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Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide How to Find

Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide: How to Find

Welcome to the harsh and unpredictable landscapes of Escape from Tarkov! In our Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide, we’ll navigate you, uncovering the secrets to locating this essential item in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned PMC or a newcomer to Tarkov’s challenges, our guide will provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully find the Far Forward GPSA. Gear up, stay vigilant, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide

Alright, if you’re on the hunt for the Far Forward GPSA in Escape from Tarkov, you’re in the right place. This item is crucial for maxing out your hideout, reaching Intel Center level three, and unlocking solar power. But how to find Far Forward GPSA in Tarkov?

You won’t find Far Forward GPSA on the flea market, and Lightkeeper quests might not be an option yet. So, let’s focus on Labs. We’ll give you a quick rundown of various spawns and locations to help you on your quest.


Starting at the stairs, the cat office is on the left, the red key card room is on the right, and the office for the parking extract button is nearby. We’d recommend checking these areas, looking on the floor and tables, as rare item and electronic spawns might have what you need.

Conference Room

Our initial recommendation is to check conference room area thoroughly. Look on the floor, inspect the tables, and search every corner. Essentially, explore anywhere that usually serves as a spawn point for rare items or electronics. 

Continue by checking the cat office. It’s a really good spot. Next, let’s head over to the office opposite the red key card room. Enter and pay attention to the ground, checking every corner, including these smaller offices and shelves. Make sure to inspect the shelves over here, too. You can find Far Forward GPSA on these shelves and on the floor in this area. It can become a fruitful spot for you. Keep your eyes open for rare spawns like the lion on this table. Enter the room, explore every corner, and remain vigilant.


Moving forward, let’s head to the office where the parking extract button is located. Check this area, including the table. Keep in mind that these locations are rare loot spawns, offering the potential for valuable items like big coins and LEDX. Once you’ve explored that space, head down the stairs into the parking garage.

Now, between this red car and the black car, right on the line, there’s a spawn for Far Forward GPSA

Dark Offices

Now, let’s proceed towards Dome, which is on the other side of the map. This area is highly populated, and while most of Labs is PvP-oriented, the center can be particularly challenging. Exercise caution as you navigate through here. Before we jump into that central area, let us point out a spawn over here. We’re uncertain if Far Forward GPSA spawn in these dark offices, but it’s worth checking around.

Move to the other dark office, and you can also inspect on top of these white crates for a potential spawn. Explore the dark offices, as there might be a spawn down here. Keep your eyes open and be observant.

Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide How to Find


Now, as we make our way to the center of the map near Dome, check this spot. Don’t forget to check the ground in this area as well. Moving on, examine the server racks on top of tables—scrutinize any tabletop or countertop for potential spawns. The weapon testing area requires a key for entry, accessible through either of the doors. There are spawns for both items inside. Continue exploring, checking tabletops, including the robotic arms area.

Ensure you check on top of these small white containers resembling medical boxes. These locations may contain rare items, offering potential spawns. As we navigate through the central area of the map, be vigilant and inspect every surface. Check on top of barrels, desks, and also be aware that this is a spawn point for black key cards.

Proceed to the manager’s office situated in the center, accessible through two different doors. Although I cannot confirm spawns, acquiring the inexpensive key is advisable for investigation. Additionally, there’s a potential key card spawn nearby. These are the main locations we recommend checking, providing a baseline for your search.

Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide How to Find

Keep your eyes open for electronic and high-value spawns while navigating the map. It’s crucial to be budget-conscious, especially in a highly populated area where other players may target you. Many players opt for budget loadouts like the SVT or AVT with good ammo. This Tarkov Far Forward GPSA Guide aims to help you start your search and gain a basic understanding of where to focus your attention on finding items for your hideout. If you want to skip grind, buy Tarkov Boosting from BoostingExperts. 

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