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Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Welcome to Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide! In this guide, we’ll delve deep into every aspect of Shoreline, providing you with valuable insights, strategies, and tips to navigate this expansive and treacherous terrain with confidence. This Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to survive and thrive in one of Tarkov’s most dynamic battlegrounds. Let’s dive in and master the challenges of Shoreline together.

Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide

We’ll cover everything from extracts and spawn points to high-value loot areas and potential dangers to watch out for. Shoreline is a sprawling map with around 12 to 14 player spawns, featuring a vast resort area packed with valuable loot. Recent updates have introduced new areas, making navigation easier and providing more extract options. Keep an eye out for coveted items like the red and blue key cards, which can significantly boost your earnings and set you up for success in the game. Let’s jump right into it!

Road to Customs Extract

We’re approaching the Road to Customs extract, which also serves as a spawn point along this side of the map. You can spawn anywhere along the coastline, and there’s a new area on the opposite side which we’ll cover later in our Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide. We’ll head towards the radar building, exploring the coastline along the way, before looping back up towards the resort.

Spawns are spread out around the entire perimeter of the map, not just on one side. Although spawns closer to the resort have been reduced, there are still plenty of options, especially with the new area. On the tunnel side of the map, there are fewer spawns along the coastline, but they exist towards the resort wall.

Weather/ Radar Station

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

In this specific area, there are spawns scattered around, including in the low ground. Even if you arrive quickly, someone could have already spawned nearby, so proceed with caution. Personally, we tend to avoid this building unless necessary, such as for Signal parts one and three. It’s easy to get caught out due to the various vantage points, whether it’s on the first floor, the roof, or even in the radar dish.

Inside the building, you’ll find duffel bags on one side and medical spawns on the other. Upstairs, there are filing cabinets, a safe, and a computer. A notable addition to this area in the recent update is the abundance of tech spawns. While exploring in offline mode, loot might not be as visible, but items like technical gear can be found along the walls and inside crates.

Movement around the map has become slightly more challenging due to the increased tree coverage, making it harder to spot players. However, this also reduces the likelihood of getting sniped easily. Thankfully, Shooter Born in Heaven tasks no longer require 100-meter headshots, so you shouldn’t be significantly hindered by the additional foliage. Just be cautious of spawns along the coastline and around the back of the building.

Tarkov Lore

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

For those interested in Tarkov lore, let’s delve into a bit of backstory. As we make our way down to the bottom here, some refer to this area as the “blue fence.” Take note of the building at the end; there are mines scattered along the front, so tread carefully. This building is known as Terminal, not to be confused with an airport terminal, but rather a shipping terminal. It holds significance as the ultimate destination in Escape from Tarkov, the final map where victory is achieved, marking the conclusion of the game.


Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Let’s explore a bit of Tarkov’s history. As we reach the pier around 06:25, it’s worth noting that this area used to serve as an extract point. In the earlier stages of Shoreline, when the map was smaller, this pier marked the boundary, and crossing over was impossible. However, as the map expanded, so did the extraction options. Now, if the pier extract is open, you’ll see the telltale green smoke. Sanitar, the scav boss for this map, also frequents this area, adding an extra layer of danger.

Inside the pier building, you’ll find three filing cabinets, a stash, a safe, and a computer. It’s a lucrative spot for loot, especially if you’re short on cash. Speaking of keys, when it comes to Shoreline, we recommend carrying a keytool and a docs case. With 11 safes scattered across the map, along with numerous filing cabinets, you’ll fill up a docs case quickly.

Pier Boat Extract

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

In offline mode, navigating to the pier extract is a breeze, as you won’t encounter any players. However, it’s crucial to note that the pier extract isn’t always accessible. Shoreline is teeming with valuable loot, but it can also be unforgiving. Having a docs case to stash your finds can be a game-changer, allowing you to capitalize on the map’s potential without risking losing your loot.

Gas Station

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Alright, we’re going to attempt this risky maneuver, hoping to avoid any fatal mishaps. In the past, it was possible to navigate through stalls by jumping, but unfortunately, If you don’t have enough meds it’s impossible.

Essentially, you need to navigate up that rail, hop over to the other side, where you’ll find a safe and a weapon crate in the adjacent room. There should be another weapon crate in the back room or vice versa. Be cautious when attempting this jump, as it may result in a leg injury.

