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EFT | Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024

EFT | Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024

Welcome to the Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024, your comprehensive resource for mastering the art of currency acquisition in Escape from Tarkov. This guide is your key to unlocking financial success in the brutal and challenging world of Tarkov. Join us as we delve into effective strategies, lucrative locations, and essential tips to ensure you emerge as a wealthy and formidable operator in the Tarkov region. Get ready to amass roubles and secure your financial future in the heart of the conflict zone. Let the roubles roll in!

Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024

Explore the new territory

A recent addition to the shoreline has opened up new opportunities for loot. So we won’t pinpoint the exact location of each valuable item, allowing you to explore and discover it within 15 minutes. But the approach is straightforward—walk around, carefully inspecting pallets and corners. Don’t miss the two large storehouses, where you can find valuable technical loot and electronics. Thoroughly check containers, portable buildings, tables, and the floor for modules or other valuable items.

Moreover, once you’re done looting, you can easily locate a car nearby. For guidance, consult the map. The new area is the smuggler’s path, and the car is at Shoreline V-Ex EP.

Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024

The Lighthouse and the Village

Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024

You’re already familiar with the second method of farming—the lighthouse and the village. Explore every house and technical box meticulously. The crucial step is to invest in a key for the hillside house, which is currently very affordable and will quickly pay off after the first use. Using this method, you can discover valuable items and jewelry. Naturally, the most optimal approach is to carry out this farming activity in suitable regions.

The Streets of Tarkov

The third option involves exploring the streets of Tarkov. The relaxation room key is very affordable, and there’s a high probability of finding a valuable item like Bitcoin, worth around 600 thousand. It’s not about looting that specific room, but rather strategically planning your route to include it during your travels. So, explore all the buildings systematically, preferably not during quests. Also, the theater is a great spot with numerous tech boxes and bags, usually devoid of other players. Nearby, there’s a restaurant with various items like bags, spoons, jewelry, and food. Additionally, another location is close to Beluga, resembling a bank with plenty of file cabinets—often overlooked by others.

While it might seem risky, many players have already completed quests there, making it a relatively safe area with unclaimed loot. However, the key to successful and efficient farming is staying flexible—change your route if you hear gunfire. This adaptability ensures you can swiftly adjust to dynamic situations and maximize your farming efforts.

In summary, becoming proficient in the craft of roubles farming in Escape from Tarkov involves strategic planning and efficient looting. By prioritizing these aspects, you can effortlessly amass Roubles, elevating your overall Tarkov experience. Tailor this Tarkov roubles farming guide 2024 to suit your playstyle, witnessing a flourishing financial standing in the unforgiving world of Escape from Tarkov. Alternatively, if you prefer to skip the grind, consider Tarkov boosting services from BoostingExperts. Entrusting our professional team ensures all tasks are handled for you. Best of luck, and happy hunting!

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