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Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Welcome to Tarkov Customs Map Guide! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to survive and thrive on the Customs map. From key locations and loot spawns to extraction points and advanced tactics, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer this unforgiving terrain. Let’s dive in and master the art of survival on Customs with our Tarkov Customs Map Guide! 

Tarkov Customs Map Guide

Customs usually hosts a maximum of 13 players, including the Scav boss Reshala and his crew. Keep an eye out for their spawns as well. This map is often recommended as one of the first to learn due to its narrow layout and early quest requirements. However, reaching level 15 allows you to bypass these tasks by unlocking the flea market and acquiring the necessary keys.

The map itself is quite straightforward, with narrow paths leading to various key locations like dorms, the main road, construction, and the stronghold. Each route presents opportunities for combat, but we’ll do our best to guide you through avoiding unnecessary conflict. Let’s get started our Tarkov Customs Map Guide from here.

Trailer Park Extract

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Now, for the trailer park section of the map, we won’t go into detail about every room, but we’ll give you some highlights. For example, inside the back of this white car, you’ll find a med bag. It’s handy to know where some of the medical spawns are early on. In the center line, there’s another jacket and some duffel bags. Down the far end, you’ll find a couple more jackets.

Moving on to Big Red, this area is notorious for frequent fights. People from the other side of the map often come through here, leading to intense battles. While there’s some valuable loot in the shacks on each side, like filing cabinets, jackets, duffle bags, and even a weapon case, we’d advise against lingering here too long. Players may camp you from across the bridge, so it’s best to push through to the middle of the map as quickly as possible.

If you’re planning to loot extensively on this map, consider sticking closer to the extract. Always check jackets and filing cabinets for keys, but avoid looting every duffel bag and scav you come across. Remember, the longer you stay, the higher the chance of encountering hostile players looking to take your loot. Stay cautious and expect to die a lot on this map.

Big Red

The next place of our Tarkov Customs Map Guide is Big Red. Here, you’ll find some weapon cases, usually one on the right side and some more at the back when you reach the top. The one on the right often contains valuable loot, like the Director’s Key. However, beware of potential threats shooting at you through the windows.

One of the doors is a standard open door, while the other leads to a bridge with a safe and a jacket. Keep in mind that you could be sniped from across the water while looting, so exercise caution. Inside the room, you’ll find three computers and a couple of duffel bags.

My advice for this map is to bring a Doc case until you have all the keys. Once you’ve acquired a Sick case, consider bringing it along as well. The abundance of safes and filing cabinets means you’ll likely fill a Doc’s case every raid with loot like Bitcoins, GP coins, diaries, and SSDs.

Be cautious of the shack nearby, as it often holds little of value. Additionally, be prepared for the “Setup” task, which currently requires 50 shotgun kills. This may lead to encounters with many shotgun-wielding players, so keep your distance unless they’re using slugs.

Ways to Cross the River

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Now, there are a few ways to cross this bridge. First, we have the junk bridge over here, but we never use it. If you’re standing on this side and hear someone running on the junk bridge, they’re as good as dead. It’s a risky choice, as you’d probably only win one out of every 10 or 20 fights trying to push back up to the bridge against someone halfway decent.

The alternative is to cross over directly. If you’re early in the raid, you can sprint across here, but even if someone is on the bridge, it’s a long shot for them to hit you. Plus, you can use the terrain for some cover as you move. It’s better to just cross the bridge, leveraging the high ground advantage.

Now that we’re at the center of the map, or at least on this side, we’ve reached Ice Cream Hut. It’s a shack that sells ice cream and is often populated with Scavs.

Smugglers Boat Extract

Here we have Smuggler’s Boat, although it’s not currently available. You’ll typically find it spawning right there, indicated by a campfire with smoke rising. If you spawn on the boiler side of the map and make your way over here, it’ll be one of your extraction options when you double tap ‘O’. However, it’s worth noting that this extraction isn’t guaranteed.

RUAF Roadblock Extract

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

If you spawn on the boiler side, RUAF is usually the extract you’ll aim for most of the time. It’s a spot where a lot of Scavs tend to spawn, which can make things overwhelming. If you find yourself getting swarmed by Scavs, it might be better to skip it and head to Smugglers or Crossroads.

Now, a word of caution: if you hear gunshots in this area, it’s best to avoid going through here. Think of it like this: you’re coming from one direction, making a lot of noise, and it’s easy for someone to camp and pick you off. Instead, consider approaching from Construction, the main road, or Woods storms. Taking a different angle can save you from getting ambushed. Unless you’re certain the area is clear, it’s best to steer clear to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

This place is often considered a hotspot for meds, and many players rely on it for their early-game supplies. However, let us tell you, it’s not as safe as it seems. Anyone with decent skills will come here geared up and ready to take you down. Despite the tempting loot, it’s a risky spot to visit.

You’ll find med spawns on the shelves and in the cabinets, along with possible Intel spawns scattered on the floor and shelves. While these spawns are common in offline raids, the loot tends to be less rewarding compared to online ones.

