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Escape from Tarkov Interchange Guide

Escape from Tarkov: Interchange Location Guide

Located at the intersection of the main transport routes in Escape from Tarkov, the location is a traffic intersection that connects the city’s port to its industrialized outskirts (shown in the game as Customs). In the center of the district is the Ultra shopping mall, filled with dozens of small shops (stocking almost everything from food and medicine to jewelry, weapons and electronics) and three hypermarket-sized stores (Goshan, OLI and IDEA). The 1st floor of the mall is also home to the Scavs Boss named Killa. This is a heavily armed and armored enemy that poses a serious threat to anyone, even an equipped player. After defeat, he will throw off some of the best of the most expensive armor and helmets in the game Escape from Tarkov: the Mask-1Sh (Killa) helmet with a protective visor and a specially modified version of the 6B13 M body armor (Killa’s version is lighter and does not restrict mobility so much, but gives less protection). The abundance of loot and the presence of Killa makes Interchange very popular among the game units, which means that the map is very dangerous for single raiders. Each Interchange raid lasts 45 minutes and includes 9 to 14 players, as well as several NPC Scavs scattered throughout the area.

Here’s what, more or less, you should expect from the Interchange raid: Intense PvP battles at medium and close distances with rare long-range exchanges along the corridors, often against well-organized opposition (it is not recommended to go alone, units of at least two or three have a much higher chance of successfully completing the raid).

The looting opportunities are above average if you enter unprepared, and exceptional looting opportunities when you have both keys to the KIBA store and know where the best mining areas are.

A great opportunity to raise the level of attention thanks to the opening of cash registers available on the map (there are dozens of them, including 18 in OLI, 20 in IDEA and 27 in Goshan).

Interesting points on the location Interchange in Escape from Tarkov

There is a lot to explore at the Interchange, from a power plant, through a giant shopping mall filled with dozens of small shops, to the “big three” stores of the Interchange: IDEA, OLI and Goshan; here are some of the most interesting locations (including possible loot).

Interchange scheme

1. Power plant

The power plant that used to supply the mall with much-needed electricity. There are several small buildings in the area (security buildings, maintenance rooms and booths) and a large power plant building itself. This is also one of the loot points (via a black SUV parked in the back; this will cost you 3000 Roubles – you can either take the money with you or easily get it from one of the mall’s cash registers. Keep in mind that this is a one-time use and , it may not be there if someone has already tampered with it).

Location – Northeastern part of the map, Northeast of the IDEA store. The power plant is marked as “1” on our map.

Possible loot:

  • Inside the main station building: several toolboxes, two diesel additives spawns, several jackets.
  • Inside the station office (accessed through the main building or outside): four PC units, jackets, file containers, some electronics.
  • Inside the booth: some tool boxes.

2. Shop IDEA

A cheap DIY furniture store inspired by a Swedish company (guess which one …) *. As you would expect from this type of store, there is a lot of industrial / hardware mining inside.

Location – North part of the shopping center, on the 1st floor, southwest of the power plant. IDEA is marked as “2” on our map.

Possible loot:

  • Numerous rare spawns (including lion and cat statues) are scattered across shelves in the common area.
  • Numerous free tool boxes and industrial items.
  • 20 cash registers (IDEA checkout key appears on the bus, which is parked north of IDEA; find it in one of the front seats).
  • Inside the warehouse: electronics and industrial goods.
  • In the office area: PC blocks, technological items and a case for things.

3. OLI

OLI home furnishings store, modeled after two real-life home improvement retailers (logo inspired by one and the color scheme by another, guess which; hint: one German and the other French). This place is a great source of all kinds of building materials you need for your Vault, so it’s worth checking out.

Location – South part of the shopping center, on the 1st floor, to the north-west of the EMERCOM checkpoint. OLI is marked as “3” on our map.

Possible loot:

  • All types of construction / industrial / technical materials and equipment (hoses, propane cylinders, car batteries, gas analyzers, etc.)
  • 18 cash registers (OLI cash register key is hidden inside the OLI logistics office in the western part of the store).
  • PC blocks in OLI offices (keys required to access some of them: key to OLI administrator office and key to OLI logistics office).

4. Goshan

Inspired by a real-life hypermarket chain owned by a particular French multinational retail group, Goshan is the largest store in the Ultra mall (and as such, it is the best place to boost your attention level if you have the key to Goshan’s checkout lines). If you are out for groceries, this is the place to go; and if you look more closely, you can also find some rare and valuable items.

Location – Western part of the Ultra shopping center, on the 1st floor (right from the main entrance to the shopping center). Goshan is marked as “4” on our map.

