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EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Goons

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide: Goons

In the treacherous landscape of Escape from Tarkov, facing off against bosses like the Goons can be a daunting task. In our Tarkov Boss Guide: Goons, we delve into the tactics and strategies you need to confront these formidable bosses. Our guide will equip you with the skills and insights necessary to emerge victorious against the Goons and claim valuable loot. Join us as we explore the intricacies of battling these powerful foes and navigate the perilous world of Escape from Tarkov.

Tarkov Boss Guide: Goons

Three unique bosses, each with their own weaponry, equipment, and distinct appearance, roam together as a formidable trio. Should you manage to eliminate one, it’s wise to refrain from looting immediately. Instead, exercise caution and await the arrival of the remaining two, as they swiftly rush to their fallen comrade’s aid.

Big Pipe

Let’s talk about the first boss, Big Pipe. He’s a tough guy with a lot of health, about 910 points. You can recognize him by his beard and the black bandana on his head. Sometimes he carries a pipe, which you can use if you find it. By the way, the pipe is not always spawned. His main weapons are an assault rifle called SIG MCX, a Remington model 870 shotgun, and a Colt pistol with a big magazine. Sometimes he might have a grenade launcher too, either FN-40GL or М32А1 MSGL with a drum. He wears special armor that’s really tough to find elsewhere. He likes to use special bullets that can trace and pierce armor. His shotguns are good against unarmored enemies but not so great against armored ones. He’s always with his friend Death Knight.

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Goons
EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Goons


This boss stands out because of his skull mask, which looks really awesome. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anywhere. The mask provides basic protection, enough to stop small things like pellets, but not much else. He’s the toughest boss in this trio, with 1120 health points. Like the first boss, he wears special armor that you can’t find on the market. His favorite weapon is usually the MK-17 or sometimes the MDR, both using 7.62×51 ammo. He might also have a Glock 18C or 17 with an extended magazine. His guns usually use M-62 tracer bullets, but sometimes he uses M-61 armor-piercing rounds.


Now, let’s talk about the third boss. He’s got 795 health points. This guy’s the sniper of the group, so he’s super dangerous. The scary thing about him is that he moves quietly, so you might not even hear him coming. Plus, he’s really good at picking you off from a distance. Sometimes he’ll infect you like the other bosses, but other times he’ll just hide and wait for you to peek out from cover, then shoot you right away. As for his gear, he usually doesn’t wear any armor. He always carries a unique chest rig and backpack, but the backpack doesn’t seem to serve much purpose. His weapons of choice are usually the M700 or RSASS sniper rifles, along with a Beretta pistol. His sniper rifles are usually loaded with armor-piercing bullets, either 61s or 993s. The MPX is loaded with high-penetration A1 bullets, and the Beretta usually has PST bullets. Keep in mind, though, that his ammo might vary, so it’s best to stay cautious.

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Goons


EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Goons

So, where can you find these bosses? There are four possible locations: the Shoreline, the Woods, the Lighthouse, and Customs. The chance of encountering them varies: 5% on the Shoreline, 5% in the Woods, 7% at the Lighthouse, and 2% at Customs. Keep in mind that these percentages might change over time, so it’s best not to rely too heavily on them. The bosses move between these locations, so if you encounter them at one spot, you won’t find them elsewhere. 


In the lighthouse, they can appear in two places. The first is Tarkov Hills Grand Chalet, exactly in this square by this building. They walk up and down the street there. Naturally, not in the middle, standing in a circle, but they hide behind the buildings in the bushes and so on.
The second place is water treatment plant. And this place in their route is most likely fully laid out. As in the beginning on the steps to the base after passing the bridge, and in the middle of the base at the helicopter, and at the end at the far hangar. 


Now, let’s talk about the Woods. There are also two spawn points here, but they’re very close together, just across the road from each other. One is near a bunker with an antenna, and the other is by a temporary structure. This area is also where you’ll find a column needed for Prapor’s quest. Be cautious in this area, especially if you have a quest involving the column, as the sniper can start shooting unexpectedly, even from hidden spots. They usually spawn between the gym and the library, but if someone has already agitated them and died, they can appear anywhere in that sector, including the lab or the simulator.


In Customs, they always spawn between the gym and the library, or the lab, as it’s sometimes called. They exclusively spawn in this area. However, if someone has agitated them and died, they can appear anywhere in this sector, including the lab or the simulator. Keep this in mind; if they’re not between the simulator and the lab, they could be in the simulator, the lab, or behind the simulator, near the railroad.


And the shore. There’s only one spawn here. It’s a weather station on the hill. There’s no other points.


EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Goons

Have you tried shooting from a distance? Even if you manage to take down one, the others will quickly retaliate. They’ll either start shooting or charge towards you from different angles, using cover to their advantage. You can also storm them, but it’s nearly impossible. With three of them spread out, you’re outnumbered and outgunned. They’ll catch you off guard and take you down swiftly. The only effective tactic, for now, is patience. When they spot you, take cover and wait for them to approach. Then, ambush them one by one as they come into view. This strategy works especially well against the sniper boss, who may also rush towards you, giving you an opportunity to take him down.

The most effective method is to engage the bosses, inflicting some damage to provoke them into attacking you. Then, take cover and wait for them to come to you. By using this tactic, you can disperse them easily. While it may not always be without consequences, it’s possible to take down all three bosses this way.

In conclusion, facing the trio of bosses known as the Goons in Escape from Tarkov requires careful planning and strategy. With this Tarkov Boss Guide: Goons you’ll understand their spawn locations, behaviors, and preferred tactics. Moreover, you can increase your chances of success in encountering and defeating them. Each boss presents unique challenges and threats, making it essential to adapt your approach accordingly. Whether you choose to engage from a distance or wait for them to come to you, patience and precision are key. With the right tactics and preparation, you can emerge victorious against the formidable Goons and claim valuable rewards in the unforgiving streets of Tarkov.

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