As you make your way downstairs, keep an eye out for a body you can loot while crouching. There’s also a jacket and duffel bag worth checking. The tables often hold med spawns, and there’s additional loot scattered around.

Despite its popularity for loot, Crackhouse sees a lot of combat. Later in the wipe, people are drawn here by the Intel spawns, while early on, it’s the med spawns that attract attention. Just be aware that it can get pretty chaotic in there.


Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Alright, welcome to Stronghold. This area holds significance as the birthplace of Reshala, the Scav boss for Customs. Previously, he only spawned in dorms, but now he’s back here. While his exact spawn location may vary, you can generally find him in this area. Additionally, the Goons also spawn here, making it a prime location for loot.

Downstairs, you’ll find medical crates and med spawns, along with the possibility of gold spawns and valuable items like a Lion figurine. There’s also food and drink available in one of the rooms. Heading upstairs, you’ll discover several crates, including one with a med bag on the other side. Despite being unable to loot in offline mode, there are about six or seven of these crates worth looting if you can safely navigate through without getting killed.

ZB-103 Extract

If you possess a factory key, you can unlock this door, granting access to one of the extracts. However, you’ll need to activate the power lever. Descending the stairs, you’ll arrive at ZB-013, another extract point.

Be cautious of Old Gas Station on the other side. Early in the game, players often approach from Old Gas, having spawned on the boiler side and traversed through there to reach Stronghold. If you’re here early, expect activity from players coming from Crackhouse and the Unknown Key side.

Cultist Spawns

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

If you’re playing at nighttime, it’s important to know that cultists spawn in this area. They typically appear here at the start of the raid, running over from the other side. If you spawn in this spot, you can go prone and observe them as they move in. Cultists usually stand in specific spots around here, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Their loot is excellent, but they’re incredibly dangerous, so proceed with caution.

Moving on to Construction, there’s a weapon repair kit that sometimes spawns on top. However, it’s risky to linger up there, as you’re vulnerable to players from various directions. Standing on Construction makes you an easy target for those on Skeleton or even further across the map. It’s a high-traffic area due to players heading to Ruf for extraction and completing early tasks that involve the fuel tanker.

Our advice for navigating this area quickly and safely is to stick to the sides of the road, either on this side or the other. Being close to the wall provides cover from Construction, and players tend to move towards dorms on the other side of the hill. This route offers more flexibility and options if you encounter enemy players.

Skeleton Area

This area is known as Skeleton. It’s a prime spot for snipers, offering a clear view into Stronghold. While there are some crates and loot spawns around, it’s mostly utilized by players trying to complete tasks like Shooter Born in Heaven.

Moving on to Bus Depot, there’s no significant loot to be found here. However, it’s worth mentioning the numerous hidden stashes scattered throughout the map, particularly in this half. For example, there’s one that often spawns right over there.

As for Sniper Scavs, if you’re tasked with eliminating them or just wondering where those shots are coming from, they often appear atop the large brown building on this side or at a few locations on the opposite end of the map. So, if you’re ever unsure of where you’re being targeted from, check the rooftop of that building.

Three-Story Dorms

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Dorms is renowned as one of the trickiest and most dangerous locations to engage in fights, particularly due to recent changes making audio detection more challenging. However, amidst the chaos, there’s a valuable tip to remember: if you’re in need of quick cash, check the car for one or two stacks of currency.

Inside, you’ll find jackets in various rooms, including falling cabinets in others. For instance, room 108 contains locked cabinets, while room 118 houses jackets and cabinets. Having a Docs case and a SICC case, with the former emptied, is advantageous. The jackets often yield a plethora of keys, especially early in the wipe, proving lucrative.

Moreover, there’s a safelock inside a specific room, alongside jackets and the Machinery Key, essential for an early quest. Additionally, there are weapon crates in room 214, which also holds a safe.

Dorms V-Extract

When inside, it’s advisable to keep this door closed, despite it being the location of the car extract. Surprisingly, the audio detection isn’t always reliable; someone could sprint right up to you, and you’d only hear their last footstep before they enter. So, always ensure this door remains shut while you’re looting or engaging in activities here.

Moving on to room 220, you’ll find jackets and a quest key. There are also jackets scattered on the floor, notably in the main area. Further down, room 3A3 requires you to place some gold chains for a quest. Additionally, there are two jackets and the coveted mark room, renowned for its high-value loot. You can discover valuable items like doc cases, key tools, injector cases, and more, making dorms a lucrative spot for loot and battles.

As for combat tactics within the three-story dorms, it’s best to learn them through experience, although there are some tricks I could teach you. However, time constraints prevent me from delving into them now. Let’s continue our Tarkov Customs Map Guide.

Two-Story Dorms

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

On the left-hand side, we have room 104, housing a safe and some valuable ground spawns. Next door, in room 105, you’ll find another safe along with potentially lucrative ground spawns. Continuing down the corridor, room 110 also contains a safe, while room 114 offers a safe, a medbox, and a computer, essential for a quest item spawn.

