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The Finals Guide: Medium Class Pro Tips

The medium is the beating heart of a Finals team, offering a dynamic blend of raw firepower and strategic utility. Beyond its fundamental attributes, the medium is multi-layered, providing massive utility that acts as a backbone for crucial team plays. However, the significance of a medium player extends beyond support, as they can also excel as the top Fragger, delivering high damage per second. This duality makes the medium role exceptionally valuable in shaping the composition and success of any team. In The Finals Medium Class Guide you’ll find a lot of tips for improving your game. 


Commencing with the weapon choice, there’s an ongoing debate about whether mediums should opt for the AK or the scar. While the scar deals more damage, it falls short on ammo, impacting overall damage output compared to the AK. For abilities, the healing beam stands out as a crucial tool for mediums. In the gadget department, the defibrillator is a must, being the primary reason for choosing mediums. This gadget allows instant revival of downed teammates, getting them back into action swiftly. A pro tip for defibrillator use: reviving a teammate spawns them back with 50% health, but a full revive grants them 100% health. In situations where it’s clear, you can sometimes save the defibrillator for a normal full revive. Additionally, when reviving amid battle, ensure your teammate has ammunition to avoid an awkward reload confrontation with opponents.


Always prioritize mobility as your greatest asset in this game. Quick rotations and providing your team with timing advantages are crucial. Tailor your strategy by utilizing a combination of the zip line and jump pad to exploit both vertical and horizontal mobility. Make the jump pad a priority in your loadout, using slanted surfaces like floors, bridges, or rooftops to swiftly navigate the map. The choice between the zip line and jump pad is a personal preference, so experiment with both gadgets to unleash your creativity. Here’s an extra tip: if you deploy a jump pad mid-slide, you can carry that forward momentum, especially potent during in-game events like low gravity. Get creative by placing jump pads on walls for unique plays. While spamming the zip line over your opponents can disrupt them, use it judiciously to avoid becoming an easy target. These tactics, especially during low gravity events, can add flair to your kills and keep opponents on their toes.


For gadget options, a crucial addition is the APS turret. Not only does it provide cover in certain fights, but it also comes with additional advantages during the cashouts. Surprisingly, the APS turret can absorb C4 from a heavy attempting a steal, catching many players off guard. An interesting tactic is to showcase creativity by swiftly deploying the APS below you when anticipating a heavy’s RPG round. 

The Finals APS turret


The greatest impact lies in wielding your weapons. Mediums boast the best guns in the game, making them formidable threats. However, when opting for a more defensive stance, transitioning into a support role, especially for the heavy, becomes crucial to set up plays. Your life holds significant value, and I advocate for a cautious approach to heroics, especially when revival poses a substantial risk. Notably, teams tend to focus excessively on mediums, and this can be exploited. Utilizing gadgets for movement makes you a more elusive target, drawing enemy fire while your team engages them. Playing strategically in this manner becomes viable, particularly when there’s another medium available for revival, ultimately granting your team a favorable gunfight.

In conclusion, mastering the medium class is about embracing its dual nature—a blend of raw firepower and strategic utility. The role’s versatility shines through as it acts as the backbone of a team, supporting and orchestrating crucial plays for overall success. The medium isn’t confined to a mere support role; it can emerge as the top damage dealer, showcasing its prowess in high-stakes firefights. The duality of the medium makes it an invaluable asset to any team composition in The Finals, offering a dynamic and adaptable approach to the ever-evolving challenges of the game. By understanding the nuances of weapon choices, leveraging healing abilities, and making smart use of gadgets, a skilled medium player can significantly impact the outcome of matches. In The Finals Medium Class Guide we realised that the medium stands as a linchpin for success in The Finals.

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