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Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

Welcome to the stims EFT guide in Escape from Tarkov! In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the world of injectors, providing you with pro tips about injectors to maximize their effectiveness in your Tarkov raids. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to enhance your performance or a newcomer seeking to understand the intricacies of stim usage. This stims Tarkov guide has something for everyone. Get ready to uncover pro tips about injectors that will take your Tarkov experience to the next level. Let’s dive in!

Stims EFT Guide

All stims can be categorized into four main groups: regenerative, hemostatic, strength and endurance boosters, and unique types. Additionally, there are two subtypes: those that alleviate concussion and those that provide pain relief. When examining a stim’s characteristics, you’ll notice various numbers, such as plus one or plus two. But what do these numbers signify? If you see the label “Skill” alongside a light bulb icon, the number indicates the skill levels added or subtracted from the highest current one. However, for energy, hydration, or regeneration, the values are different. A value of one corresponds to 60 units per minute. Next we’ll look at each of the injectors in detail in our stims EFT guide.


Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

1. Propital

Propital is a unique item lasting 300 seconds, providing anesthetic without affecting water and food levels. It grants 60 XP per minute, totaling 360 XP while healing you. Its only drawbacks are tunnel vision and tremor afterward. It costs about 35k on the flea market, but you can craft it from Ibuprofen painkillers and Golden Star balm at minimal cost. Using Propital is beneficial for minor injuries when quick healing is needed without treating each limb separately or when low on water and food but requiring pain relief.

2. eTG-c

This injector restores 390 XP in just 1 minute, providing an immediate boost of 30 energy followed by a deduction of 60. Additionally, it slightly enhances your stamina and health skills, making it the most potent regenerative stim in the game. It’s best used when your character is in dire condition, on the brink of death, or severely injured. However, a drawback is that it doesn’t provide a painkiller effect, which could be beneficial. Another way to use it is to consume it before going on the offensive, although its effectiveness in this scenario is up for debate. While it’s priced between 60k and 100k on the flea market and has bartering options, these may not be worthwhile.

3. Adrenaline

Rapidly replenishes 60 XP in just 15 seconds but deducts 30 energy and 26 water. Provides slight boosts to strength and recoil control. Typically priced between 17k and 25k, it also grants an anesthetic effect. Adrenaline is best used in conjunction with another regenerative stim for optimal effectiveness.

4. Perfotoran

Perfotoran restores 90 XP within 60 seconds, but its standout feature is its ability to halt bleeding. If you’ve been injured and are bleeding, using this injector not only stops the bleeding but also grants you XP. However, it comes at the cost of 66 energy, which is two-thirds of your total energy. Prices for Perfotoran typically range from 30,000 to 60,000.

5. PNB

PNB provides 120 XP within 40 seconds, effectively mitigating its debuffs. However, tremor may occur if painkillers aren’t used. Priced between 40,000 and 60,000, it’s a useful stim for getting out of critical condition without requiring energy or water in return, making it quite valuable overall.


Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

There are only three hemostatic injectors available: Perfotoran, AHF1-M, and Zagustin. Each has its own drawbacks: Perfotoran drains 66 energy, Zagustin uses 55 water, and AHF1-M consumes 36 water. We recommend carrying one of these three stims, whichever is more affordable on the flea market at the time. The top choices, in our opinion, are Perfotoran and AHF1-M. AHF1-M is preferable because it uses the least amount of water, and Perfotoran is also effective due to its parallel effects. Both AHF1-M and Perfotoran work for 60 seconds, while Zagustin lasts for a full 180. However, the duration doesn’t matter much because these stims are rarely used before fights, usually only when bleeding occurs.

Enhancing strength and endurance

Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

1. SJ1

SJ1 lasts for 3 minutes and provides a boost of 20 strength and 20 stamina. However, you won’t notice the stamina increase as there is no stamina recovery buff. The strength boost mainly aids in jumping somewhere, but no more. It drains 40 energy over 200 seconds and 60 water. At a price of 40 grand, it doesn’t offer much value as a drug.

2. SJ6

SJ6 lasts for a complete 240 seconds, equivalent to four minutes. This injector boosts your stamina by 30 levels and provides regeneration without any debuffs, aside from a tunnel effect and tremor once its effects wear off. It’s highly valuable if you need to secure quest items early in a raid or other objectives. The price typically ranges between 70,000 to 80,000.

3. Meldonin

Similar to SJ6, this stim lasts for 15 minutes but doesn’t provide as significant a stamina boost. However, it comes with the drawback of increasing water and food consumption by 6 units over the same duration. While it’s beneficial to enhance your performance during a raid, the increased consumption may require you to constantly search for water and food or carry them with you. The price is currently around 50,000.

4. Trimadol

Trimadol is a premium version of SJ6, but with some differences. It has a shorter duration, lasting only 3 minutes, and it also depletes 90 energy and 90 water, so it’s essential to have water and food on hand before using it. However, in return, you’ll receive a significant boost in stamina recovery and numerous levels of stamina. Additionally, it provides an anesthetic effect. This stim can be incredibly useful for quickly catching up with a target or escaping from a critical situation.

5. M.U.L.E.

M.U.L.E. grants you the strength of a strong man for 15 minutes, enabling you to carry 50% more weight. This can be particularly handy for hauling heavy items like tank batteries. However, it comes with the drawback of causing permanent damage at a rate of 6 units per minute. With a price tag of 120,000 on the flea market, it’s quite expensive.

