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Tarkov | EFT 100 PMC Essential Tips

Tarkov | EFT 100 PMC Essential Tips

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Escape from Tarkov enthusiasts! In this comprehensive article, we’ve compiled Tarkov 100 essential tips to help you master the world of Tarkov. These Tarkov 100 essential tips are tailored to enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of survival. From basic strategies to advanced tactics, gear recommendations, map knowledge, and more, this guide has got you covered. So, grab your gear, load up your weapons, and let’s dive into Tarkov 100 essential tips!

Tarkov 100 PMC Essential Tips

Tarkov | EFT 100 PMC Essential Tips

1. Check plates

Inspect the plates in your armor, particularly in models like 6B23, Kirasa, and Zhuk Press, so they may contain fifth-class plates.

2. Budget armor

Consider a budget option for fifth-class armor by bartering with Prapor for plates and then purchasing a 6B23 from the flea market afterward, totaling around 70k.

3. Vaulting

Opt for vaulting as a quieter alternative to jumping when possible for stealthier movement.

4. Debuffs

Pay attention to the loading debuffs of different magazines on weapons, so some may have slower loading times like the P90, while others load quickly such as the AK with 30 rounds.

5. Compare prices

Compare the prices of AHF1, Perfotaran, and Zagustin on the flea market before purchasing, as they all serve as bleeding-stopping drugs with similar effects but varying prices.

6. Injector debuffs

Check the debuffs of the injectors you carry, as many of them can significantly drain your energy or water reserves.

7. Melee weapon

Melee weapons are often unnecessary and add weight. Therefore, it’s better to loot knives or axes.

8. Using of melee weapons

Consider carrying melee weapons when heading to high-risk areas like the epicenter, where breaking glass without expending ammunition may be necessary.

9. Moving

Remember that moving at minimum speed in full crouch is virtually silent, offering a stealth advantage.

10. Baiting

You don’t necessarily need to discard the grenade entirely to effectively engage an enemy. Simply removing it from sight and concealing it can suffice. The subtle sound it makes might be enough to unsettle your opponent.

11. Animation

By postponing the animation of consumables such as food, water, anesthesia, or an Emergency Surgical Kit and then cancelling the action, you’ll deplete the resources without gaining any benefits. However, you’ll still suffer the debuff, such as a reduction in energy or food.

12. Scope elevation

A useful strategy is to bind Scope elevation adjustment to Mouse Scroll for easy toggling during shooting. This method offers enhanced convenience.

13. Grenade tactics

It’s possible to toss a grenade while on the move. Simply initiate the throw command and start running. This tactic can prove highly advantageous.

14. Grenade range

Leveraging a jump can extend the distance of a grenade throw.

15. KS-23

In addition to its imposing appearance, the KS-23 shotgun boasts the ability to load a Zvezda flashbang round, which can be crafted. This feature proves valuable for different quests. However, if you outfit a teammate with this weapon, it becomes effective for quests such as The Huntsman Path – Secured Perimeter, which involve office kills, as well as Cold Blooded, Grenadier, and other quests with specific factory kill conditions.

16. Concussion remedy

Should you suffer a concussion from a blow to the head, propital serves as an effective remedy.

17. Resource saving

Notably, propital stands out as the sole analgesic that doesn’t deplete water and food levels. This makes it invaluable for situations where resources are scarce and anesthesia is necessary.

18. Med pack

Remarkably spacious yet significantly more economical than a medicine case, a med pack offers ample storage capacity, albeit slightly larger than a case.

19. Dogtag case

Utilizing a dogtag case proves highly convenient, sparing one the hassle of managing dogtags post-raid and facilitating immediate exchanges with traders. While not a recommendation, the method is personally preferred by some players.

20. Somali shooting

The concept of employing Somali shooting tactics to bait adversaries by shining a flashlight from a corner sounds plausible in theory, although it hasn’t yielded success in practice.