Power Station

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Now, at the full power station, you need to be cautious as there could be snipers camping on the roof. If you spot any dead bodies up there, it’s a sign that someone has been nearby. Conversely, if they’re alive and shooting, take note of the direction they’re facing, as it indicates the presence of other players. Inside the power station, there are toolboxes located at the back, as well as a loose key spawn, two jackets, and a duffel bag.

Heading upstairs, you’ll encounter the Hep Station key, obtained from a quest (though the exact name escapes me at the moment). There are also two toolboxes along the top, along with three (now apparently four) weapon crates, loose spawns, and an Intel spawn. With the recent expansion, additional containers have been added, making it worthwhile to explore thoroughly.

Proceeding straight ahead leads you to the center of the resort, where you’ll find the bus depot. Inside, there are opportunities for valuable loot, including motor spawns and Scavs to take out if needed. Additionally, check behind the door in the office area for two jackets. Let’s continue our Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide.


Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

As we make our way down this path, we reach the Cottages, which serve as the second spawn location for Sanitar. He can either be found in the blue fence area or scattered throughout the cottages. Sanitar can have up to three minions accompanying him, sometimes even four, making encounters highly dangerous. In this area, you’ll find loose technical items and barter trade items.

The main focus at the Cottages is the Cottage key, granting access to one safe. Additionally, there’s a loose AK spawn on the bottom floor, cash on the table, and a safe requiring the Cottage Safe key. The Cottage key itself spawns on the blue barrel nearby, making it worth checking each time you pass by. Near this building, you’ll find two more safes in close proximity, making this area a hotspot for loot. With four safes in close proximity, looting them and storing valuables in a Docs case can yield substantial profits.

Having essential items like the SAS Drive and BakeEzy Cook Book can net you around 100k in total, ensuring steady income even in the event of death. This strategy allows experienced players to consistently make money regardless of setbacks. Cutting across this area first before circling back around the bottom will provide a comprehensive view of this side of the map.

Scav Island

On the map, there’s a location known as Scav Island, which can serve as a target-rich environment for completing scav kill quests. However, we wouldn’t recommend venturing out there unless absolutely necessary. Accessible only by boat, the island harbors some loot opportunities, such as four Med bags and weapon crates inside the shack.

Inside the shack, you’ll also find two toolboxes, a weapon box, and various loose items, making it a decent spot for looting. However, be cautious, as engaging in combat here can attract the attention of players pursuing quests like Shooter Born in Heaven. Unless it’s crucial, it’s advisable to avoid Scav Island, as getting caught out there can often result in death without a clear path for retreat. It’s better to seek profit elsewhere to minimize the risk of being overwhelmed by enemy players.

Tunnel Extract

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

This is the tunnel extract, covering a significant portion of the map’s perimeter. Spawns can range from the bottom here, along the wall, to the far side of the map. Along the coastline, there are no spawns, giving you a clear path to the pier without encountering other players. However, be cautious of potential encounters near the cottages, where some players may attempt to extract. Recently, adjustments have been made to make camping at the top less viable, reducing the risk of encountering hostile players in this area.


So, welcome to the next place of our Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide – Village. This area is a prime spot for looting, especially if you’re equipped with a key tool or a Dock’s case with ample space. You’ll find approximately 30 jackets scattered around here, making it a treasure trove for potential loot. Let’s do a quick rundown: there are four jackets in that building, two by the door, and two inside. Another two are situated nearby, with one more in the adjacent building.

Moving along, you’ll encounter more jackets, including two here, another one tucked inside the doorway, and so on. Don’t forget to check the hidden stashes, one located there and another on the opposite side. Throughout the area, you’ll come across additional jackets, like the two in the red building and several more in this vicinity. If you’re in need of keys, especially for Shoreline, this spot is a goldmine.

While it’s not guaranteed, you’re more likely to find keys for the map you’re currently in, making it a worthwhile venture, especially during the early stages of a wipe.

Path to Lighthouse Extract

We’d strongly advise against venturing into the swamp area for looting, unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous. However, there are some hidden stashes in this building, which also boasts numerous tech spawns and a jacket. The path to the Lighthouse extract runs through this section, so keep that in mind. While there are plenty of weapon crates on the other side of the village, it’s essential to watch out for players using the path to the Lighthouse.

