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Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

Welcome to Tarkov Streets Map Guide to navigating the perilous streets of Tarkov! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of the Streets map, one of the most dynamic and challenging environments in Escape from Tarkov. Whether you’re a seasoned PMC or a newcomer looking to sharpen your skills, this Tarkov Streets Map Guide is your essential companion for mastering every corner, extract, and loot hotspot this map has to offer. Get ready to arm yourself with knowledge, tactics, and insider tips as we embark on an epic journey through the chaotic urban landscape of Tarkov’s Streets.

Tarkov Streets Map Guide

Navigating the streets of Tarkov, we find the central Primorsky Avenue as our reference point. From the bustling Car Lexo dealership to the burning tram intersection, the map unfolds with key extraction points like the Climb Off Street and Styler Bat Extracts. Further exploration reveals valuable locations like the Expo, Crane, and Crash Site Extracts, each offering potential escape routes. With this overview, we’ll delve into each area’s details, highlighting loot opportunities and key features. Let’s explore Tarkov’s Streets together in our Tarkov Streets Map Guide.

Pinewood Hotel

Now, these places ain’t exactly stacked with top-tier loot, but they’re decent enough. You’re mainly hitting them up for your quests. There’s one where you gotta head upstairs, and another where you gotta take out some scavs down below. Oh, and don’t forget about the Dental Clinic, just around that corner. Good spot for snagging some meds early on. And hey, on the flip side of Pinewood, there’s a food store that’s worth a look too.

Klimov Shopping Mall

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

You can find some loot in there, nothing too insane, just your average stuff. But, up top, that’s where things get spicy – you’ll find a boss spawn named Kollontay. He’s the dude you wanna snag the Baton from. As for the rest of the place, it’s got your usual duffel bags and some gold spawns, but nothing to lose your mind over.

Stylobate Building Elevator Extract

Alright, we’re back at the main intersection area. Anyway, you head up these stairs, and in the back corner, you’ll find the Stylobate extract. Hop in that elevator, and bam, you’re outta there with the Beluga key in hand. There’s some gold spawns and a killer view of the main road from there. Just keep an eye on those tram lines – they’re your lifeline in this map.

Now, over on this side, we got the Terra Group building. Safe in that room and a quest you’ll have to tackle later. Grab the Terra Group Armory key for some sweet M4s. Oh, and there’s a new area through that gate with tons of meds – perfect for early game. Can’t go right though, it’s off-limits. Upstairs, there’s a couple of weapon crates, but nothing too crazy. As for the second floor, it’s hit or miss, not the best loot, but hey, you might get lucky.

Expo Checkpoint Extract

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

Alright, now we’re heading towards the Expo extract. It’s basically this whole stretch along here – you can enter from any side, no specific point needed. Keep an eye out for duffel bags and scab bodies to loot along the way. If you happen to spawn at Expo, be cautious around this road. It’s a hotspot early in the raid, so watch out for players. It’s better to stay back, go prone, and keep an eye out for any movement. There are spawns in the buildings around here, so be ready for some action. Let’s keep moving.

School & Vet Clinic

Alright, this area is pretty heated up. There are lots of Med spawns inside this school building here. Over there, you’ll find a vet and there’s a marked room behind the X-ray building. Let’s stick to the external lap for now. This road leads straight back to the one along Expo, but this one turns off to the left and goes back to where we came from. That building over there is the X-ray building, which has some Med spawns in it.

Negotiation Building

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

The negotiation building is currently a hotspot for loot, with many players rushing to it due to a guaranteed key spawn for a rare item. This key spawn is available every time and has two uses, leading to another high-tier loot building. Consequently, this area remains highly contested throughout most of the raid.

Chekannaya 15 Apartment Building

This is the Chekannaya building, known for housing some of the best loot in the game. It’s a constant battleground as players fight to claim its treasures. Moving back down this way, you’ll notice the Chekannaya 15 building. As you approach, keep an eye out for a guaranteed key spawn needed for a quest. This spot is often contested, so tread carefully.

Further along, there’s a sneaky little building with a couple of filing cabinets and computers. You can hop in through the window. Back through this arch, you can spot the Expo area over there, and that’s where the Climb of Flare is. Heading back down, there are gold spawns inside this building, and multiple entry points make it a popular spot for looting.

Watch out for players using this route to move between areas, as it’s a prime location for high-tier loot. From here, you can access the Chekannaya building, known for its negotiation spot. Keep an eye out for action, especially early in the raid. Finally, as we head towards Lexos, you’ll see the building with high-tier loot on the left. There are entryways through all the doorways here, offering plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Post Office & Skybridge

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

This is the post office, where you can find some decent loot spawns. People can enter through any of these doorways to access the building. There’s a key that always spawns here, unlocking a door upstairs needed for a couple of quests. Snipers sometimes spawn up top here.

Moving to the back of the Pinewood Hotel, there’s a supermarket with plenty of food spawns. we’d advise against running into this area if the boss is around, as there’s a risk of getting blasted by the grenade launcher.

If we head straight down that road where you see the TR crashing into the underground, that’s the sewer extract. And if we continue in that direction, we’ll reach the car extract. Keep an eye on your map to see if it’s available. Green means someone’s waiting, red means it’s already gone.


Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

As you head down this road, you’ll spot the Tarbank on the right. Be careful around the fence; it’s booby-trapped and can instantly kill you. If the boss is around, watch out for the guy on the 50 cal, or else you’ll get blasted.

Moving around the back of the high-tier loot building, we find the entrance to the chek building. Keep following this road to reach the check building on the right.

Collapsed Crane Extract

This spot right here is the crash site extract. Stand on this spot to successfully extract from the crash site. Unfortunately, we don’t have the collapse crane extract. Inside this area, the spawns aren’t too impressive; mostly tech spawns with some Scavs. Next to it is a supermarket with plenty of food spawns. On the other side is Concordia, with some excellent loot opportunities.


Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

In Lexos, if the boss is around, we’d suggest avoiding it unless you’re skilled. But if the coast is clear, there’s plenty of loot to grab, especially on the right side. You’ll find lots of tech gear there. The smaller shacks nearby have medical supplies, while the opposite side has valuable items like Bitcoins and decorative stuff. Watch out for snipers on the roof if the boss is present; you can spot them from here. Inside this building, there’s usually some good loot. Just check this shelf for medical items. Keep in mind, loot in offline raids isn’t as good as in regular ones, so don’t rely on it too much.


Alright, on the right side, we’ve got Concordia. These two buildings here are packed with awesome loot. Over there is the crane site or whatever you want to call it.

Crash Site Extract

As you can see, there’s a helicopter on the left side, and right behind it is the crash site extract. Just head straight down there, and you can extract right next to it. Be cautious if you’re on this side of the map early in the raid, as there are spawns along this wall and you might spawn over there too. It can get dicey early on, especially if you’re unaware of any bosses. Please avoid running down this road blindly, as there’s an AGS located nearby that can wreck you. It’s safer to take the back route, either down this side or the other side, as fewer people usually go that way. Running straight past Lexos can be a costly mistake, so be careful.

Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex Extract

Now, we’re back on the main road again. The car extract is down this way, near the tram lines. Just be careful not to go too far, or the sniper scavs might take you out. If the extract isn’t there, it’s best to move on and not stick around.

Real Estate Building

The real estate building is right here and it can have some good loot. Also, there’s a BTR that moves around the map, but we’ll explain that in a moment.

Courtyard Extract

That’s the courtyard extract right there. Look for the green smoke, then head through that doorway to reach the extract. Keep an eye out for the green smoke to know when it’s available.

BTR Explained

As we head down this path, you might spot the BTR, which is like a moving storage vehicle. You can hop in for a ride and even stash your loot inside. Usually, it takes an hour for the loot to come back, but sometimes it can take longer, up to a week. But don’t worry, your loot will always return. It’s a great way to keep your valuable items safe without having to leave the raid. Just make sure to bring around 50,000 roubles to use this service.

Damaged House Extract

Okay, so for the damage house extract, look for the damaged house and head down to the left. You’ll find a doorway there, go through it, and you’ll reach the damage house extract. Just a reminder, that’s all the way back down near Lexos, by the main tram line. Let’s cut around the back of this now.

Abandoned Warehouse/Marked Room Area

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

Inside this building right next to me, there are tons of filing cabinets. On the other side, we’re heading towards an abandoned warehouse area. Here, you’ll find lots of Technical Supply crates scattered around. There’s one by the staircase, another up top, and even a marked room. People are currently getting in through the window, but it might get patched soon, so use it while you can. Getting out can be a bit tricky though. Early on in the raid, many players flock to this building due to its great loot, including medical supply crates. After looting, you might just want to extract. Let’s head back down the road we came from to avoid getting lost. Keep following along!

Relaxation Room

People usually grab their key and head over there. There’s a safe right in the middle of the road here. As we move down this way, you can also check out this building. There’s some loot up top, nothing too crazy, but it can be quite decent sometimes.

Sewer River Extract

The sewer extract is just down there, leading to the main road with the tram lines. Over there, you’ll find the finance building, another food store, and Pinewood. Also, there’s a supermarket down at the bottom.

MVD Building

Tarkov | EFT Streets Map Guide

This is the MVD building. Kollontay also spawns here, so watch out for the boss. It’s actually a pretty good spot for loot, but many people overlook it. Inside, you’ll find some valuable items. If the boss is inside, it’s best to attack from the side door to avoid exposing yourself too much. They tend to rush out into the open, and if you’re out there too long, they’ll take you down with a KS23 in one shot. So, stick to the safer approach from the side. This path leads back towards Pinewood and down to the flare extract signal.

As we conclude our journey through the streets of Tarkov, armed with knowledge of key locations and extraction points, we’ve gained valuable insights into navigating this intricate urban landscape. From the bustling intersections to the hidden alleys, each corner of the map holds potential dangers and riches. Remembering the landmarks and extraction zones will be crucial for survival and success in future raids. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice scavenger, may this guide serve as a valuable resource in your endeavors across the Streets of Tarkov. Thanks for reading our Tarkov Streets Map Guide! Happy looting, and may your escapes be swift and prosperous.

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