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The Finals Best Light Build Guide

The Finals Best Light Build Guide

The Light Build in The Finals is known for its impressive agility and aggressiveness, focusing on movement speed and close-quarters combat. Despite having the lowest Health, Light builds offer versatility, allowing players to take on different roles. Adapt your strategy to the situation and become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Best Light Build Overview

The Finals Best Light Build Guide

Weapons: V9-S, M11, or XP-54

Gadgets: Breaching Charge, Glitch Grenade, Stun Gun, Frag Grenade and Pyro Grenade

Specialization: Cloaking Device or Evasive Dash


The best weapon for The Finals Light Build is the V9-S suppressed pistol. It excels in damage output and dominates close and mid-range engagements with minimal reload time. Additionally, consider these alternatives:

M11 SMG: A high-rate-of-fire SMG designed for close-quarters combat. It capitalizes on its rapid fire and quick reloads.

XP-54 SMG: A well-balanced SMG offering a blend of damage, fire rate, and accuracy. It’s suitable for various combat scenarios.

The Finals V9S


The Finals Stun Gun

Stun Gun: A non-lethal weapon firing a projectile that temporarily incapacitates enemies. It’s useful for creating opportunities to escape danger or revive fallen teammates.

Frag Grenade: A classic explosive that inflicts damage upon impact, affecting all within its blast radius.

Glitch Grenade: An effective tool for disabling enemy electronics, such as turrets and cameras, It causes disorientation to make foes more susceptible to attacks.


In The Finals, each class has three specializations tailored to different playstyles and game modes. The optimal Light Build includes the Cloaking Device, granting invisibility for strategic advantages such as flanking, escaping danger, and providing battlefield reconnaissance. Alternatively, for those favoring a brawler approach with precise aiming. The Evasive Dash specialization allows for dodging projectiles, quick enemy engagement, and timely escapes, with consideration for its short cooldown.

In short, the Light build in The Finals excels in speed and aggression, serving as a powerful option for both solo and team play. Focused on swift movement and close-quarters combat, Light builds can take on various roles like flanker or scout. Picking the right weapons, gadgets, and specializations, enhances your gameplay and aids your team’s success. Adjust your loadout based on your playstyle and the game mode’s requirements. Mastering the Light build demands strategy, but the quick, decisive victories make it an exciting choice for players who love speed.

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