare, epic, or legendary items.

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