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New World Amrine Excavation Dungeon Guide

New World Amrine Excavation is the first main Expedition you will go into. It recommends you to be of 25 lvl. However, it is not that troublesome to complete. There won’t be pools of trashmobs or tough bosses. Yet, you still need to know some things about the mechanics.

General Info about New World Amrine Excavation Dungeon

Before you go to New World Amrine Excavation, obtain the Amrine Tuning Orb. It is a requirement. You can do that through some quests or by crafting. 

✦ Next is the Azoth Staff. You will use it to unlock doors (here – translate runes on the stones). 

✦ Your opponents in New World Amrine Excavation are all of 25 and 26 lvl. They are Lost Type Mobs. So don’t even consider Thrust (-15%) or Void (-40%) damage. Equip Strike (+10%), Ice (+15%), and Nature (+30%) instead. 

Mobs in New World Amrine Excavation Dungeon

Trashmobs in New World Amrine Excavation will be different kinds of Star Excavation creatures: Plaguegeists, Faminegeists, Workers, Flailers, Retchers, Punishers, Nests, Ravagers, Abominations. They won’t be too tough as there are not many of them. For Ravagers, you want to hit them all, each one of your team for the next quest. 

There are already some wholesome and extensive Guides for New World Amrine Excavation Expedition, so we just note some really valuable information.

The Boss Burnt Becca 26 lvl. It has some unique features. It is resistant to Fire (-90% damage) in addition to the other resistants. Weaknesses are the same. It has some different mechanics that can cause quite a bit of damage. Keep away from the fire circle. 

In Grand Traverse of New World Amrine Excavation, there are two stone circle plates that you need to step on. One of them will spawn a Plaguegeist and the other one the Ravager. The Mobs will spawn up the center one too. So you can either take down the one Mob that spawned on your location or go and help the team, so you take them down together. 

The other Boss you will encounter is Foreman Nakashima. Well, it seems that Mob is Void resistant originally but you shouldn’t bring the Void weaponry with you anyway. It has the same mechanics as Becca with the circle, except it stuns you when you are inside. Then it can spawn three or four reflections of itself that will cause damage too. However, there is nothing too extreme. 

One more Boss is Frozen Forrest. As you may already guess, it has Ice (-90%) resistance feature added to the other two. The weaknesses are still the same. So if you are equipped with the Ice Gauntlet, switch the weapons.

Your Final Boss of the New World Amrine Excavation – Simon Grey. The first thing to do here is to deal with the trashmobs on the right and left of the entrance. Don’t go to the center, keep near the walls and killed the Mobs. Then proceed to the Boss itself. He will be spawning his trashmobs consistently, and they actually have the ability to progress through consuming the substances of the boss. What this Boss does is attacks the player constantly by either swaps or slams. The best you can do is for tanks to take it on themselves, and DPS to follow steadily from behind. 

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