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Escape from Tarkov: Factory Location Guide

Factory Basics

The Factory location is the smallest and most dynamic of all Escape from Tarkov maps. Here, many closed and semi-open areas open up with many elevated places (inside the Tarkovsky plant you should have eyes not only behind your head, but also on top of it), which contribute to the fast pace of close combat. For a long time, the plant was chemical and was illegally leased to the Terra Group. Later, when a conflict broke out in Escape from Tarkov, it was the site of numerous clashes between BEAR and USEC (as part of an industrial area, the Factory was of great strategic importance). After UN intervention, the factory premises were converted into EFT civilian shelters. Now these shelters are used mainly by the Scavs and PMC operators who still live in the city.

There are several things to expect from a Factory raid:
Due to the low player limit (max 6 PMC), chances are you will be alone against a team of 5; players line up in a 5-man queue if they want to farm Scavs easily (all they have to do is destroy one PMC and cover up the famous Wildlife respawn).

If you count 5 PMC bodies, it means that you are alone on the map and can farm freely. However, you should still be wary of Wild and Wild players that may appear later in the raid.

On a map as small as Factory, the spawn locations are close to each other. This means that you can be drained almost immediately after spawning; be on top from the start and don’t loot anything, instead move faster (yes, there are currently more than 6 spawn locations, which makes them safer, but many players know them all and they will follow you right from the start).Enclosed areas encourage camping.

Don’t be surprised if you get shot after entering a room or just at the door. Fortunately, popular camping sites are pretty easy to learn and avoid / clean up.

Factory Map

There are surprisingly many interesting places to explore the Tarkovsky plant, especially if you enjoy being shot at from almost every corner of the map; here are some of the most interesting places (including possible loot).

1. Offices in the location of the Factory

It was here that the employees of the Plant lived. As is often the case in office spaces scattered around Tarkov, there may be something of value here. Unfortunately, the door to this office has already been broken open, which most likely means that any secret Terra Group documents that were here are already gone. In addition, the Wilds are known to use the office window as an escape route from the Factory (the Office window is a Wildlife loot point only). You will often encounter other players in this area due to its central location.

Location – The third level of the factory (up the stairs in the northern part of the PvE / Container room). First door on the left. The office is marked “1” on the map.

Possible Loot: A safe under a chair near the entrance to the room, two down jackets on the left side of the entrance, and two File containers in the far corner of the room. In addition, there is an Armor spawn on File Containers.

2. Break-in room

A room next to the Factory office. The doors that lead to it are closed, but it is fashionable to break them (hence the nickname of the room – “Break-in room”). There isn’t much loot here, but this is a quest location. The premises are also directly connected to the office through the second door. Please note that if the doors of this room are broken open, it is possible that someone ambushed it inside (also, if you hear that the door has been forced open, this may indicate that someone is here). The corridor outside the burglary room is quite dangerous as players tend to walk through it.

Location – The third level of the Factory (up the stairs in the northern part of the PvE / Container room). The second door on the left of the Burglary Room is marked as “2” on our map.

Possible Loot: Some free loot on the shelf, mostly ammo.

3. Luggage storage

The Plant’s storage room, now used as a savage hideout due to its reinforced door. The Factory Key is required to access this area. As with most gated areas, the Lockbox has above average loot. This is a rather dangerous area because it is in the center of the Factory, and a corridor connects the PvE room with the engine room (via the Overpass).

Location – The third level of the Factory (up the stairs in the northern part of the PvE / Container room). Third door on the left. The luggage room is marked with a “3” on the map.

Possible Loot: Spawning weapons on the shelves to the left of the door (there used to be a bug that allowed you to jump over the wall when you were in the hallway, but this may have already been fixed), Car battery on a chair, Jacket that gives 3% the chance to spawn the room 204 key in the Dorm is always worth checking, and also spawns other keys (Factory Custom Zone Portable Cabin Key) in the jacket indicated.

4. Shower room

Factory sanitary zone. This is where ordinary factory workers don their uniforms and shower after their shift to wash off the chemicals after a hard day’s work. It is divided into three sub-zones:

Lockers (northern part, and the first one you enter if you go from the Overpass side).
Souls (middle part).
Shells (southern part of the area, and the first one you will get into if you use the stairs inside the PvE / Container room).
Location – Second floor of the Factory, above the PvE / Container room and below the Factory office. The shower room is shown as 4 on our map.

Possible loot: Honey items. assignments spawn in lockers, West Wing Key 306 inside one of the lockers (the middle locker on the north wall, to be precise), weapons and ammo / honey items. appointments appear in one of the lockers on the Sinks side, the key to the door that opens the pumping station inside the Factory, spawns on a bench inside the locker room.

5. Generators

One of the main rooms inside the Tarkovsky chemical plant complex, named after two large “generators” in the center. Much like the PvE / Container Room, this area offers some ground-level cover and a lot of climbing opportunities, including rafters that can be accessed through the Overpass (through the office area). There are several spawns around this area (as is almost everywhere on the map), so you must be in a quandary from the start if you spawn here.

Location – One of the main factory hangars located below the office area, next to the main factory exit (in the room where the pumping station is located). The generators are marked on the map as “5”.

Possible loot: Weapon boxes at ground level (in fairly open places, looting from without cover is usually a very bad idea), a gas analyzer and other items are in the Pumping Station room.

6. The main hall of the Factory

The plant’s main hall, easily recognizable by the three large bunkers at ground level. There are many elevated areas in this area, including silo roofs, catwalks, and Overpasses, which makes it very dangerous (you just can’t observe all the corners at the same time, and the probability of getting shot here is incredibly high), but you will also find quite a few in this location places for an ambush. The metal staircase leading down from the overpass is often called a “stripper”.

Location – Between PvE / Container areas and Generators, at the Factory level. The main hall is marked with the number “6” on the map.

Possible loot: Armor spawn behind the exit from the Overpass (left) and the second one in the blue container next to the “stripper” ladder, the backpack spawn on the rafters (above the southernmost bunker), Jackets are also in the “stripper” zone; under the stairs are two Weapon Crates close to the stairs already named.

7. PvE room or Container room

This area owes its name to the fact that you will always spawn here if you are queuing for a single player raid (this mechanism makes it harder to explore spawns as you cannot simply enter and exit a PvE raid multiple times to determine the spawn location ). This is one of the most open places in the Factory. On the ground floor, there are several blue containers that offer some cover (and have some loot inside them), as well as a few small obstacles that you can hide behind you. If you are climbing stairs, you can reach the second level or even climb the rafters. The rafters offer excellent viewpoints that extend out over the entire area, but you are quite vulnerable when standing on them. In the southern part of the area there are locked doors (Factory key required) with a loot point behind them.

Location – One of the main factory hangars, located on the floor of the showers and office area. The PvE Room / Container Room are marked as “7” on the map.

Possible loot: Some free loot, boxes with weapons at ground level (in unprotected places it is dangerous to loot them), armor appears in the northernmost Blue container. Weapon boxes climb the stairs leading to the office area (and to the “stage”). Some loot (including rare items) spawns on shelves in the office hallway on the second floor (one of the shelves also has a chance to spawn weapons).

These are the main places on the Factory map that you should look into. The Factory may not be the most difficult location in the game, but you cannot go to conquer it without proper weapons and uniforms. You can buy all this in the online service RPGcash, where the best prices and the highest quality service are available.

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