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Escape from Tarkov: Woods Location Guide

Escape from Tarkov: Woods Location Guide

The Tarkov Woods location, also known as the Priozersk Nature Reserve, is a moderately large forested area (hence the name), teeming with hills, cliffs and patches of open terrain, making it ideal for long-range combat (hills and cliffs offer excellent opportunities for snipers, while open fields tend to turn into kill zones). Each raid on the Woods map lasts 45 minutes, with 6 to 12 players and a large number of NPC Scavs.

Woods are considered a map that new players should try to avoid unless they want to complete a specific Escape from Tarkov quest. There are several reasons for this:

  • There isn’t a lot of loot on this map. If you want to make good money in Escape from Tarkov – Forest location, you need to participate (and win) in some PvP battles.
  • The location of the map favors long-range combat and makes the equipment advantage even more important. Powerful sniper rifles and high quality optics win in the Woods. However, it is worth noting that cheap rifles like Mosin or Scoped Vepr can be very effective in the Woods as well.
  • The map is very PvP focused and attracts players looking for kills rather than loot, which means new players are more likely to encounter enemies that will outgrow and surpass them (rather than at Customs or Shoreline).

Interesting points for research on Woods Location

There is a lot to explore in the woods of Tarkov: from the abandoned bunkers hidden in the area, through the lumber yard and sawmill, to the crash site of an aircraft and an abandoned tank accidentally parked in its northern parts; here are some of the most interesting places.

Escape from Tarkov: Woods Location Guide

1. Western bunker (ZB-016)

A small bunker hidden in the forest is known by its number – ZB-016. This location serves as an additional PMC mining point (look for green smoke outside the bunker). If a loot point is active, approach it carefully, as someone might ambush it inside (this is a very common practice). The loot point is in the second room of the bunker.

Location – western part of the Woods, northwest of the plane crash site.

Possible loot:

  • Content from four wooden crates.

2. Eastern bunker (ZB-014)

The second of the two bunkers is hidden in the woods of Tarkov. This one is called ZB-014 and, like its western counterpart, serves as an additional loot point, but unlike it, the ZB-014 Key is required to unlock. If a mining point is active, there will be a green flash outside the bunker. It is also quite a popular camping site (i.e. ambushes), especially if the loot is open. One of the bunkers offers the best loot, but some of them are hidden behind the castle.

Location – Eastern part of the Tarkov forests, northeast of the Ritual site.

Possible loot:

  • Outside the locked area: a bag of things, a wooden box, some kind of free loot in the locker.
  • Inside the locked area: a box with a weapon, magazines for 60 rounds (6L31 5.45×39) and some free loot.

3. Plane crash site

A Russian airliner crashed, most likely shot down during the escalation of the conflict in Tarkov. The area does not offer too much in terms of mining, but serves as a reference point and is one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas in Tarkov Woods.

Note: This is one of the places in Tarkov that screams “Something big in the future!” – we’ll have to wait and see.

Location – Southwest of the Woods, southeast of the Western Bunker and west of the Lookout Rock / Ridge.

4. Lookout Rock / Ridge

One of the most powerful sniper locations on the map. It overlooks much of the western part of the Forest and offers an excellent vantage point against anyone looking to enter the Mill / Timber Depot area located in the center of the Forest. Because of this, you will most likely find a sniper somewhere on these rocks (approaching this area from the south is generally the safest option as players are less likely to look in that direction).

Location – South of the Forest, near the center of the map, east of the plane crash site and southwest of the Mill / Timber Depot area. Lookout Rock.

Possible Loot:

  • The contents of the file container are located in the camp to the west of the cliff, and possible PvP loot since this place is very popular with players.

5. RUAF Roadblock

A large Russian military roadblock (AF stands for Military Forces, RU for Russian Federation), easily recognizable by a tank parked next to it. This location serves as a loot point if you spawn on the other side of the map. This entire area should be approached with caution because there are not too many hiding spots and players often visit this area. Keep in mind that in clear weather, you can shoot from the Sniper Rock on the shore and inside the Woods from the shore east of the checkpoint (and vice versa), which makes it a good sniper spot.