21. Flashlight trap

Dropping a weapon with a flashlight attached to the ground keeps it illuminated, a clever tactic for setting traps when time permits.

22. Summoning Bots with Gesture

As a Scav player, you have the ability to summon and command a bot to follow you simply by using the appropriate gesture.

23. Beware bosses

As a Scav, it’s important to avoid approaching bosses if your reputation is below 6, as you risk being beaten up. 

24. Stay Vigilant Against Scams

Be cautious when playing as a Scav, as there are instances where you might be tricked into harming yourself or falling for a scam during a quest. Stay vigilant to avoid getting killed. 

25. Beware of following

Exercise caution when asked to follow someone, as it’s possible to be deceived and led into a deadly encounter with a boss.

26. Verify Partners

When playing as a PMC and a Scav calls for a joint exit, request to see a knife before proceeding and let the Scav walk ahead. If he pulls out a weapon, eliminate the threat.

27. Staircase Ambush Warning

Be vigilant on staircases at all times. There’s a tactic where an individual hides in a corner with their head down. Failure to notice them can result in a deadly ambush.

28. Use IR laser

IR laser provides excellent illumination for enhanced visibility.

29. Nighttime Caution

Using the laser target point at night is extremely risky. It practically signals your location from a hundred meters away, inviting danger.

30.  Night Raid

Avoid venturing out on raids past 20:00 or before 6:00 without night vision goggles if you hope to see anything at all.

31.  Clear Sight

Ensure to install NVIDIA at the interchange, customs dorms, and reserve basements for improved visibility. Otherwise, you’ll be blind.

32.  Injector Case

Acquire an injector case as it’s crucial. Always carry Propital, eTG-c, M.U.L.E., Adrenaline, and a hemostatic agent. This constitutes the basic kit.

33.  Smart Trading

Utilize bartering for essential modules, especially those crucial for armoring, which are often unavailable or excessively expensive on the flea market.

34.  Adapt to Enemy Movement

If you notice the enemy swiftly checking your position and then departing, don’t risk staying put—they’ll likely return to attack. Change your location immediately.

35.  Stay Safe

Don’t linger in unprotected areas, whether it’s a road, open ground, or a corridor indoors.

36.  Monitor Stamina

Be vigilant about your stamina level, especially in PvP scenarios, to ensure you can swiftly change positions as needed.

37.  Tactical Awareness

A sitting soldier is often more difficult to detect than one in motion. However, they are also more vulnerable to being targeted. Stay mindful of your surroundings and actions: lower your profile in bushy areas and make slight movements when exposed in open spaces.

38.  Anticipate Delay

Prepare for a delay when aiming if you begin shooting simultaneously.

39.  Accuracy and orientation

Although Zenit RK-1 tactical foregrip may be pricey and not excel in stats, it offers a unique advantage. The middle finger naturally aligns with the screen’s horizontal center, aiding in hip-fire accuracy and orientation.

40.  Firing Accuracy

Attaching gum to the center of your monitor isn’t effective. Factors like barrel movement inertia and character breathing can alter hip-fire accuracy. While a dot on the screen may help when statically checking an angle, in my experience, it causes more confusion than benefit.

41.  Mastering the Jump Technique

Master the art of jumping by timing your jumps every second or fourth step. This skill enables you to navigate corridors, pursue enemies around corners, and leap onto various objects. With practice, it becomes effortless.

42.  Upgrade Hideout

Upgrading your hideout’s intelligence center can significantly decrease the cooldown time between your Scav runs. A level 1 upgrade offers a 15% reduction in the Scav cooldown timer.

43.  Increasing Fence Loyalty

You can increase your loyalty with Fence without playing as Scav by utilizing paid car exits and joining raids with Scavs.

44.  Maximize Fence Loyalty

To enhance Fence loyalty, avoid using the same exit repeatedly, as it diminishes the reputation gained.

45.  Identifying Scav

To differentiate between Scavs and PMCs, inspect their footwear. Scavs typically wear dirty shoes.

