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The Finals League Guide: 10 Tips To Dominate

Are you ready to ascend through the ranks in The Finals like a pro? In The Finals League Guide we’ll provide you with valuable insights, strategies and tips. They’ll definitely secure your spot at the top of the leaderboard. Whether you’re a rookie looking to enhance your skills or an experienced player aiming for number one position. The Finals League Guide is your key to success.

What is a Ranked Tournament?

The Finals Landscape 2

Ranked Tournament is a Cashout mode. It is a key component of the game’s core gameplay. Teams of three players are grouped together to participate in a ranked tournament. They face off against four distinct teams in four rounds. This arrangement results in a total of 48 players partaking in ranked matches. Throughout each round of a Ranked Tournament, these four teams battle to locate cashboxes. They safeguard them and subsequently deposit them into vaults. The team that accumulates the most cash by the conclusion of the designated number of rounds emerges as the victor. This team is declared the winner of the Ranked Tournament.

10 Tips on How to Rank Up in The Finals

1. Assemble a balanced team

A team consisting of similar classes, such as 3-Lights or Heavy, will be much less effective than a more balanced team with several different classes. The strongest class combinations at the moment are Heavy-Medium-Light and Heavy-Medium-Medium. Use that to get an advantage even before the game starts.

2. Choose the right weapons and gadgets.

When loading a match, you can see the name of the map in the upper left corner. Based on this, focus on what weapons and gadgets may be useful to you on the specific map. In Monaco, you will need more destruction tools, while in Seol, you need more movement tools. Also, have in mind what your teammates already took into the match, you can see it by pressing the J button or Toggle Team Loadouts in the bottom left corner.

3. Use communication tools.

Go to Settings -> Audio -> Activate Enable Voice Chat -> On. After this, at the beginning of the match, press the K key to activate voice chat. If your teammates follow the same procedure, you will have an active voice chat in the game. Also, when you click on the mouse wheel, you can activate the command wheel to give more precise instructions to your team without voice chat.

The Finals 3 Tip

4. Assist your allies.

The Finals 4 tip

The game is focused on teamwork, so it will be very difficult to capture a point in the minority. Allies’ health bars are always shown in the lower left corner of the screen. If your ally starts taking damage, it’s a good idea to give him support if it’s possible at the moment. If your ally is knocked out, it is better to leave the bank, take his figurine to a secluded place, and revive him. Attacking with a full team will be much easier than defending without a teammate.

5. Control enemy figurines.

After neutralizing an enemy, a rebirth figurine remains in its place. You can also understand which team the eliminated opponent was from by the color of the figure, it always matches the color of the team. Most likely, rivals will try to grab it and take it to a secluded place in order to revive their ally. Control the situation around your opponents’ statues, this will help you make a team wipe and capture the bank easily.

The Finals 5 Tip

6. Use teamwipe mechanics.

The Finals 6 tip

After a team wipe, the team respawns after 30 seconds. The respawn timer is always visible in the upper left corner of the screen. If there are captured points on the map, the command is to respawn near one of them according to the following principle:
1) If 1 point is captured on the map, all teams will respawn near it.
2) If 2 points are captured on the map, 2 teams will spawn near one point and 2 near the other.
If you are reborn near a point and see that the opponents defending it are too tough for you, it makes sense to relocate to a distant point. But keep in mind that there will most likely be 2 teams already fighting there. Plan your attack so as not to get between them.

7. Control the high ground.

A huge advantage is given to the team that occupies positions on top, so when attacking and attacking, try to take a position on top. If the enemy team holds the bank and has barricaded all the entrances, in most situations it will be more advantageous to break the ceiling above them than the floor below them.

The Finals 7 tip

8. Learn your opponents.

The Finals 8 tip

By pressing Tab during a match, you can get a lot of useful information about your opponents. Next to each player’s nickname his class is indicated: H – Heavy, M – Medium, L – Light. If you see that your opponents play for light and Medium, it will be correct to play on points in enclosed spaces, and vice versa, if your opponents have one or two Heavies, play around more open points. Also, pay attention to the number of revival coins your opponents have; it is displayed in the table after the player’s amount of revives, you can see a coin icon next to it. If you eliminated an opponent who has 0 revive coins left, it would be a great idea to pay extra attention to his figurine, since there is a high probability that his team will try to revive him.

9. Use environment objects.

There are always a huge number of goo barrels, smoke barrels, gas barrels, and explosive barrels scattered across the maps. Smoke barrels are good for covering your attack, gas barrels for pushing the enemy out of occupied positions, and explosive ones for destroying enemy fortifications and locations around the point. Use them when attacking and be prepared for your opponent to use them too. If you are on defense and have some time before attacking, move all the barrels closer to you so that the enemy cannot use them. Also pay attention to the inflatable cubes hanging in the air: each of them has a picture of which barrels are inside. Shoot the cube and several barrels will fall out of it, which you can use when attacking or defending.

10. Rig the game.

Always remember: only the 2 teams with the most points advance to the next round. If you are in first place in points and there are a couple of minutes left in the match, think about which of the opposing teams is the most inconvenient for you and focus on preventing that team from advancing further. Help the weaker team advance, then it will be much easier for you to reach the final and win.

Bonus tips:

1) Use all methods to manage your game points to win a round: you can get 1,000 for picking the vault even if you don’t need to bring it to a bank. Teamwipe is always -30% of all stored points, use it against high-scored teams and avoid it against you by any means.
2) The number of Fame Points for a tournament is affected by where you finish each match round of the tournament. For a tournament in which you always took first place, you will receive more points than for a tournament.

With these 10 tips in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to dominating The Finals League. Remember that the key to success is continuous learning and adaptation. Keep honing your skills, and soon you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in The Finals. Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!

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