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The Finals Guide: Best Strategy Tips

The Finals Guide: Best Strategy Tips

Welcome to The Finals Strategy Guide your comprehensive playbook for mastering strategic gameplay in intense competition. Whether you’re a seasoned contender or a newcomer gearing up for the finals. The Finals Strategy Guide is go-to resource for refining your tactics, outsmarting opponents, and achieving victory.

The Finals Strategy Guide

Pivotal aspects

The essence of success lies in how we control the pace of the game, especially as a unified team. Effective pacing distinguishes a strong team from a weaker one, making objectives, particularly vaults and cashouts. Vaults represent in-game goals, and once secured, the next step is to relocate and execute a cashout. While it may seem straightforward, the challenge lies in maintaining the right pace to handle the chaos. Consider a scenario with a single cache contested by all four teams—12 players engaged in an all-out war for the objective. Avoiding such situations becomes crucial for each game, and this is a goal we consistently strive to achieve.

Swift action

The key strategy is swift action. Unlock the vault, quickly transfer it to the nearest or safest cash point, and fortify your position for the cash-out. Speed is crucial, aiming to be the first team to cash the vault on the map. This strategic move often leaves one or two teams on the other side of the map, defending against only three players during the cash-out. Efficiency is paramount, avoiding prolonged fights and unnecessary spots on the map in favor of focusing on objectives. It’s important to stay ahead in the cashout process. 


The environment isn’t just for aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in shaping engagement outcomes. The ability to alter, destroy, or use the surroundings is powerful. Whether defending, attacking, retaking objectives, or in common situations. Mastering this feature can significantly increase your chances of victory. It’s about envisioning possibilities and reshaping the environment to echo your strategy. While we won’t delve into every small method in this guide, we’ll provide a foundational concept applicable in almost every game.

Think beyond the immediate. Don’t just focus on what’s in front of you. Consider how the environment can be altered to favor your strategy in fight planning. Whether creating a line of sight, a barrier, or diversion, it’s about leveraging destruction smartly. Instead of blindly charging in, size up your surroundings in most fights. Remember that strategic decisions can make a significant impact.

Distance and space control

It’s about anticipating enemy movements, understanding possible approach routes. And controlling space to give your team the upper hand. Striking the right balance between controlling maximum space and staying close enough to the cashout to deny the steal is crucial. Adaptation is key. Subtle adjustments and foresights can elevate defence from competent to formidable. Every decision regarding space and distance carries weight because opponents may become complacent after securing the vault or cash out, thinking the pressure is off. This is where speed and unpredictability shine. 

Swift positioning and effective gadget use set the stage for successful steals. Remember to strategize your attack or defence based on your powerful gadgets. Complacency is the enemy’s weakness, especially when they feel they’ve secured the objective. Take advantage of this moment with quick positioning and strategic gadget deployment to turn the tide. Many players struggle with rapid, unexpected retakes during defensive setups. That’s your opportunity. 

In the intense battleground of The Finals, strategic prowess is the linchpin that can turn the tide in your favor. In The Finals Strategy Guide we delved into the nuances of pacing, emphasizing the importance of swift movements to secure objectives efficiently. The delicate balance of controlling space while staying close enough to thwart steal attempts can be the defining factor between victory and defeat. The strategic insights shared in this guide are your arsenal for navigating the complexities of the game, making informed decisions, and emerging victorious in the high-stakes arena of competition. Good luck, and may your strategies pave the way to triumph in the finals!

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