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What Is Riders Republic Boosting?

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Riders Republic is a sports racing game where players can compete in disciplines such as mountain bike racing, skiing, snowboarding, and flying wingsuit.

Players will compete against up to 50 people, as well as a special arena mode where players compete with each other in 6×6 teams, trying to perform as many tricks as possible. The game takes place in seven US national parks, each of which is very different from the others.

The key location is the Riders Ridge hub, there is a store, a “shield” with weekly challenges, as well as special points where you can start online matches.
There are separate competitions for each discipline. You can level up, earn in-game currency and unlock additional equipment not only by participating in competitions but also by exploring the map.

In the open world, you can find collectibles and relics, perform special tricks, and also open viewpoints at attractions taken from real parks.
Customization is not limited to cosmetics – players can buy new equipment and improve it, which increasing the characteristics and adapting to different play styles.

There are four main modes: Career, Tricks Battle, FFA (Free for All), and Mass Race.

In a Career, there are separate paths for all sports. As you progress through this mode, players will be invited to participate in championships based on real-life sporting events organized by companies like Red Bull or Burton.

Tricks Battle is a six-on-six team mode in which players fight in arenas to earn points. The side must “capture” the territory: the elements of the environment can be repainted in your own color, performing tricks on them. If you occupy an entire area, then the points multiplier will begin to operate in it.

FFA (Free for all) – is a PvP mode that enters different competitions from Career modes. You can participate with other players or only with your friends.

Mass Race is the largest all-around race for 50 or more people. It starts every hour at a different point on the map, within the same race, players will switch to different types of transport depending on the site.

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