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Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

Today, we’re diving into Tarkov Woods Map Guide, perfect for both new and seasoned players alike. In this EFT Woods Map Guide, we’ll cover everything from boss spawns to the various loot hotspots scattered throughout the map. We’ll also highlight any potential trouble areas and discuss spawn points and extraction locations. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right in.

Tarkov Woods Map Guide

First off, let’s start with a general overview of the map. If you’re following along, keep an eye out for the lake, as it will serve as a helpful reference point. As for spawns and extracts, if you spawn on the right-hand side, you’ll likely extract on the left, and vice versa for the opposite side. Stick with us, and we’ll show you exactly how it all works as we navigate through Woods.

RUAF Roadblock Extract 

Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

Right now, we’re at RUAF, and we’ll be heading up this path and then down. You’ll see it marked on the map as we go. Now, about the RUAF extract—if you spot the smoke, you’re in luck because you can extract from there. It’s usually available about 70 or 80% of the time, so it’s up more often than not.

UN Roadblock Extract 

Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

This long road here will take you to the UN Roadblock, located at the very end. We won’t run down there now, as it’s just a long road, but standing next to this wall leads to the UN Roadblock extract. It’s always open if you spawn on the outskirts.

Factory Gate Scav / PMC Extract

Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

About halfway down on the right side, there’s a metal grate wall similar to this one, known as the Factory Gate. You can only use this extract in co-op mode by double-tapping O. It’s for extracting as a PMC with a Scav or as a Scav with a PMC.

If you die as a PMC and then Scav back into the same raid with your friend, it’s another extract option. It boosts your Fence reputation, so it’s worth doing if possible. Otherwise, you can try signaling for extraction by shooting into the sky, but it’s rare.

FOB (Forward Operating Base) Area

Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

It’s a hotspot for medical and food spawns, especially early in the wipe. Expect heavy player traffic, but you’ll find numerous medical bags, crates, and ration supply crates. Unfortunately, in offline mode, interacting with items seems restricted.

There are plentiful loot spawns throughout the area, including on tables, inside crates, and on the ground. Keep an eye out for valuable items like LEDXes. However, beware of quests like “Capturing Outpost,” which often leads to player confrontations.

Despite the risks, this area offers great loot potential if you can navigate it safely. Woods is renowned for hidden stashes, making it a top choice for profitable solo runs. With diligence, you can rake in substantial profits, even without encountering other players.


Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

Right in front of us is where Shturman, the main boss, spawns. This area is heavily farmed due to quests requiring Shturman kills. Quests like “Hunter,” “Woods Keeper,” “Hunting Trip,” and “Light Keeper” all involve taking down Shturman. Keep an eye out for a violet key card spawn inside the small shack nearby. There are three spawn points, so check them every time you pass by for a chance at good profits.

These trailers contain jackets and are useful if you need to replenish food and drinks. They’re also key locations for certain quests involving placing items or finding specific loot. However, be cautious as this area is often populated with Shturman hunters.

The lumber mill is a high-threat zone, so it’s best to visit only for specific tasks and then leave promptly to avoid unnecessary risks. Inside the warehouse and on the left-hand side shelves, you can find medical spawns.

Navigating through Woods can be tricky, but learning to maneuver through the trees will improve your survival chances. While Woods can be dangerous if spotted first, escaping is relatively simple—just dash through the trees in a direction that’s hard to track.

Overall, Woods offers lucrative opportunities but requires caution due to its popularity among players hunting Shturman.

Sniper Rock

Tarkov | EFT Woods Map Guide

Okay, just up ahead, you can find gold chains and more food and drinks. Climbing this mountain can be tricky with the vaulting mechanic; it’s easier to jump but consumes more stamina. Once you reach the top, head left to find a weapon crate and various loot spawns, including big coins, lions, gold chains, and more. The sniper scav always spawns here with a 100% rate.

To navigate this area efficiently, follow this path exactly to reach the top without jumping. If you manage to eliminate the sniper Scav, you can loot them for valuable items. Now, I’ll show you a trick jump that’s a bit challenging for beginners but useful once you’re more experienced. Sprint in this direction, jump around here, and then either jump again or sprint up to continue.

While sniping from this hilltop offers better cover than the big rock, be cautious as you’re still somewhat exposed. If you’re keen on sniping from here, it’s a safer spot. Typically, when someone shoots at you, they’ll aim a bit low, providing you with a chance to retaliate.

Many players prefer to hunt Sturman from the rock over there. If you venture up here, shooting down towards this area can be challenging. Your goal is to target players on the opposite side, typically about 50 to 300 meters away. 

As for sniping from this vantage point, it’s best to target Shturman when he’s in this area. Spending too much time here isn’t ideal. One advantage of this spot is that if someone approaches to engage the sniper Scav or loot their body, you can surprise them. Now, let’s move left from this rock.

There’s a weapon crate ahead, which used to be an old extraction point called the Red Rebel extract. Learning the hidden stashes on this map is highly recommended for making good money. Let’s continue our Tarkov Woods Map Guide.

Northern UN Roadblock Extract

To navigate this area efficiently, follow this path exactly to reach the top without jumping. If you manage to eliminate the sniper Scav, you can loot them for valuable items.

Main Village

Now, as you can observe, this village here is where the car extract is located. Many people camp on this side to snipe others running around, so be cautious. Additionally, there are Scavs down here, making it a good spot for tasks like Tarkov Shooter part 1 or 2. The Scavs tend to walk openly on the road, making it easy to get your kills from atop this rock. We won’t delve into all the buildings to show you the loot locations as it’s pretty straightforward – it’s in the bags and on the tables. But do check out this box right here; although not common, it’s where you might find valuable items like graphics cards, which are in high demand currently.