You’ll need to visit this building twice for a quest, allowing you to loot a body if necessary. Beware of potential encounters with other players along the path to the Lighthouse, especially if you make noise or engage with scavengers in the lower area. Similarly, crossing the field poses risks, despite the hidden stash located there. It’s usually best to avoid unless absolutely necessary, given the potential danger.

Sniper Scav Rock

In general, you’ll encounter two sniper scavs positioned atop this rock, while anywhere from three to four scavs may spawn at the bottom in this section.

Climber’s Trail Extract

The climbers’ trail extract is located here, requiring a red Rebel and a paracord for extraction. Importantly, you must refrain from wearing body armor, although an armored rig is permissible. You can carry a large backpack; just ensure you’re not equipped with any body armor.

Bus Depot

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

On the left, we have the Resort, but before we proceed, let me quickly show you the bus depot. This area can be fruitful for scav kills and loot, as mentioned earlier. Inside the building, towards the back, you can find motors, car batteries, and other valuable items. Keep an eye out for Scavs, as they often lurk in the back room. Moving to the front left office, you’ll find a filing cabinet, a cash register, and two jackets. Additionally, there’s a dead scav nearby for looting. After this, we’ll make our way through the Resort.

Resort (West Wing)

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Alright, now we’re on the west wing side of the Resort, entering through the fence. A couple of things to note here: you can access the roof from this side of the Resort, and there’s another entrance down at the other end. Most people approach the Resort from this direction when coming from the village or cottage area, or down from the swamp. Once inside, some of these rooms contain medical spawns on the walls. Keep in mind, this is an offline raid, so there’s less loot than usual. Let’s go through the main rooms together.


Starting with West 104, you’ll find a blue keycard spawn and several duffel bags. This info is also available in the priority keys guide. West 112 has a blue keycard spawn as well, along with multiple duffel bags and food. This spot is crucial for a Len Le task later on. In all these side rooms, there are plenty of duffel bags and medical bags to loot.

Moving on to the third floor, the utility key opens a door with B trade spawns, a duffel bag, and the first safe, Safe 321. It’s advisable to have a nearly empty Doc’s case for storing loot from safes. Other rooms on this floor contain weapon crates and duffel bags, but nothing too remarkable.

On the second floor, be cautious of players camping near the staircase. The utility room contains B trade spawns and is essential for a quest later on. Keys like 220 and 221 grant access to rooms with valuable loot, including a gold spawn in 220. These areas also contain ammo spawns and necessary quest items.

Downstairs, Room 216 is another hotspot with two grenade boxes, medical spawns, and loose ammo. West 306 is vital for the Healthcare Privacy quest, offering scav bodies, medical spawns, and cash. Watch out for potential ambushes in Room 301, where valuable loot like Lad Xes can be found.

Heading to the lower floors, Room 205 or 203 houses a medical crate, duffel bag, and a red keycard spawn. Don’t overlook the red keycard spawn on the shelf nearby. Lastly, the lower levels are rife with duffel bags and contain another red keycard spawn on a shelf.

Resort (Admin Building)

Tarkov | EFT Shoreline Map Guide

Alright, as we head over to the admin building, there’s a cash register there if you’re running low on funds. Downstairs, the notable spawn is this one here, where LEDX and other meds can spawn. Now, moving to the far end, this is one of the two safe keys I mentioned earlier. There are two safe keys for the Resort: the W Health Resort Management Warehouse Safe Key and the Health Resort Management Office Safe Key. Shoreline is actually quite rich in safes, so it’s wise to have some space in your Doc’s case.

In this area, be cautious as the sniper scav can target you if you stand here. The loot in this room isn’t too remarkable, but you may find some tech spawns on that shelf. There used to be an AK spawn on the billiard table, but it might not be there anymore. Watch out for snipers from the West Wing. However, there’s a key spawn here, like a West 316 or something.

Inside the theater room, the main item of interest is the duffel bag. There used to be an East key spawn in there, but I’m not sure if it’s still there. Moving on, you’ll find tech spawns and another key spawn, possibly one of the West room keys, along with a computer.

In this room, you’ll find the next safe, either the warehouse safe or the admin safe. Additionally, there’s a red key card spawn here, tucked under the newspaper. You’ll also find plenty of tech spawns on the shelves, along with a computer. That pretty much covers everything you need to know about the admin area.

