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Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

EFT | Tarkov Best Guns in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of Tarkov’s weaponry, staying informed about the most effective firearms can make all the difference between survival and defeat. In Tarkov Best Guns in 2024 article, we delve into the depths of Tarkov’s arsenal to uncover the top guns, analyzing their performance, statistics, and recommended uses. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, join us as we explore the weaponry that reigns supreme in the tumultuous streets of Tarkov.

Tarkov Best Guns in 2024

1. MP9

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

At the top of our list is the MP9. It boasts a massive rate of fire, making it a formidable choice. With its minimal recoil and compact size, it’s a weapon you’ll be proud to wield. It’s available from the third Peacekeeper and is priced around 50,000 in-game currency.

2. MP7

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

Moving on, we have the MP7. It offers a more enjoyable experience compared to the MP9, thanks to its lower rate of fire and ability to use larger magazines. While its damage per minute (DPM) might not be the best, it still performs admirably well. The MP7 is a great choice for players who prefer not to spend countless hours honing their shooting skills but still want to make an impact. You can unlock it from the third mechanic and fully utilize its potential with good ammunition and a spacious 40-round magazine from the fourth mechanic. The total price is approximately 60,000 in-game currency.

3. AUG 41

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The AUG A1, available at the flea market, boasts a higher rate of fire compared to the AK-101 at a lower price point. The key is to swap out the base with the A-3 variant, turning it into a formidable option for victory. With its comfortable ergonomics and PA-56 caliber, it excels when used with the Peacekeeper’s fourth level. While theoretically usable from the third level with M8P5, it’s preferable to opt for alternatives such as the MP9. The total price ranges from 50 to 70 thousand in-game currency.

4. MDR 5.56

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The MDR 5.56 offers a lower rate of fire compared to the AUG but is assembled in a similar price range. However, it holds an advantage with its ability to accommodate larger items, including magazines for 60 or even 100 rounds, a feature the AUG lacks. Additionally, the MDR’s recoil is significantly more manageable after customization, making it a viable option for around 60,000 in-game currency.

5. M4A1

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The M4A1 reigns supreme in the realm of 5.56 caliber firearms. While traditional Kalashnikov rifles may be more common nowadays, the M4A1 offers a plethora of customization options. It’s available for around 80,000 in-game currency, but with some investment, you can transform transform it into whatever you want it to be. Despite being somewhat overlooked, the M4A1 is deadly, boasting a high rate of fire and firing powerful cartridges. Additionally, crafting the 5.5.1 cartridge at the workbench demonstrates its lethal capabilities even further. Overall, it’s a formidable weapon that shouldn’t be underestimated, despite its waning popularity.

6. P90

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The P90 is a rare sight in raids, though it deserves more recognition. While it may not boast the highest rate of fire, its generous 50-round magazines, make it a standout choice. With its laser-like precision and high ergonomics, it’s a reliable weapon with a hefty ammo capacity of 300 rounds. Available from the third Peacekeeper, it may not have the most impressive specs, but it’s more than capable of taking down enemies in close-quarters combat. However, loading the magazine during a raid can be tricky, as it’s quite finicky. The assembled gun, sans silencer, typically goes for around 90,000 in-game currency.


Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

Available through barter with the third mechanic, this weapon shines with the T-45 round, offering a laser-like performance, particularly effective in nighttime engagements. With the best recoil control in the 7.62×39 caliber, it stands out as the most practical choice among its peers. Additionally, its increased rate of fire, reaching up to 700 rounds per minute, adds to its effectiveness. However, its notable drawbacks include its substantial weight and ergonomics. Expect to pay around 90,000 to 100,000, possibly up to 120,000, for this powerhouse.

