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Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Today, we’re thrilled to embark on a journey through Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide tailored for new players. It’s been a long time in the making, as we’ve yet to delve into a complete map guide for Lighthouse. We have a lot to cover, from crucial spawns and extracts to pinpointing high-value loot areas. Given the sheer depth of content awaiting us, this Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide will be segmented into multiple stages, ensuring each aspect receives the attention it deserves. So, let’s embark on this adventure together and unlock the secrets of the Lighthouse map.

Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide

We’ll be using the map to help navigate through this extensive guide. We’ll break it down into three main sections. First up, we’ll explore the main area itself, covering the central section, the main road, the chalets, and the small village area nearby. In the second part of the guide, we’ll delve into the water treatment plant, a crucial location with plenty to explore. Lastly, we’ll tackle the island, home to the enigmatic Light Keeper trader. To reach him, you’ll need to complete a significant portion of the game’s quests, unlocking the Light Keeper and gaining access to his tasks.

It’s worth noting that spawns are scattered throughout the map, adding to the complexity of navigating and looting the area. Additionally in Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide, we’ll outline the main extraction points, including the Southern Road, the Path to Shoreline, and the Northern Checkpoint. Other extracts include the mountain path with the Red Rebel, the co-op extract in the tunnel, and the car extract leading to the military base.

Southern Road Extract

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Let’s kick things off by exploring the southern roadside area. At the very bottom of the map, you’ll find the Southern Road extract. To reach it, you’ll need to navigate around this mountain section, following the road until you reach the extract point. Although visibility might be limited due to fog, you can still spot the extraction point beyond the barriers. Additionally, many players aren’t aware that you can also extract from the lower area here. If you find yourself under fire from the hillside, don’t hesitate to jump down and utilize this alternative extraction point.

While this area does see some camping, it’s more common for players to camp those heading to the Lighthouse Island. Speaking of which, keep in mind that the extraction point is always accessible, regardless of your spawn location. However, exercise caution as players may be positioned on the rocks, sniping at those crossing the bridge to the island.

Moving on, running up the hill is a common tactic for many players. However, it’s also a risky move as it makes them easy targets, especially if you’re running along the beachside or completing quests on this side of the map. Keep an eye out for players prone on the hill, easily identifiable by the slight protrusion of their heads.

In terms of loot, you’ll find some food and drink items in the cars nearby, along with a jacket and a few other miscellaneous items further down. While nothing too extraordinary, it’s worth noting that these items can be useful if you’re low on hydration and energy. The cars nearby can be opened to access food and drink supplies, providing a convenient option for replenishing your resources.


Now, there’s a spot on this side of the map. It’s a collapsed house in a swampy coastal area. While there’s not a lot of loot there, you might find a crate underneath the house with some rare spawns. However, the area is usually populated by Scavs, though they don’t count toward the “Long Road” task, as they need to be on the actual road itself.

Helicopter Crash Site

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

The helicopter here often spawns a lot of medical supplies, and there’s also a chair above it with some valuable gold spawns. However, this area sees a lot of traffic from players doing loot runs in the chalet and then heading out of the map. If you’re heading towards the extract, we recommend taking this route along the back of the hill. Just hug the rocks as you descend to avoid any injuries, and you’ll reach the barrier we mentioned earlier in our Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide. Instead of going all the way to the other side or down those rocks, stick to this side for a safer exit. 

Keep in mind, though, that this area can be a choke point, and you might encounter other players. As for the helicopter, you’ll find spawns on the ground and in the crate nearby, as well as on the seat above. In offline mode, the loot may differ from what you’ll find in online mode, but you can still encounter rare spawns such as Bitcoins, GP Pro kills, and other valuable items.

Main Chalet

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Moving on to the first chalet, inside you’ll find a med bag and a safe, both potential spots for valuable loot. We highly recommend bringing a Docs case for storing items like Intel and Bitcoins, as these can be quite common here. In this chalet, you’ll find Virtex spawns, which are also gold spawns, on the bottom shelf, on seats, and on top of tables. It’s worth noting that this map has a higher chance of spawning Virtexes compared to others.