Resort (East Wing)

Alright, Sanitar can spawn on either the East or West Wing, so stay cautious. You’ll usually hear fights with him unless you’re the first here. He’s usually accompanied by three minions, but this number can fluctuate. Each of these side rooms may have duffel bags or med bags.

Let’s start with 110, also known as the Blue Tape Key room. Inside, you can find Ladex spawns on the ground, med spawns, and it’s also needed for a quest. Gold chains may spawn on the shelf, and there’s a computer to check.

Moving on to East 107, there are typically three med bags in here, along with Ladex spawns. Check for meds on the top and possibly a med bag on the right. There are additional duffel bags and med bags throughout the side rooms, making it worthwhile to explore every nook and cranny.

Now, for East 226 or East 218, you’ll find tools, Tetris, and possibly graphics cards. Keep an eye out for MP5 spawns and a grenade box. Look for Ladex, Bitcoins, and gold spawns on the ground, marked by a white dot.

In room 220, there’s a weapon crate and possible Ladex and Bitcoin spawns. The red key card spawns in front of the laptop. Moving along, in rooms 206 and 205, there’s a gold spawn, med bags, duffel bags, and even an AK74 UB spawn.

Heading upstairs, West 306 or 308 offers four computers, a possible DVL spawn, gold chains, and more med spawns. This room used to be a hot spot for valuable loot, so it’s worth checking out.

West 313 or 314 has a medbox and high weapon parts, potentially valuable early in the wipe. In the marked room, there’s a chance for Bitcoins or gold chains to spawn.

Room 328 or the utility key room is needed for a quest. Keep an eye out for graphics cards on the bench and a possible blue key card spawn.

Lastly, if you’re coming from the East Wing, don’t forget to check the ambulance for med spawns and a blue key card spawn. That should cover all the important spots in Resort.

Smugglers’ Base (Expansion Area)

This expansion area is a great place to make money with B-trade items. The Scav spawns here are unpredictable. Sometimes there will be none, and other times you’ll encounter waves of them. So, stay vigilant and take note of the spawning patterns. If you want to head straight to the car extract from the resort, you would run down from the resort and follow the fence line on this side, not the wooden one, until you reach the car extract, which we’ll show when we leave here.

As for the spawns inside the new area, almost every building has a plethora of technical spawns. Additionally, there are crates like medical and ration crates scattered around. This addition to Shoreline has significantly increased the loot availability outside of Resort, thanks to some clever map design. The buildings are rich in technical spawns, and there’s another crate just on the other side of that van. Along the ground in that section, you’ll find a heap of technical items, with another crate nearby.

In terms of loot, it’s quite lucrative. If you spawn close to here, we’d recommend grabbing as much loot as you can afford and then making a quick exit. Also, there’s a cool little firing range nearby for some additional exploration. Let’s continue our Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide with the next place.

Smugglers’ Base (Co-op) Extract

Alright, before heading over to the car extract, there’s the Smuggler’s Gate extract, also known as Smuggler’s Path extract. This one requires a PMC and a scav to cooperate and take the extract together. You’ll receive a bonus bit of rep from Fence and a free item or two. It’s located right here, and you’ll need to find a friendly scav to make it work.

A neat option with this extract is if you’re playing as a duo and one of your partners dies, try to get them to come back as a scav. They might end up in the same raid, and you can extract together that way. Then, you’ll have to run across this field into the danger zone.

Road to North V-Ex (Car) Extract

There are two ways to get to the car extract. The first is underneath the fence, where there’s a small hole you can go prone underneath. The other option is to run up the other side. Inside, there’s a high spawn of technical items, including a tech manual on the ground behind, along with shelves and toolboxes. You can also vault over this barrier and check for loot around the area. The car extract requires a car extract signal, which takes 58 seconds to activate. Be careful not to stray too far out, or you’ll risk getting eliminated.

In conclusion, mastering the Shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov opens up a world of opportunities for loot, quests, and intense PvP encounters. By following our Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide, you’ve gained valuable insights into key locations, extraction points, and strategies to survive and thrive in this diverse and challenging environment. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, Shoreline offers endless excitement and rewards. So gear up, explore with confidence, and may your raids be filled with success. Thanks for reading Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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