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Tarisland PvP Guide

Tarisland PvP Guide: Pro Tips

Dive into the competitive realm of Tarisland with our PvP Guide, where seasoned players share their Tarisland Pro Tips. This guide is your gateway to mastering the intricate art of player versus player combat. Explore strategic insights, learn about the best classes for PvP dominance, and unlock the secrets to outmaneuvering your opponents. Gear up for an immersive journey into Tarisland’s PvP landscape, where victory awaits those who are armed with knowledge and skill.


Tarisland Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds become accessible at level 21, triggered by an assigned objective. Simply click on this objective to enter the matchmaking screen, also accessible via the “h” key. Whether solo or with a group, the game matches you with players of similar levels during specific hours from 10:00 to 23:59 server time. There are two rotating maps, Sinister Orefield and Peak Gulf. Each featuring 10 vs. 10 battles with distinct objectives. The post-match MVP is selected based on performance or KDA, and players earn rewards in the form of Glory points and Silver Coins.


As previously noted, the current rotation includes two Battleground maps: Sinister Orefield and Peak Gulf. In this part of Tarisland PvP Guide we’ll deep into the specific objectives and key distinctions of each map.

1. Sinister Orefield

Tarisland Sinister Orefield

The initial map covered in this Tarisland PvP Guide is Sinister Orefield. In this map, players must either escort the Bomb Truck to the end goal as attackers or impede and destroy the Bomb Truck as defenders before it reaches the destination. The game lasts for 10 minutes, divided into two 5-minute rounds, although the rounds can end sooner depending on how quickly teams fulfill their main objectives.

Teams earn points based on their success in securing the objective, and the progress of the Bomb Truck, along with match and round times, is displayed on the right side of the screen. Each round concludes when a team achieves its objective or when the 5-minute time limit elapses. The team with the highest points at the end of the match emerges victorious. This information is crucial for mastering PvP in Tarisland.

Offense Strategy

When taking the offensive side in Tarisland PvP, your strategy should revolve around swiftly escorting the Bomb Truck to its destination. However, the opposing team will actively try to hinder your progress. Notably, you cannot advance the Truck if enemies are in close proximity. Therefore, it’s essential to eliminate or at least displace adversaries before initiating the Truck’s movement.

Successfully reaching the finish line rewards you with 200 points. It’s strongly advised to prioritize dealing with enemies before approaching the Truck to prevent constant interruptions and ensure efficient progress.

Defense Strategy

In the defensive role, players must prevent the Bomb Truck’s progress, inflict damage to it, and ultimately destroy it. Being in close proximity to the Truck halts its movement, providing the defensive team with an opportunity to weaken the vehicle and eliminate its defenders.

To enhance their defense, the defending team has access to turrets, which are operated by players. This strategic advantage aids the defensive team in applying consistent damage to the Bomb Truck and contributing to team engagements.

Accumulating points for the defensive team involves steadily diminishing the Bomb Truck’s health, with 200 points granted upon successfully destroying the vehicle.

2. Peak Gulf

Tarisland Peak Gulf

The second battleground in our Tarisland PvP guide is Peak Gulf! Here, players engage in fierce battles to seize control of three crucial resource points on the map: the Ruins of Devotion, the Ruins of Courage, and the Ruins of Wisdom. Additionally, a fourth and strategically significant point, the Soul Tower, emerges at the map’s center periodically. Unlike Sinister Orefield, the match duration is set at 10 minutes without rounds.

Securing control of each strategic point gives resources upon the controlling team, while preventing the opposing team from capturing these points hinders their resource accumulation. The status of each point, both teams’ resource points, and the remaining time are displayed on the right side of the screen. The victory condition is either reaching 2000 resource points or having the most points when the 10-minute timer expires.

Resource Points

At the start of the match, three resource points are neutral and ready for capture. Players must quickly move to each point, stand there for a set time, and start capturing. A meter shows the capture progress. Each captured point adds 5 resource points, and having more points speeds up resource growth. Without a point, a team’s resource points won’t increase. Capturing multiple points ensures faster growth than the enemy team.

In the middle, white means a point is neutral, while red or blue means it’s occupied. Opponents will try to stop your captures, so remove them from the point to resume capturing. Capturing enemy points needs an extra step—neutralizing them before your team can start capturing.

The Soul Tower

The Soul Tower in the middle of the map starts inactive for the first 3 minutes, then can be captured by a team. After capture, it stays under control for 30 seconds and becomes inaccessible for 2 minutes. Capturing it provides a substantial boost in resource points, often deciding the match’s outcome and holding great importance for both teams.

Tarisland PvP Tips

1. Effective communication and team coordination

Communication with your teammates is crucial for success. Utilize voice chat or in-game messaging to share information, strategize effectively, and alert your team to enemy positions. Teamwork is key to achieving victory.

2. Class and Role Synergy

Coordinate with your teammates to create a well-balanced team composition. Each class has unique strengths, and having a mix of roles like tanks, DPS, and support can greatly contribute to your team’s success.

3. Understand the Maps

Familiarize yourself with the layout and objectives of each map. Knowing the strategic points, routes, and potential hiding spots can give you a significant advantage.

4. Adaptability

Be flexible in your approach. Adapt your strategy based on the flow of the match, the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and the tactics employed by the opposing team.

5. Learn from matches

Review your matches, especially losses, to understand what went wrong and identify areas for improvement. Learning from your experiences will make you a more skilled PvP player.

In conclusion, mastering the PvP aspect of Tarisland requires a combination of strategic thinking, adaptability, and effective teamwork. By following Tarisland PvP Tips outlined in this guide, players can enhance their skills, dominate battlegrounds, and make a significant impact in the competitive landscape of Tarisland. If you are not sure you can dominate your matches yourself, you can buy Tarisland Boosting from BoostingExperts. Whether it’s mastering map objectives, choosing the right class, or coordinating with teammates, continuous improvement and a willingness to learn will lead to PvP success in the vibrant world of Tarisland. Step into the arena, embrace the challenges, and may your victories be plentiful.

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