As for PvP, these chalets are hotspots, often leading to intense battles. Be cautious of campers, especially around areas with valuable loot. It’s essential to remain vigilant and check for broken glass, indicating that the area has been looted. Additionally, be aware of potential ambushes by players hiding inside buildings.

As you explore, keep in mind various tasks that require PvP kills, such as Punisher Part 4 and Assessment Part 1. Lastly, consider strategic positions like rocky outcrops for observing and engaging enemy players, but be prepared for intense firefights in this unforgiving map.

Mountain Pass Extract

Now, the next extract we want to show you is tucked away in the corner here. It’s called the red Rebel extract, situated between the two chalets. This extract is quite valuable as it requires both the red Rebel and a paracord. While it doesn’t consume the paracord, it’s one of the most convenient extracts to have, especially if you’re farming for valuable items like Virtexes. It significantly reduces your extraction time and allows you to loot efficiently without worrying about long distances to reach the extraction point.

Blue Chalet

Regarding this house, there used to be a Bitcoin spawn upstairs. It’s in the far room, on this shelf. There are spawns that we just don’t know about, but as of now, it’s mostly just a med bag and some loot in other rooms. As you’re running across here, be very careful of people up on the hill. There’s not much you can do about it, unfortunately.

If the goons are on Lighthouse, that’s the trio of Scav bosses – Big Pipe, Knight, and Bird Eye – they’re located in this chalet. They might be inside or outside, but once you engage them, they will come after you and make your day difficult, so be cautious. They also spawn down at the water treatment plant, but if you’re trying to farm them, this is the spot to check. Our favorite approach to killing them is to come in from the other side of the house, preferably at night, and take them out while inside the house. It’s much easier that way.

There are other loot spawns we won’t cover, but come upstairs, and you’ll find a safe. This is a unique safe, similar to some others on Streets. The loot spawns inside the safe itself, not in the normal loot interface. These safes spawn every valuable item as well as Virtexes.

For the rest of the building, we’d advise caution as it’s a hot spot. There’s a quest to kill scavs at the chalets, so you’ll find many scavs looting around here. It’s advisable to check duffel bags too, as many good items spawn in them.

Up here is a great spot for sniping. If you’re going to loot that chalet and then head to the next place, we’d suggest running across the road here to get to the Merin car. Just be mindful of this mountain; people can hide in crevices underneath or at the back, so keep an eye out and stay vigilant. Knowing these spots will help you survive a little bit more. Now, this is the Merin car, a highly valuable loot spawn. On average, you’ll probably find between one and three items here. Of course, we have the Vertex pick as one of the possible items.


Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Alongside the car and truck, you’ll find tech items spawning near crates. Take a look inside, as there’s some really valuable loot tucked away within them. These crates are scattered along the beach, so be sure to check them all out.

If you’re aiming for Shooter Born in Heaven or Test Drive tasks, where you need to eliminate targets from a distance with an M1A, this spot isn’t bad for setting up an ambush. Find cover behind these rocks and lie prone, offering you a good vantage point.

Early in the raid, it’s worth spending some time here, as you might catch one to three unsuspecting players looting the Merin car. However, if you spawn on the beach side, your options are limited. You can either risk crossing the open road towards the Chalet or head towards the Merin car. Nearby, there are two shacks, and in the closest one, you’ll find a gold spawn on the bed.


Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Now, we want to highlight a crucial point of our Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide: if you’re a USEC, you have the freedom to roam this entire area without any trouble. However, if you’re a Bear, you’re in a tough spot. Bears are aggressive towards the Rogues, so if you venture too far in this direction, the Rogues will make your life miserable. This is why most people prefer playing as USEC—it’s simply easier to navigate this terrain without encountering hostile enemies.

Unfortunately, if you proceed beyond this point, or perhaps even a bit farther back, and head towards that direction, the Rogues stationed on the towers will target you with grenade launchers, resulting in certain death. But as a USEC, you can safely traverse across this bridge without worry.