46.  Profitable Factory Strolls

Even if you’re not playing as a Scav, consider walking them in the factory. In just 3 minutes, you can safely extract 100-300 thousand rubles, and potentially even more if you’re lucky with loot.

47.  Valuables

For quest items, prioritize checking safes, with many located at Customs in the dorms.

48.  Shortcuts

Ctrl + Left Mouse: Bag Transfer. Alt + Left Mouse: Self-Equip. Shift + Left Mouse: Sorting Table Movement

49.  Cartridge Preset

When using the cartridge preset, you can insert tracer cartridges into the middle of the magazine to understand when you shot half of it.

50.  Antique Axe

The antique axe’s left and right mouse button animations are the same, but the right inflicts greater damage.

51.  Negotiation

Attempt negotiation with foes using voice communication, it can prove beneficial, but exercise caution. Avoid agreeing to unarmed encounters unless conditions are reciprocated.

52.  Bait Tactics 

A common bait tactic involves one enemy shouting to provoke a response while another remains silent. Typically, they occupy diagonally opposite corners of a room. Therefore, exercise caution when responding, but avoid overcommitting.

53.  Running Sounds 

If you hear continuous running, consider two possibilities. Either someone disconnected or a bot fled. The tactic of baiting by running into walls has been eliminated, removing that possibility.

54.  Priority Healing 

Prioritize treating chest and head injuries even if bleeding. These areas cannot be healed with CMS kit.

55.  Head Bleeding 

Head injuries turn black from bleeding alone. Any hunger, dehydration, or further damage to it results in immediate death.

56.  Insurance 

By concealing insured items or dropping them off map edges or into water, you ensure their retrieval.

57.  Using Cracks 

Utilize cracks in doors or other surfaces to anticipate when to fire the enemy.

58.  Kiba 

No bullet can penetrate the glass at Kiba.

59.  Trees 

Trees mitigate damage.

60.  Range Limitation 

Thermal scopes have a maximum range of 250 meters.

61. Rogues 

Scavs can get extremely close to Rogues without being attacked. Also, they can eliminate them without reputation loss.

62. Boss Indicator 

The presence of lag at the start of a raid signifies the absence of a boss at the location. Conversely, if there is no lag, the boss may be present, but this is not always guaranteed.

63. Night Advantage 

Bosses and rogues are less vigilant and observant at night, making them easier targets for elimination.

64. Boss Farming 

Boss encounters become significantly easier by carrying grenades and utilizing them against bosses. This approach ensures both information gathering and increased chances of success.

65. Disguise 

To disguise as a Scav, USEC operatives should consider wearing blue clothing to limit resemblance to Scavs. Additionally, equip a respirator and bomber for authenticity.

66. Cartridge Debuffs 

Be cautious of cartridges with increased recoil debuffs, even if their performance seems promising.

67. Bug Alert 

A known bug involves hearing a sudden, faint footstep sound, indicating an enemy approaching from the direction it was heard. However, radio hearing may not provide sufficient clarity.

68. Sound Localization 

Rotate your character in various directions to pinpoint the origin of specific sounds.

69. Helmet Flashlight 

Don’t forget about the option to attach a flashlight to your helmet.

70. FPS Optimization 

If you experience smooth FPS except on Tarkov streets, adjust settings to your liking and enable resolution reduction specifically for street areas.

71. Profit from Graphics Cards

Even with just a couple of graphics cards, you can cover fuel costs, making a profit.

72. Bitcoin Farming

The bitcoin farming strategy revolves around playing Interchange. If you find a graphics card and extract it, you can sell it on the flea market. If you die, you can insert it into the farm.

73. Earning Euros

Craft grenade cases to earn euros for a solar panel or other items, and sell them on the flea market.

74. Currency

If you don’t require dollars or euros, filter out these currencies on the flea market. Instead, check jewelry prices for potential purchases to resell to therapist.