Possible loot:

  • In front of the store: spawns a variety of food items on the shelves, including Stew.
  • 27 cash registers for looting (locked: they require a key from Goshan’s cash registers, which can be found at the Customs office – inside the white bus that was used as a checkpoint, next to the “new” gas station).
  • Several boxes of weapons are scattered throughout the store and its warehouse.
  • Inside the lockers: rare items spawn, including bitcoins, gold chains, and a gold Roler Submariner watch.
  • Tech items appear on shelves at the back of the store (car batteries, gunpowder, screwdrivers, spark plugs, etc.).


KIBA Weapon Shop … the dream of any PMC and Scav. It is filled to the brim with guns, mounts / mods, and other military gear. As you would expect from such a Holy Grail among the shops, these are almost always heavily contested territories, and squad gunfights stop in its area during almost every raid (if you’re looking for a brawl, this is where you’ll find it the fastest).

You need two keys to access the store:

  • Key to KIBA store outlet – The key appears in the Goshan store in one of the camps (on the book, behind the tent).
  • Key to KIBA Outlet grate door – opens the shop’s latticed door; the only way to get this key is to complete the “The Gunsmith – Part 11” quest given by the Engineer (or it can be bought at the Flea Market).

Note: Be aware that the Scav Killa Boss patrols this common area frequently (along the escalators).

Location – Central part of the shopping center, on the 1st floor. Go straight from the main entrance, past the Brutal store – KIBA – the first store on the left in the right corridor. It is marked as “5” on our map.

Possible loot:

  • Possible weapon spawns (AK-74N, M4A1, shotguns, pistols).
  • Lots of weapon spawns and mods spawn on shelves and inside cabinets.
  • The grenades are in the box next to the counter.
  • A cabinet with weapons, two cash registers, free money and two boxes of weapons.
  • Armor and helmets may appear (Sphere-C helmet, IOTV Gen4 body armor and others).

6. Generic

This abandoned store was fortified during the evacuation of the Emergencies Ministry from Tarkov, and now, although previously looted when the riots broke out, it is a surprisingly good source of loot because the peacekeeping forces left some of their equipment behind as they left the site. Due to Generic’s proximity to the KIBA store, it is advisable to be extremely careful when looting this place.

Note: Be aware that the Scav Killa Boss patrols this common area frequently (along the escalators).

Location – On the 1st floor of the mall, next to the KIBA exit, next to the main south staircase. Generic is marked as “5” on our map.

Possible Loot:

  • A grenade spawns in a wooden crate near the Generic entrance, 3 weapon crates and a weapon cabinet inside the store, jewelry and rare items spawn in the backyard of the store.

7. Ministry of Emergency Situations

The Ministry of Emergency Situations medical unit is a great place if you need medical supplies but requires a key to the Ministry of Emergency Situations medical center. It can be found at Customs – in the back of an ambulance parked near the “new” gas station.

Location – On the 1st floor of a shopping center, near an open area in the northern part of the center. If you go through the main entrance, turn left after Praying Mantis, Ministry of Emergency Situations on the left. The Ministry of Emergency Situations on our map is marked with the number “7”.

Possible loot:

  • Lots of free medicine, 3 med packs, a jacket and a weapon box.

8. Mantis

During the evacuation of the Emergencies Ministry, this store was fortified and turned into a field hospital / infirmary. When the peacekeeping forces left the area, they left behind some of their medical supplies; some of them have not yet been collected, which means that the Mantis is still a good source of medicine.

Note: Be aware that the Scav Killa Boss patrols this common area frequently (along the escalators).

Location – On the 1st floor of the shopping center, in its central part, on the left side of the main corridor, northwest of KIBA. The praying mantis is marked as “8” on our map.

Possible Loot:

  • Three med packs, some loose items (including a possible gold chain on the shelf at the back of the store and some medical supplies), two jackets and a duffel bag.


A retail store owned by a multinational corporation for the design and manufacture of shoes, clothing and accessories, which is very popular in the Slavic countries (oh, these stereotypes). It is said that this is where the Scavs and PMC love to “buy” their “uniforms,” including the legendary Adik * tracksuit.

* The Ragman’s Quest, which requires you to destroy the Scav Killa boss 100 times, is loosely related to ADIK, as it rewards you with the aforementioned tracksuit.

Note: Be aware that the Scav Killa Boss patrols this common area frequently (along the escalators).

Location – 1st floor of the shopping center, northwest of the south escalator, in the same corridor as Generic and KINA Outlet, but on the other side. ADIK is marked as “9” on our map.

Possible Loot:

  • A crate of weapons, three jackets, a duffel bag and some free loot, including a possible hat, backpack, and armor (rare).

This concludes the guide and overview of the Interchange. This is not the most difficult map, but it will still take you a lot of time and kill a lot of nerves. If you want to facilitate your game and purchase powerful equipment in advance, then we offer you the services of the service, where you can always buy the desired game product at a bargain price.

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