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How to get Gold in Tarisland

How to get Gold in Tarisland Guide

Tarisland is a vast and enchanting world filled with countless adventures, treasures, and opportunities waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned adventurer, having a substantial amount of Gold in your inventory is essential for making the most out of your journey. Gold is the currency that fuels your progression, unlocks new features, and equips you with the tools you need to succeed in this captivating realm. In this guide, we will walk you through various strategies and methods to accumulate Gold in Tarisland.

Tarisland Currency System


Before we delve into the topic of quick money-making in Tarisland, let’s first acquaint you with the in-game currency system. Tarisland features two distinct types of currency:

  • Silver Coins
  • Gold Coins

As you might expect, Silver Coins are relatively easier to come by and are typically used for everyday expenses like acquiring gear, buying mounts, and similar items. In contrast, Gold Coins are significantly harder to obtain, and there are fewer methods available for quick farming gold in Tarisland.

Top Strategies for Earning Gold in Tarisland

1. Daily Quests

Tarisland introduces the concept of daily quests into its gameplay. Completing these daily quests is an integral part of your in-game journey, offering rewards in the form of various resources, items, and Gold Coins. However, it’s important to note that this method might not be the most profitable.

This is because these quests can only be accomplished once daily, and the quantity of Gold Coins awarded is relatively modest. In reality, focusing on resource gathering and trading is a more efficient means of accumulating gold, requiring less time investment.

Nonetheless, daily quests should not be disregarded entirely. Over time, they can still contribute significantly to your gold reserves, so they remain a decent method for gold farming in Tarisland.

2. Crafting Items

Crafting is an effective method to farm gold in Tarisland. The process involves gathering resources and refining them to create valuable items. The concept is quite simple: level up a chosen profession, gather the necessary resources, craft popular items, and then sell them for profit. To maximize your gold-earning potential, it’s advisable to focus on the Artisan or Alchemy professions.

Here’s a handy tip to save Vigor while still earning Gold Coins:

  • Create a new character and account.
  • Place a trade offer at the Auction using your primary character to sell raw materials like ore and herbs.
  • Purchase these materials with your new account.
  • Switch to a different character to regain full Vigor and utilize it to craft items using the materials obtained from your main character.

This way, you can conserve Vigor for resource gathering on one character and use it for crafting when playing another character.

3. Resource Gathering

Resource gathering emerges as the prime method for amassing wealth in Tarisland. While resources themselves don’t directly bring Gold Coins, you can sell them to other players via the in-game Auction. It’s worth noting that Tarisland lacks a player-to-player trading system, restricting transactions to the Auction. All items available there are purchasable using Gold Coins.

To engage in resource gathering, you must first choose a profession from the following options:

  • Forge
  • Jewelry
  • Tailor
  • Alchemist
  • Artisan

Profession names provide a good idea of the resources you’ll be collecting. For example, selecting Forge will enable you to gather various ores used in crafting equipment pieces. Opting for Alchemist allows you to collect a variety of herbs for crafting potions or direct sale on the Auction.

Resource collection has been streamlined by the developers, eliminating the need to search for the best Tarisland gold farming spots in the open world. Resources spawn in specific, marked locations on your map. You can easily navigate to these spots to gather the resources you require.

However, keep in mind that gathering any resource consumes 3 Vigor points. This means your capacity to collect herbs, ores, or other materials is somewhat limited. Considering the time it takes to restore even 1 Vigor, it’s essential to use it judiciously, as you’ll need it for crafting purposes later on.

Tarisland Gold Farming: Tips & Strategies

Now that you’ve grasped the most effective gold farming methods in Tarisland, here are some general tips and strategies:

  • Unlock Waypoints. To simplify your journey, prioritize unlocking waypoints. These waypoints enable swift travel across the world, saving you valuable time. Don’t miss any waypoints along your path.
  • Prioritize Raid Bosses. When it comes to raid bosses, striving to be among the first to defeat them can bring significant Gold Coins. While this is a challenging feat, especially early on, a well-coordinated group of players can achieve it. 
  • Utilize Mounts. Tarisland provides a diverse selection of mounts. These mounts come with distinctive abilities and increase your movement speed, allowing you to traverse the world more efficiently.
  • Focus on Dungeons and Raid Bosses. Tarisland stands out by emphasizing dungeon runs and raid boss battles over traditional mob farming. Gear up and level through dungeons and raids. This shift is central to Tarisland’s gameplay, so prioritize it over purchasing items from the Auction using Gold Coins.

In conclusion, gold farming in Tarisland may require some effort, but with the right methods and strategies, you can accumulate wealth and enhance your gaming experience. Whether you prefer resource gathering, completing daily quests, or engaging in dungeons and raid boss battles, there are multiple paths to prosperity in this dynamic world. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, Tarisland Boosting by BoostingExperts is here to help you.

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