75. NcStar MPR45

The NcStar MPR45 Backup mount proves valuable for weapons with low ergonomics, enabling faster and more straightforward aiming.

76. Consider Weight Trade-offs

While installing a large magazine, side sight, optics, and a long barrel is beneficial, each addition increases weapon weight, reducing agility and aiming stamina.

77. Strategic Combat

In one-against-party battles, aim for one-on-one engagements whenever possible, though achieving this can be challenging.

78. Grenade Tactics

Grenades serve as effective substitutes for teammates, enabling angle checks, inducing enemy stress, creating smoke screens in corridors, and displacing opponents from advantageous positions.

79. Grenade Aim

To gauge grenade trajectory, observe your index finger. It indicates your approximate aim direction.

80. Managing Crutical Levels

When food and water levels are critical, consume food first, then drink water. Moreover, values cannot drop below zero, and most food depletes water.

81. Car First Aid Kit

Car first aid kits are inexpensive but ineffective against severe bleeding.

82. LEDX

The most convenient and cost-effective method to acquire LEDX is by farming in the Woods. Check out the spawns located in this area.

83. Using Compass

A compass aids in identifying the western or eastern section of the shoreline.

84. Exact Enemy Position

Use a compass to relay the enemy’s direction to your teammate accurately.

85. Navigating Locations

To navigate effectively in any location, establish key landmarks. In Customs, these include dorms, construction sites, and gas stations. Understanding their relative positions simplifies orientation.

86. Maintain Team Awareness

When playing in a group, minimize friendly fire incidents by remembering your teammates’ attire. Communicate promptly any changes in equipment during raids.

87. Outfits

Repetitive use of the same outfit increases character familiarity but also introduces debuffs, reducing agility and sensory perception.

88. Understanding Armor’s Role

Armor offers minimal survivability rather than full protection. Therefore, void overconfidence in high-grade armor. It merely increases the chance of survival.

89. Rear Threats

Extended raid duration heightens the risk of encountering enemies from behind, necessitating caution against prolonged stays.

90. Consider Weight 

When selecting a backpack, consider both capacity and weight parameters to make an informed decision.

91. Sound Considerations in Movement 

Aiming, turning, entering inventory, and changing fire mode all produce noise, unlike loading cartridges. Moving at minimum speed ensures silent turns.

92. Limit Party Size 

Avoid forming parties of more than three unless committed to regular play together. Excessive group size undermines everyone’s experience.

93. Top Priority 

Investing in a Lucky Scav Junk box is the foremost priority in the game. Therefore, start saving for it immediately, and you’ll appreciate its value.

94. Profitable Exchange 

Exchanging dogtags for an Item case is highly profitable.

95. Identification 

To verify your Scav identity, press F1. Also, you can request verification from other Scav using the same method.

96. Nickname Identification 

If you make a friend during a raid, ask them to reveal their nickname by pressing Y. This action will display their name.

97. Scav Behavior 

Killing multiple Scavs in one location increases their likelihood of spawning in that area.

98. Green Indicator 

Double-pressing “O” reveals green exits. In car exits, green indicates successful payment transfer, while in Interchange, a lit safe exit signifies power supply.

99. Use Sight Wisely 

When using Aimpoint Micro, ensure a raising bar is installed to prevent the front sight from spoiling everything.

100. Farming Caches 

If you’re unable to find an item, consider farming caches at various locations as a viable option.

In conclusion, the world of Escape from Tarkov can be daunting for newcomers and veterans alike. However, armed with these Tarkov 100 essential tips, players can navigate the challenges of the game more effectively. From optimizing loadouts and mastering combat techniques to understanding map dynamics and economy strategies, these Tarkov 100 essential tips cover a wide range of aspects crucial for success in Tarkov. Additionally, remember that perseverance and adaptability are key in this unforgiving environment. By continually learning and refining your skills, you can increase your chances of survival and thrive in the ruthless streets of Tarkov. Let our Tarkov 100 essential tips help you succeed. Good luck, and may your raids be fruitful!

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