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The Finals Best Heavy Build Guide

The Finals Best Heavy Build Guide

In The Finals, the Heavy build serves as the battlefield tank, known for its exceptional durability and destructive capabilities. The Heavy build focuses primarily on absorbing damage and delivering powerful attacks. It provides versatility, allowing players to adapt their playstyle based on personal preferences and the requirements of their team.

Best Heavy Build Overview

Best Heavy Build Guide

Weapons: M60, SA1216

Gadgets: RPG-7, Barricade, & C4

Specialization: Mesh Shield



In heavy builds, weapon choice can differ, but the SA1216 semi-auto shotgun is a standout option. It provides significant damage and performs exceptionally well in close combat situations, with a quick reload time. Additionally, the Lewis gun and the M60 Machine Gun are solid choices for heavy builds.


RPG-7: Employ the RPG-7 to disrupt enemy strategies, destroying cover, eliminating groups of enemies, and causing chaos on the battlefield.

C4: Strategically place C4 on doorways, chokepoints, or objectives for tactical advantages and surprise attacks. Detonate it remotely to control the battlefield.

Dome Shield: Deploy the Dome Shield to defend objectives and block enemy sightlines. It also safeguards teammates during revives, providing tactical advantages and team protection.


In The Finals, the ideal Heavy build incorporates the use of the Mesh Shield, allowing you to deploy a large frontal shield to protect yourself and teammates from enemy fire. This versatile tool can be employed in various ways:

  • Pushing through enemy lines: The Mesh Shield safeguards you from enemy fire as you advance through their lines, making it especially valuable when attacking fortified positions or defending objectives.
  • Creating openings for teammates: Use the Mesh Shield to create openings for your teammates to advance. This is particularly advantageous in team-based gameplay, providing strategic opportunities.

Additionally, the Charge ‘N’ Slam is an effective tactic in ranked matches. You can successfully utilize it to eliminate a low-health enemy team attempting to hack the cashout. Coordinating with your team, you can distract them and catch them off guard.

Heavy build is the top choice for players who enjoy a playstyle that is both sturdy and formidable. This build excels in absorbing damage and delivering powerful blows to enemies, proving highly effective in the hands of skilled players.

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