Another important consideration is if you need to reach the water treatment plant area. You can simply cross the road and find a small walkway bridge on the left-hand side. This path allows you to follow the beachfront and reach the desired location without crossing to the other side. So, if you’re a Bear, your best bet is to backtrack and take the central route. Running anywhere around here poses a significant risk of encountering lethal opposition.


Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Now, let’s talk about the next village area. This spot is packed with good spawns, but it’s also a hotspot for player activity. Inside the buildings, you’ll find plenty of food and drinks on the shelves, which can be a lifesaver if you’re running low on hydration or energy. The convenience store key used to yield gold spawns on the shelves, but it seems they’ve been nerfed. However, you’ll still find essential supplies there. Additionally, you’ll come across a body and a toolbox.

Keys on this map are quite affordable, especially USEC 1, USEC 2, which are your main four keys. These keys are usually priced at 100K or less, making them a worthwhile investment, as the loot you find in these spots can easily surpass their cost. Inside one of the buildings, you’ll find a valuable Virtex spawn. Don’t forget to check the ground for more valuable items and Virtexes.

Moving up the road, some of these houses are rich in tech spawns. Look out for a big tech crate and various loose items. If you’re aiming to make money or upgrade your loadout, these are excellent places to loot. The hillside house is particularly noteworthy. Keep an eye out for Virtexes, including Bitcoins, on the couch, books, and table. You’ll also find food and valuable items scattered around.

In summary, this area provides ample opportunities for loot and PvP encounters. It’s essential to stay vigilant and adapt your strategy based on your faction and the surrounding threats.

Path to Shoreline Extract

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Just go around the edge of that rock there and head down to the bottom—that’s the extract. It’s always available no matter where you spawn. You could spawn right here in the Village, loot one item, and head out. Just watch out for the run-through requirement; you need at least 200 loot or kill XP. Alternatively, you can spawn just outside Southern Road at the cars and make a quick exit. That’s one benefit of this map—you can grab what you need, use a nearby extract, meet the XP requirement, and leave.

Abandoned Cabins

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Be extremely cautious as you traverse this area. Many players will be attempting to snipe you as you move, especially if you’re completing Shooter Born in Heaven or other quests. We highly recommend avoiding running in a straight line; instead, employ some strafing maneuvers.

Regarding the Village, there are numerous minor Tech spawns scattered throughout the houses. However, your primary goal here is likely to secure a few scav kills. I wouldn’t advise spending too much time in this area. There’s also a task located here. The main loot spot I want to highlight is this car. If you crouch near it, inside the crate, you’ll find vertexes and valuables spawning.

Now, as we proceed up the hill, there’s something critical we need to show you. There’s a spawn point right here, and another one just beyond that rock. The player spawning there has two options: either run in the open along this path or go behind the mountain toward the water treatment plant. If you spawn in the first spot, you can quickly eliminate those running in the open before they even reach cover.

To counter this, if you spawn in the second spot, you could climb the rock for a better vantage point to spot and eliminate potential threats. Alternatively, you could hug the left-hand side, being cautious of landmines, to avoid being shot at. If you’re a USEC, you have more leeway, but if you’re a BEAR, be wary of incoming fire as you approach.

Water Treatment Plant

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Moving along, there’s a small shack with potential loot on the left seat and a fallen cabinet inside. However, lingering here isn’t advisable if your goal is the Water Treatment Plant. There’s a task, Easy Job Part 2, which requires killing 20 entities in the front section of the plant, making it a potential spot for player Scavs.

Next, we’ll demonstrate how to take out the Rogue positioned near this pole. By carefully adjusting your aim to the right, you can ensure a clean shot without hitting the pole. If you miss this Rogue initially, you’ll have another chance to eliminate them from this spot.

As we approach the Water Treatment Plant, it’s important to be cautious of landmines, particularly in the grassy areas. Avoid stepping onto any grassy patches, as they’re likely mined. Additionally, there are landmines near the road on the opposite side as well.

Once inside, prioritize checking the crates for valuable loot. There’s a particular spot where you can position yourself safely to eliminate the Rogue stationed on the 50-caliber gun.