Bridge V-Extract

If you follow the road all the way down, Scavs will spawn on both sides, so be cautious not to venture too far out on that side to avoid being shot by the sniper scav. Additionally, there are landmines scattered around the map. Here is the car extract; once you reach here, you can pay your money. However, don’t go any further forward than this tire, or even there, as the sniper scav can kill you. The village is great for finding food, killing scavs, and obtaining some tech items, but there aren’t many medical spawns there.

ZB-016 Extract

It’s located near the UN roadblock and requires the extract with the Green Smoke. It’s a small bunker necessary for some early quests. The best way to find it is to locate the Old Railway Depot building with red bricks and head towards the plane crash. When the smoke is visible, it’s easy to find, but without it, it may take some practice.

Sunken Village

It’s an area great for Scav kills but not so much for loot. Inside this building here, which looks like a half-buried church, there are some gold spawns and other small loot items, mostly in the tower at the top. There’s also a marked circle nearby that used to spawn gold chains, although it’s mainly needed for a quest later on. Be cautious at night, as cultists can spawn here and they’re tough to deal with, especially on Woods. 

Goon Spawn Area

Alright, here you’ll find a couple of crates, usually filled with tech supplies, along with plenty of food and drink spawns in the top sections. Sometimes there are crates on the outside, but they seem to be missing in this raid. This area here is where the goons spawn. It’s a trio of dangerous enemies: Birdeye, Knight, and Big Pipe. If you’re going to engage them, it’s best to do so from a distance. Another option is to use a thermal scope from this side to spot them through the trees and lure them into the open. There’s a bunker you can explore in this section, although there are no quests that require it. However, there’s a Light Keeper quest further down the path.


Now, there are a lot of spawns on the right-hand side of me, and if you’re not careful, you will get blown up by landmines. Generally speaking, if you run uphill, you’re usually safe. But there is one spawn that doesn’t work for. This is the table that has the LEDX, and it’s where you’ll find people running at the start of a raid. There’s a lot of Med spawns here, and even if you come here late in the raid, it’s worth checking it because finding a LEDX can make your day better.

These crates here usually have one inside, and there are more outside as well. There are also loose M4 spawns, MP5 spawns, and weapon crates. When you run over to the next building, make sure you go around the left-hand side and not the right-hand side, as you’ll get blown up. It’s worth learning the mine locations, as running uphill is generally safe otherwise.

There are gold chain spawns along the beds, and a heap of crates like supply crates and weapon crates. There’s also an M4 spawn that is fully modded out behind the rock. As we run in a straight line slightly to our left, we’ll pass by what we call “Sniper Rock” with the sniper on top of it and the lumber camp nearby.

The last and final Violet keycard spawn is located in the car ahead, spawning right there in the doorway. Keep an eye out for that one. There are also a couple of filing cabinets and some loose spawns in the area. Finally, there’s a fence where if you go too far, you’ll encounter landmines, so be cautious.

Shturman Shack

There’s a lot of food and drink spawns here. If you’re struggling for food and drink, if your stomach’s been blown out, that’s where you want to go. Here, you will nearly always find one to two valuable suppressors, for example, this one is probably worth about 60,000 and the other one is probably worth about 50k. You can also get high-value items like grips and sugar, which are currently going for about 100K each. This is offline mode, and the loot is not great, but there’s probably 200,000 rubles just there. So, just to put it into perspective, you should always check this spot.

Now, offline mode is going to treat me poorly, but if you check here in online mode, maybe I’ll get my editor quickly to do a couple of runs and sprint here to get the footage for you. We’re talking about top-tier ammo like 995 ammo, SE ammo, and AP ammo. You can get all the best ammos in the game right here, and there’s usually about four to six boxes of ammo, with about half of them being the best ammo in the game. Let’s continue our Tarkov Woods Map Guide.

Scav House Area

If you’re aiming to take out Scavs from a distance, this spot is excellent. You can perch up on those rocks for shots ranging from 200 meters and beyond, or position yourself on the hillside here. You’ll easily meet the distance requirements for tasks like “T of shooter.” Sometimes, you’ll encounter anywhere from 5 to 10 scavs spawning in this area, with some of them positioned in the tree line right in front of you. Let’s continue our Tarkov Woods Map Guide with the next location.

ZB-014 Extract

ZB 014 is located here, serving as another extraction point for us. If you notice the bridge extract appearing red, it indicates that someone has already used it. There are only two keys to worry about for this map. The first one is ZB 014. You’ll need this key early on for a task from Jager, where you have to place down some water and an Iskra. While the loot here is decent, you can find 60-round mags inside, which are necessary for Jager’s “Ice cream cones” preparatory task. Once you’ve completed your objectives, you can head here to extract.

Shturman Stash Key

The only other key of significance is the Sturman stash key, situated in the middle of the map. Inside, you can find various valuable items, ranging from the prized Red Rebel melee weapon to a plethora of stream items like ammo, SVDs, and M4s. Obtaining this key requires eliminating Sturman himself. If you choose to unlock it, ensure that you’ve thoroughly cleared the area of other players before doing so. Once you secure the loot, it’s wise to make a swift exit, as selling the Red Rebel on the flea market can yield significant profits, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity.

In conclusion, navigating through the dense woods of Tarkov’s Woods map may seem daunting at first. But armed with the knowledge and insights provided in this Tarkov Woods Map Guide, you’re well-equipped to tackle any challenge the forest throws your way. From key loot locations to strategic vantage points, we’ve covered it all to ensure you make the most out of your raids. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, this Tarkov Woods Map Guide serves as your indispensable companion for exploring and mastering the mysteries of Tarkov’s Woods. So gear up, venture forth, and may your raids be successful and your extractions plentiful!

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