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Genshin Impact Boosting

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Genshin Impact boosting is the best way to progress in a brand new game developed by the Shanghai studio miHoYo, whose first game was the free FlyMe2theMoon. After that, several more mobile projects were released – Houkai Gakuen and Houkai Gakuen 2, which for Western users are better known as Zombiegal Kawaii and Guns Girl Z. Boost your Genshin Impact characters by experts of

The plot of Genshin Impact begins with an introduction to Ether and Lumin (the canon names of the main characters that you can change), brother and sister who can travel between worlds. During the introductory cutscene, an unknown goddess stands in their way, who, depending on the character chosen by the player, takes one of the relatives, and the remaining one “locks” in Teivat’s world, leaving him / her powerless. Further, I will mention the protagonist in the text as Lumin, since I played for her. The plot of your choice almost does not change, so you can play as anyone you want.

In addition to the main storyline, the game has quite a variety of side quests. You will usually complete them in order to gain a level for the next story chapter. Although the gameplay for the most part they boil down to “bring it, pass it, go through the dungeon”, they tell good stories. For example, in one side quest, you need to find treasure while solving riddles along the way, while the other is furnished as a date with the librarian, which in a peculiar way approaches the return of lost books. There is even some element of nonlinearity here, although it mainly affects only the dialogues.

Genshin Impact is a real breakthrough for the Chinese gaming industry. This is the first multi-platform AAA project from the Middle Kingdom, which also started quite successfully all over the world. The game may not yet look like a hundred million dollars, but I can definitely see the strength and soul that miHoYo employees put into the project. Yes, there were some incidents. Fans of “Zelda” accuse the game of plagiarism, and many express fears about the ubiquity of the local anti-cheat, but the studio does not ignore the claims of the players and tries to answer them.

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