Heading upstairs, you’ll encounter various loot opportunities, including falling cabinets and jackets in multiple rooms. Notably, room 206 holds a quest key for Operation Aquarius, so keep that in mind. Overall, dorms is a bustling area filled with loot. With an empty Docs case, you’ll find it brimming with keys and other valuable items like ssds and Intel. It’s a loot paradise waiting to be explored! Now, let’s move over to the other side of the map.

New Gas Station

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Moving on to New Gas Station, Reshala can also spawn there, so keep an eye out. Inside, there are some noteworthy spawns and loot opportunities. For example, the Emercom key, essential for Interchange’s med room access, can spawn on the seat. Additionally, there’s a locked room with a safe and two med bags, offering valuable loot.

If you’re short on cash for the car extract and spawn on the boiler side, looting the nearby safe and cash registers can quickly solve that problem. Be cautious, though, as New Gas Station is a high-threat area.

On top of the hill near New Gas Station, you’ll find a shack with loot spawns, including a med bag and weapon crates. Hidden stashes are scattered around the area, providing additional loot opportunities. At Checkpoint, another small shack holds ammo spawns and occasionally weapons, while Sniper Scavs can be found on the hill and building tops.

Keep an eye out for the 114 key, which can spawn in a jacket, as it’s crucial for a quest and can fetch a good price on the flea market. The Checkpoint key also unlocks a small loot area with ammo crates and weapon racks. Overall, New Gas Station and its surroundings offer both risk and reward for scavengers.

USEC Building

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

Some call it the GPU or Green Screen Building. Inside, exercise caution as it’s a tight space with limited entry and exit points, making it easy to get trapped if someone hears you. Tech spawns, jackets, and toolboxes are common finds, along with a med bag in one corner. Keep an eye out for rare weapon parts like the B33, which can fetch a good price.

The USEC key is of limited use since you can vault through the window. Inside, you’ll find jackets and various weapon parts, along with the occasional valuable item like a roller or gold chain. Heading downstairs, you’ll discover more loot opportunities, including B trades, technical supply crates, computers, and grenade boxes. Keep an eye out for loot both on the ground and on top of the boxes.

ZB-1011 Extract

This is the ZB-011 extract. Historically, this building was much larger, one of the biggest on the map. In the past, it served as the primary spawn location for the factory key, located right there. Today, you can find a body and a toolbox. There’s a weapon crate on the platform and possibly another one on the opposite side at the top.

ZB-1012 Extract

If you spawn on the trailer park or crossroad side, the extract there is guaranteed, while these ones here are only a chance to extract. If the light is on, you can extract. This building is used for Chemical Part 4. Inside, there are some loose spawns, a van with potential med spawns, weapon crates around, and a jacket. This area often has a lot of scavs, particularly in patch 4. Additionally, there are a couple of weapon crates on the back side.

Check the Shelf

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

This shelf has the potential to spawn any item in the game, ranging from a Dock’s case to a key tool. It’s crucial to check this shelf every time you pass by because you never know what valuable items might be there. Additionally, there’s a jacket spawn nearby, resembling “The Giving Tree,” along with weapon crates lining this area.

Power Lever Location

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

As we step out on this side, you’ll find the power lever necessary for extracting at ZB 013. Now that we’ve turned the power on, we’re ready to take the extract. Before we head out, let me quickly show you the spawns down here. While there aren’t many spawns on this level, there’s a jacket in that corner. If you come down to the bottom, you’ll find weapon crates where you might discover some valuable items like gold chains. Additionally, there are some med spawns around here, including on that body, so if you’re low on meds or in need of supplies like saluer, this is a good place to check on your way out.

Old Gas Station Extract

Alright, up here at Old Gas, you’ll often encounter many scavs, especially later in the raid. If the smoke is visible, you can use the Old Gas extract. This is ZB, which is just Old Gas, if you spawn on the crossroad side.

The Giving Tree

Tarkov | EFT Customs Map Guide

So, there’s a spot here called The Giving Tree, but also, this table and the area underneath it can spawn any item in the game. You might find anything from a Lab key card to a key tool or even a Dock’s case. It’s always worth checking for the chance. Now, as for caution, don’t run down this way past the sign, as you’ll likely encounter a sniper Scav. Additionally, people coming from Old Gas might cross over to Stronghold, so watch out for that. We’ve covered everything nicely, and now we can extract through ZB 013 after opening it with our factory key.

In conclusion, mastering the Customs map in Tarkov is essential for success in the game. By understanding key locations, extraction points, and strategies, you can navigate this challenging terrain with confidence. Whether you’re scavenging for loot or engaging in intense firefights, this Tarkov Customs Map Guide equips you with the knowledge you need to thrive in one of Tarkov’s most iconic locations. Now, armed with this information, venture forth into Customs and emerge victorious in your Tarkov journey. Thanks for reading our Tarkov Customs Map Guide. Good luck, and may your raids be fruitful!

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