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EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide: Killa

In Escape from Tarkov, facing off against formidable foes like Killa requires careful planning and strategic execution. As one of the most challenging bosses in the game, Killa’s heavily armored presence demands a methodical approach. To emerge victorious against this formidable adversary, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of combat, utilize effective tactics. In this Tarkov boss guide: Killa, we’ll explore the best strategies to take down Killa, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the intense battle that lies ahead.

Tarkov Boss Guide: Killa

Gear up

Ensure you have appropriate gear, including armor-piercing ammunition, grenades, and medical supplies. Killa’s has 70 XP in his head and a 4th class helmet with a visor of 6. Accordingly, we need a caliber, at least punching class 4 and preferably having 70 damage and above. The easiest and most convenient option is 7.62x54R PS and BT. Also, 12.7×55 mm caliber, PS12B ammo. And we recommend to use ASh-12 12.7×55 assault rifle and SVDS 7.62x54R Sniper rifle.


Killa can be found on the Interchange location. In the IDEA, OLI and Goshan stores. Around the center stores on the first and second floor of the mall.


Aim for Killa’s unarmored areas, such as the legs or face, as his armor is heavily fortified. Armor-piercing rounds are essential for penetrating his armor effectively. We’ll search for Killa using grenades, smoke, and flashbulbs—anything throwable and cost-effective. Carefully, we’ll aim and shoot him in the helmet. In urgent situations, shooting him in the neck is an option, but the chances of success are low. 

Killa reloads rapidly, leaving minimal opportunity to attack him during this brief window. Instead, maintain distance and wait for opportune moments to strike. If he’s in a corner shooting, it’s best to wait for him to move or throw grenades to flush him out. Killa has a unique voice and a wide radius for grenades, so we’ll always throw them around his spawn center. However, be aware of nuances in his grenade responses. Sometimes, he may yell at a grenade without you hearing his lines, especially if he’s far away or on a different floor. Additionally, his responses have a cooldown of 30-40 seconds, so it’s best to wait and throw another grenade for assurance. 


EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Killa

Let’s begin at Idea’s main entrance and head upstairs. Throw a grenade into the food court and quickly move to a distant location. From there, we can take shots at Killa from a safe distance, aiming carefully for his head. If he’s not there, he might be near the cash desks, so toss another grenade by the cash register.

Another approach is to enter from the side of the power plant. Ascend and enter Idea, scanning for Killa from behind cover. Proceed cautiously, checking corners, and toss a grenade into the center. Then peek through the hole to see if he’s hiding under the footcourt before throwing another grenade and checking the center again.


EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Killa

Proceed through Goshan and carefully scan the area. Toss a grenade into the depths as Killa may be lurking there, although it’s uncommon. Then ascend the escalator, turning right immediately. Use grenades to clear your path as you advance.


EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Killa

When entering OLI, proceed cautiously. Consider tossing a grenade upon entry, although Killa’s presence may not be immediately apparent. He often positions himself near the high shelves. 

Alternatively, you can access OLI from the Emercom. If you enter from the main entrance, be careful climbing the stairs. Be sure to throw the grenade deep and to the far side of OLI. Go up the escalator, Killa can stand right next to Techlight. Stay vigilant as you move through, checking common spots like the museum, pizza place, or diner. From the second floor throw a grenade, he may be standing right in the center. Also, he can be on the second floor next to the flowerbed near the Underway.

In conclusion, taking down Killa in Escape from Tarkov requires careful planning, strategic positioning, and quick reflexes. By utilizing the tactics outlined in this Tarkov boss guide: Killa, you can increase your chances of successfully defeating this formidable opponent and claiming valuable loot. Remember to stay vigilant, adapt to the situation, and make use of grenades and other resources to gain the upper hand. With practice and perseverance, you’ll become more adept at confronting Killa and emerging victorious in your Tarkov raids. Good luck, and may your journeys through Tarkov be both challenging and rewarding!

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