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New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Tips

New World Lazarus Instrumentality Dungeons is an end-game Expedition. It gives you quite a bunch of loot and turns out to be challenging. You will definitely need some attempts to win it, and you will die not just once. Here is our hopefully helpful guide that can facilitate your game.

General Info and Tips for the New World Lazarus Instrumentality Dungeons

✦ First you need to know is requirements. They are similar to the other expeditions: bring one Lazarus Tuning Orb and an Azoth Staff. The recommended level here is 60 and your opponents will be 65 LVL for trashmobs and 66 LVL for minibosses and bosses.

✦ To enter the New World Lazarus Instrumentality Dungeons you have to go to Reekwater. Completing quests there will grant you one relevant Tuning Orb which allows you to enter the Lazarus Instrumentality.

✦ All of the AI are Ancients which means you need to have weaponry with particular attributes. The Ancients are strong against Slash (-15% damage) and Fire (-40% damage). Stick to Strike (+20% damage), Lightning (+30% damage), and Void (+15% damage).

✦ About Armor. You can of course go all heavy but you will need to dodge a lot and quickly, so heavies can actually be not that convenient to equip.

✦ Bring a lot of healing potions. It depends on your strategy with the final boss yet you will need healing anyway. Health potions, Regeneration potions, Honing Stones, Ancient weapon coatings, Heling Food – bring everything in abundance.

✦ There are six rooms and two bosses in New World Lazarus Instrumentality. However, there are many trashmobs and kind of tiny bosses which although can kill one-shot you.

✦ The loot you get from this Expedition is mostly Epic as far as we can tell.

Trashmobs are all of the 65 lvl

There will be a lot of them in every room of the New World Lazarus Instrumentality except the last. They are Lazarus Defender, Lazarus Javeneer, Lazarus Archer, Lazarus Taskmaster, Lazarus Avenger. They can be very nasty if they circle you or there are a lot of them. But not to extremes.

Then there are these tiny bosses or Elite Trashmobs

They are 66 lvl each. You will encounter Dolos, Demos, Asterus, Tolos, Palas, Alcyon, Ravager, Damysys in New World Lazarus Instrumentality. From Khamruset Arcanist in particular you need to gain the Ancient Guardial Heart so you can place it in the Ancient Device to revitalize the Chardis. Actually, you may not even notice them as you will be flooded with trashmobs simultaneously, but they give heavy damage, so it can happen that you will die once or twice (at least).

Cilla Miniboss of 66 lvl

It has some moves like lasers and spear attacks, but is pretty easy to dodge. And there won’t be any trashmobs on the location with it. Try to stay behind her and attack continuously.

Chardis the Final Boss

It is too of lvl 66. Dodge his hands. That’s the most common thing you will do when battling it. It can look quite bizarre that his hands are rolling through the location but you want to avoid them to save yourself HP. The other thing is to stay close to his abs. You can take damage when he lies down but the damage you cause is higher. 

Then there are some energy barriers occurring on the location with the spheres inside. Destroy them and put the sphere to the Glyphs. When the Laser from Chardis’s head hits you run to these spheres. When Chardis touches the spheres he collapses and you can dps it. Another strategy many players take in New World Lazarus Instrumentality is to heal themselves heavily against it and cause damage simultaneously. Well, if you are confident with yourself, then off you go. 

Now you know about New World Lazarus Instrumentality Dungeons more, so you may not be so keen to spend so much effort on it yet still want to get the rewards.

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