Location – Northwest Forest, far north of Lookout Rock and northeast of West Bunker.

Possible Loot:

  • A bag of things on the back of a pickup truck parked right at the gate. Two weapon crates hidden behind a large rock to the east of the Checkpoint (not far from the coast).

6. Sniper rock on the shore

An inconspicuous rock on the banks of the Woods… if you are shot by a sniper while traveling close to the water, you can be 99.9% sure that the shot came from there. If you want to clear this area, it is advised to arrive from the east or southeast so that the trees cover your approach. The popularity of this camp site is due to the fact that it offers a good view of much of the map (including most of the coast).

Location – In the middle of the map, on the banks of the Woods, northeast of the Timber Depot and north of the Ritual Ring. The sniper rock on the shore is marked as 3 on the map.

Possible Loot:

  • There are loot containers at the bottom of the rock.
  • In addition, to the south of it is a camp with a free medpack.
  • Moreover, there is a flash drive spawn next to the tent, so it is always worth checking it out, as such items are selling for a very good amount. If someone is camping out there and you know how to approach them without being noticed, Coastal Sniper Rock also offers a good opportunity to acquire a brand new sniper rifle.

7. Mill / Timber warehouse

The industrial part of the Tarkov Woods, which has a sawmill, a timber / plank warehouse, work shacks and just a warehouse. It is by far the most popular spot on the map, not only because it sits in the middle, but also because it contains the most spawns and the boss of the map (Navigator; dead PMCs are often a good indicator of his presence as he is a good sniper and often easily kills untrained players) appears nearby, patrolling the common area with two of his bodyguards (he appears approximately 1 time in 3 raids).

Location – Blind spot on the forest map, east of the western bunker and west of the eastern bunker, southwest of Sniper Rock on the shore (unmissable area).

Possible loot:

  • Inside three huts located in the southwestern part of the area: First from the south – 2 jackets, a bag of things and some free loot. The second from the south is a box of grenades, a safe and some free loot. The third from the south is a bag of things, a box of weapons, some free loot and a key to room 308 of the east wing (Sanatorium, Shore map) (on the bedside table between the beds).
  • A hut located in the northeastern part of the area (this is the guard’s booth): 2 jackets, a wardrobe, a bag of things, some free loot and a Lab. the key card is purple on the table, next to the open book.
  • A weapon crate in the back of a pickup truck, parked in the southeastern part of the Lumber Depot, near the Blue Building / Warehouse (this is also the location of the quest item). Inside the Blue building, there are two more weapon boxes and some free items (tools).
  • Inside the Skeleton (southern covered wooden warehouses) there are some loose weapon parts and a jacket.
  • The contents of the Navigator’s general stash (the Navigator’s stash can only be opened with his key). Stash is on the bus, next to the wood, northeast of the three huts.

8. Sniper Rock

Another favorite spot for EFT snipers and campers. It offers a good view of the surrounding area and spans the southern approach to the Woods Depot, making it very popular with “less active” players (however, it requires a fairly high durability).

Location – South of the Timber Depot and southwest of the Ritual Ring.

Possible Loot:

  • Nothing fancy unless you catch someone who catches the caps off guard and treats them as a source of loot.

9. Place of the ritual

A place used by a local sect for occult rituals. The circle is where the Cult makes its sacrifices (which consist of weapons, often high-end ones). This is one of the locations of the Cult – Part 2 quest and one of the most mysterious areas of Tarkov.

Location – Central Forest, east of the Timber Depot and northeast of the southern checkpoint.

Possible loot:

  • The appearance of free weapons inside the ritual ring (a fully loaded Remington R11 RSASS 7.62×51 may appear here), a jacket under a tree, outside the ritual ring.
  • At Checkpoint, southwest of the ritual, you can also find a cabinet and a weapon crate.

Escape from Tarkov is a very difficult, even hardcore game, and there is no sensible training in the gameplay. Therefore, we decided to create a guide and a series of guides that will help new players to better navigate the maps.

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