8. Vector .45 ACP

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The Vector .45 ACP is a formidable weapon, boasting an incredible rate of fire and a unique armor-penetrating effect with its AP round. While you can easily purchase it from the flea market and attach a scope, it’s worth considering the limited availability of AP ammo. With only 150 pieces craftable and the fourth Peacekeeper selling just 100 per shipment, adding a silencer ensures you make the most of this weapon. Despite its hefty price tag ranging from 90,000 to 130,000, depending on your investment, the payoff is undeniable. Few opponents stand a chance against this lethal firearm, making survival unlikely for anyone in your sights.

9. VSS

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

This weapon is notorious in Tarkov! In the hands of enemies, it’s a nightmare, but even in yours, it’s prone to jamming after just a few shots. Its insane rate of fire and rapid barrel heating make it a challenge to control. The SP5 ammo available at the second vendor is sufficient, and 20-round magazines are often preferred. It’s incredibly lethal, with many opting for the RK-2 assembly. Securing this gun on the flea market with high durability and a reasonable price is a challenge, with average costs ranging from 110,000 to 130,000 in-game currency.

10.  MCX

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The MCX is a legendary weapon that undergoes changes with each patch. Sometimes it’s deemed useless, while other times it becomes a must-have. To unlock its full potential, you’ll need Peacekeeper’s fourth level and SBJ cartridges, which are available there. However, the limited availability of ammo coupons can be a hindrance. With its high rate of fire, manageable recoil, and powerful cartridge, it’s favored by serious gamers. This versatile weapon suits the majority of players, although achieving the best performance requires extensive gunsmith modifications. Such a fully assembled MCX can cost around 200,000 in-game currency.

11. HK 416

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The HK 416 has received mixed reviews throughout Tarkov’s history, with complaints about its recoil and ergonomics. Its long and unwieldy design makes it impractical for using large magazines on the go. Despite this, it boasts an impressive rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute, the highest in the 5.56 caliber category. While the M4A1 remains a popular choice with numerous customization options, the HK offers an additional 50 units of rate of fire. In the current patch, a silencer isn’t necessary, and a basic build will cost around 190,000 in-game currency. Adding a silencer will increase the cost to around 220,000.

12. MDR 7.62

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The MDR 7.62 is one rugged firearm. It becomes available after completing the Wet Work Part 4 quest. Just the base model alone will set you back 190,000, but once fully assembled, expect to pay between 220,000 and 250,000. In this patch, it’s been equipped with 25-round magazines, further enhancing its performance. With its high ergonomics, excellent recoil control, and good rate of fire, it’s a top-tier choice. The only downside? The hefty price tag. Nonetheless, its exceptional features make it the undisputed king of Tarkov.

13. SA-58

Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

The SA-58 is like the MDR, but for serious players. It offers more customization options, with two main building choices available. You can opt for the shorter version, which offers better ergonomics but slightly higher recoil, priced at around 200,000. Alternatively, there’s the long version, which can achieve similar ergonomics but with better recoil control. However, this comes at a higher price, around 220,000, and increased weight. Interestingly, the SA-58 boasts an even higher rate of fire than the MDR and can accommodate up to 50-round magazines. While its performance shines in certain situations, its high price tag may deter some players.


Tarkov | EFT Best Guns in 2024

Truly deserving of its reputation as Patch 0.14’s most formidable death-dealer! Its cartridge looks like it could inflict real-world damage. It’s akin to a premium version of the standard MCX, with a golden hue and the ability to pierce through the enemy’s armor. Obtaining it on the flea market commands a steep price, while purchasing it from a trader requires completing a series of challenging quests. However, its high rate of fire, lethal ammunition, and decent ergonomics justify its cost. Even its ammo limits are reasonable, making it a deadly yet balanced choice.

In conclusion, navigating the diverse arsenal of Escape from Tarkov in 2024 can be a daunting task. Tarkov Best Guns in 2024 article is your key the knowledge of the best guns available. Players can confidently traverse the treacherous streets of Tarkov. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, choosing the right firearm can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Staying informed about the top guns will undoubtedly give players the edge they need to emerge victorious in the unforgiving world of Tarkov.

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