For the reconnaissance task, you’ll need to ascend to the tops of all three buildings. It’s a good idea to clear the roofs of any remaining Rogues to ensure your safety.

If you approach from the opposite side, near the bridge, you can climb the rocks to snipe the Rogues on the tower and at the front. Be mindful of the landmines and utilize cover to avoid enemy fire. Some buildings may contain keys, such as the store and workshop keys. Despite its linear layout, this map offers various engagements and challenges. Depending on the raid, you may encounter minimal resistance or face numerous adversaries.

Safer Extraction Tactics

Yeah, before we head to the next point of Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide, let us show you something else. Remember, there are landmines in this grassy section, so be cautious.

One thing we forgot to mention while we were on the roof of that building is the car extract. It’s located at the very end of this road, right in front of us on the right side. Here’s a neat little trick: once you activate the car, enter the nearby bus, go prone, and crawl as close as you can towards the car. You’ll actually extract from inside the bus. This way, you can avoid standing out in the open and becoming a target for enemy fire or grenades. It’s a safer option unless someone gets right on top of you.


Just a word of caution, if there’s still a rogue stationed on top of this building, that 50 cal will make quick work of you if you attempt to cross over.

Now, if you’re on the lookout for stimulants, this area isn’t too shabby, especially the drug lab. You can rummage through the tables and even the couch for stims. For the task “Drug Trafficking,” you’ll need to place either a Jammer or a Wi-Fi cam here, and don’t forget to mark the tanker in the back.

As for loot, aside from the stims in the lab, the building nearby holds some treasures. While we can’t pinpoint specific loot spawns, there’s one exceptionally rare item worth mentioning: the ability to craft LEDXes. We believe the book needed for crafting spawns on this table, but it’s not a game-changer, considering the costly crafting process.

However, you can find a plethora of tech items at the bottom of these shelves. Additionally, some folks claim to have found valuable items like Virtexes on the ground in these shelving units, so it’s worth a look if you have the time, especially during Scav runs.

Armored Train Extract

The train typically arrives around the 15-minute mark and departs around 7 or 8 minutes later. Listen for one toot when it arrives, another when there’s a minute left, and two toots when it’s departing. It’s a hotspot for Scavs and players, so we usually steer clear.

Lighthouse Island

Tarkov | EFT Lighthouse Map Guide

Before someone starts sniping, let’s get moving. Typically, we don’t encounter many problems getting to the island, but getting off it is a different story. Now, there’s loot all along the bridge, but let’s focus on what’s on the island. If you’re smart, try going offline mode during nighttime raids to capitalize on it. But beware, people might camp you if they spot you coming out here.

Once you’re on the island, start by checking the crates. Ignore the loot on the bridge and concentrate on what’s here. If you see a door open, someone’s been here already. Inside the building, you’ll find various loot spawns. Don’t forget to check the shelves, tables, and cabinets. Keep an eye out for valuable items like the conference room key, power bank, and tech items.

Next, head to the bedroom marked room. Check the bed, floor, and toilet for loot spawns. While there used to be loot spawns along the beach, it’s always good to double-check. Remember, while on the island, you can shoot anyone on the mainland, and vice versa. But if you shoot someone else on the island or bridge, the Zryachiy will attack you.

Now, let’s talk about the Light Keeper’s tower. There’s no loot inside, and you can’t loot his special room. Only one person is allowed inside at a time. But it’s a great spot for sniping. Once you’ve checked all the main spots, you should come out with valuable loot. But don’t be surprised if you see exaggerated claims of loot hauls online.

In conclusion, mastering the intricacies of the Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide in Escape from Tarkov can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By familiarizing yourself with key spawns, extracts, loot hotspots, and the unique challenges posed by the water treatment plant and Lighthouse Island, you’ll be better equipped to navigate and succeed in this dynamic environment. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to venture into the depths of Lighthouse and uncover its many secrets. Happy scavenging, and may this Tarkov Lighthouse Map Guide help you!

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