6. L1 (Norepinephrine)

This stim lasts for 120 seconds and boosts strength while significantly increasing maximum stamina. However, it doesn’t improve stamina recovery, so you won’t notice a significant boost in performance. It’s a superior alternative to SJ-1 as it drains less energy, only 24, and is priced at about 25k, which is nearly half the cost. Additionally, it provides pain relief. However, it’s primarily used for quick bursts of energy.


Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

1. P22

P22 has become largely ineffective and potentially harmful. The health and vitality skills haven’t shown practical effectiveness. The only potentially useful aspect is the stress tolerance, as it reduces the chance of experiencing pain. However, the drug’s effects last for only 60 seconds, so it should be used just before a push. After its effects wear off, there’s a strong debuff on stamina and recovery, making a second push challenging. While the price is low at 25,000, the usefulness of the drug is questionable.

2. xTG-12

Antidote seems to counteract poison inflicted by the cultists. Interestingly, Perfotoran also possesses this property.

3. SJ12

SJ-12 is incredibly useful, providing extended water and food regeneration for a full 10 minutes. However, there’s a discrepancy in the game’s display, as “0-1” should mean 6 units of regeneration, but in reality, we only get 3, equivalent to 5 hundredths. This is sufficient to cover the standard expendable frame. Additionally, it claims to reduce temperature, but this is largely ineffective. On the plus side, you also receive increased perception. The price is set at 80,000.

4. SJ9

SJ9 reduces temperature, providing thermal protection. However, using it makes you appear as a cultist on thermal imagers, rendering it essentially useless as it puts you at risk of being targeted by other players.

5. 3-(b-TG) 

3-(b-TG) boosts container search speed, perception, and strength for 240 seconds. It’s useful for quickly looting multiple areas with a planned route. However, at a price of 35 thousand, you’ll need at least 2 injectors for a full looting session, totaling 70 thousand. Each stim consumes 24 energy. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the investment.

6. Obdolbos

Obdolbos is like playing roulette with a chance of disaster. While it promises various positive effects, in this patch, you might experience all of them at once. You could gain 25 xp, but you’ll also lose 60 energy per minute for 10 minutes, or in the worst-case scenario, face immediate death. It’s priced at 35k.

7. Obdolbos 2

The second injector is slightly improved. It offers various buffs, but the most useful ones are related to weight transfer. Similar to M.U.L.E.’s effect, it provides anti-propulsion for a full 30 minutes, but it reduces your stamina and slows down recovery. The stim might be handy if you’ve found something heavy just before leaving and don’t want to carry it for too long. Otherwise, it’s mainly used for transferring first aid kits or to offset the loss of xp from using propitals excessively. It’s priced at 60 grand.

Сoncussion relieving

Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

In situations where you’re wearing a Tagilla’s mask or an Altyn helmet, head injuries are common. This can result in severe concussion, making it difficult to fight effectively. Fortunately, several stims can alleviate these concussions when needed. These include Propital, PNB, Adrenaline, eTG-c, Morphine, and Trimodol.

Pain relieving

Some injectors provide pain relief separately, such as Propital, Morphine, Trimodol, L1 (Norepinephrine) and adrenaline. Combining certain stims can be very advantageous. Let’s explore this further in our stims EFT guide.

Injector combinations

Stims EFT Guide: Pro Tips about Injectors

1. Trimodol + SJ6

For instance, combining Trimodol with SJ6 gives you 4-5 minutes of continuous running, allowing you to traverse an entire location without stopping, like through a forest. The total cost for this combination is around 160k. 

2. Trimodol + L1 (Norepinephrine)

Another combination to try is Trimodol + L1 (Norepinephrine), giving you almost three minutes of continuous running. This combination allowed me to nearly reach the customs exit from one spawn point, with stamina restoring quickly even when depleted. The price for this combination is about 110k. 

3. Combinations with Propital

Pairing Propital with Adrenaline creates a quick and inexpensive escape option. If you’re severely injured or low on energy, this combination will quickly get you out of harm’s way, costing around 50k. Similarly, combining Propital with PNB provides quick recovery and additional XP, without draining your water and food reserves. However, this combination is only cost-effective if you can craft Propital, otherwise, the price exceeds 70k, making it easier to just sell the e-TG-c. Mandatory injectors to carry include M.U.L.E., Propital, Adrenaline, or PNB (choose one), a hemostatic injector, e-TG-c, and SJ12.

4. Speed boost 

If speed is your priority at the beginning, consider adding SG-6. For traversing the entire location quickly, especially for quests or LEDX in a forest, combine SJ-6 with Trimadol, but ensure you have enough food and water. If you’re engaging in PvP, prioritize PNB and bring Trimadol for pursuing opponents.

In conclusion, mastering the effective use of injectors in Escape from Tarkov can greatly enhance your survival and success in the game. With the help of our stims EFT guide you’ve learned the properties, effects, and optimal combinations of different stimulants, you can gain a significant advantage in various situations. Remember to consider the risks and benefits of each injector, and always plan your strategy accordingly. With the knowledge and insights shared in stims EFT guide, you’re better equipped to navigate the challenges of Tarkov and emerge victorious. Happy raiding, and may your ventures be prosperous!

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