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EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Shturman

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide: Shturman

Welcome to the Tarkov Boss Guide: Shturman, where we delve into the tactics and strategies needed to take down the formidable bosses of Escape from Tarkov. In this installment, we’ll be focusing on Shturman, a notorious boss known for his deadly accuracy and cunning tactics. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Tarkov’s challenges, join us as we uncover the secrets to defeating Shturman and claiming victory in the harsh wilderness of Tarkov. If you want to skip this fight, you can buy Tarkov Boosting from BoostingExperts.

Tarkov Boss Guide: Shturman

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Shturman

Shturman and his guards spawn at the sawmill situated near the large lake in the southern region of the Woods location. Before engaging Shturman, certain conditions must be met. Firstly, the Shturman and his guards possess 62 health units in their heads. Hence, you’ll need ammunition capable of eliminating them with a single shot to prevent them from alerting others about your presence. Additionally, any nearby bots should also be taken out with a single shot if possible. While not mandatory, failure to do so increases the risk of detection. Equally important is the necessity of using a weapon equipped with a silencer, as it is crucial for stealth operations. 

Furthermore, if you’ve heard noises near the sawmill in the forest, it’s best to avoid engaging there. When Shturman becomes highly aggressive and can target you from great distances. This strategy is viable only if you reach the sawmill before Shturman becomes agressive. Head towards the sawmill located on the left side, with the USEC checkpoint to your right.

Tactical Approaches

Tactics for offline mode

This tactic focuses on eliminating him from close range while securing a favorable position. Near the covered hangar, there are bushes where you should position yourself. Move cautiously to avoid catching the attention of Shturman or his guards who might appear in this area. Take aim carefully and shoot when you have a clear shot. Afterwards, head towards the open hangar and locate the first guard, who could be hiding behind or between the boards and logs. Proceed to eliminate him. Then, position yourself near the chair to target the second guard who is likely concealed in the bushes. If he’s not visible, adjust your angle slightly. If you can’t spot him from this position, return to where you killed the first guard and shoot from behind the planks. This method is effective in most cases, although there’s a chance the guards may swap positions.

So, after eliminating one guard, another may take their place in the same spot. This allows you to maintain your position in the bushes and take out the guards as they appear. However, it’s worth noting that Shturman or other guards may not always be in the bushes. They could be positioned between the logs or even inside the hangar. Additionally, there’s a rare chance that Shturman might take a seat in unexpected locations, such as on the corner or beside certain objects. So, while this strategy works most of the time, be prepared for variations in their positions.

Tactics for online mode

We lie in the bushes and take down Shturman, but we need to relocate briefly to avoid detection by his guards. After waiting for about 30 seconds and not seeing the guards, we return to our spot. Once back, we spot a guard near the closed hangar. Although we miss the first shot, we’re fortunate he doesn’t retaliate. We wait to see if another guard takes the previous one’s place. If not, we can approach the hangar and eliminate him as shown earlier. Now, we wait for the guard to stop moving before taking our shot. Similarly, we check if the navigator is between the logs. Once we confirm his position, we patiently wait for him to settle down before taking the shot. After dealing with the guards, we loot them and head towards the southern checkpoint to exit the area.

In conclusion, taking down Shturman in Escape from Tarkov requires patience, precision, and careful planning. By following the strategies outlined in Tarkov boss guide: Shturman, you can increase your chances of successfully eliminating him and his guards while minimizing the risk to yourself. Remember to stay vigilant, adapt to changing circumstances, and make use of cover and stealth to outmaneuver your enemies. With practice and persistence, you’ll become more adept at confronting formidable foes like Shturman in the unforgiving wilderness of Tarkov.

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