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EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Kollontay

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide: Kollontay

In the unforgiving and hostile world of Escape from Tarkov, surviving encounters with powerful bosses is crucial. One such formidable adversary is Kollontay, a ruthless boss known for her tactical prowess and heavily armed entourage. This Tarkov boss guide: Kollontay will provide you with valuable insights into Kollontay’s behavior, tactics, and recommended strategies to increase your chances of successfully overcoming this challenging opponent.


Kollontay formerly served as an officer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD). His colleagues regarded him as a sinister figure with behavior that instilled fear. During his work, he gained notoriety for employing a harsh method of interrogation involving a rubber baton. He formed a gang and ironically embraced the criminal activities he was once tasked with combating – engaging in looting and banditry.

Kollontay leads a modest group of guards, preferring a stationary position with occasional patrols of his territory. His residence is situated in the area of Klimov Shopping Mall and the Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Tarkov Boss Guide Kollontay

Grenade Usage and High-powered Ammunition

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Kollontay

Use a lot of grenades. And expect that Kollontay and his guards will use grenades during encounters. They may employ fragmentation or smoke grenades to disorient and eliminate players. Use weapon with optics, on the cartridge punching the 4th class, and the damage must be above 65. It’s better to take SR-25, MDR or SPD. 

Aggressive Patrolling in the Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

EFT | Tarkov Boss Guide Kollontay

Let’s talk about the Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It’s a new spot located between the river in the collector and the Pinewood Hotel. The boss usually hangs out inside the Academy and rarely steps outside.

There are two ways in: the main entrance and the back door. Going through the main entrance is almost a guaranteed death sentence, so our best bet is the back door. You can enter the building from the hotel side or from the river. The second option is better because you can toss a grenade right away.

You’re exposed under the windows, so hug the tent and throw the grenade under the building. Be careful and throw it away from the backdoor to avoid blowing yourself up. Open the door, clear the corridor, and take out all the targets.

The bots here are pretty passive and would rather take the hit from your grenade than try to escape it. So, make sure to throw your grenade accurately. While moving through, check all the spots. It’s not a good situation if they end up behind you. Stay alert!

Flanking and Ambush in the Klimov Shopping Mall

In the Klimov Shopping Mall, the boss doesn’t usually show up at the windows much. So, just run along the road quickly. But watch out, there’s often a gang behind those doors. They’re not great at seeing things, so you can run quietly and get a good spot if you hide behind the escalator.

The key is to try and shoot them from far away to get a quick win. Avoid getting under the glass panels between floors because the guards like to shoot through them. It’s easiest to shoot at the gang on the first floor and behind the column in the iPhone store. If there are no enemies on your floor, run to that staircase. Be careful; there might be enemies on the stairs too, so stay alert. Once upstairs, toss a grenade into the toilet; enemies often hang out there.

The slow reaction of the bots allows you to calmly take them all out. You can check the boss’s position in the far part by standing with your back to the column; the textures of cement bags will disappear, and you’ll see the enemies. However, shooting through them is tough because the bags don’t let bullets through, and there’s only a small part of the wall to shoot at while the enemies hide behind it. Run over to the push where we threw grenades and search the area. Then, toss a grenade to the left and head to the repair store. Throw another grenade and go to the corner, peeking out to find enemies. If you manage to kill at least one enemy from this spot, the boss’s whole gang will come after you. So, right after the kill, step back and get ready to face the enemy.

The battle with Kollontay

During the moments of recharging or healing the boss will piss you with a baton. Try not to miss blows from him, because they stun and impose a debuff. But even after a blow to the head, you’ll be able to break the distance and finish Kollontay.

Try shooting him from the spiral stairs. The third floor is mostly made of glass, so he can see you easily. On the second floor, there aren’t many good hiding spots, and you might get shot through the bars because of all the stuff in the way, making it hard to see where his head is.

Kollontay has superhuman reactions and physique, with no intelligence at all. His worth farming for the top armor and baton, which costs good money on the flea market. 

In conclusion, facing Kollontay in the unforgiving landscapes of Escape from Tarkov demands a combination of strategic thinking, tactical precision, and well-coordinated teamwork. To emerge victorious against Kollontay and his guards, players must leverage high-powered ammunition, engage in clever flanking maneuvers, and maintain constant communication with their squad. With careful preparation, adaptability, and a keen understanding of Kollontay’s behavior, players can navigate the perilous terrain of Interchange and successfully overcome the challenges posed by this formidable adversary. May this Tarkov Boss Guide: Kollontay lead you to triumph in the relentless battles against Kollontay. If don’t want to face these struggles yourself, buy Tarkov Boosting from BoostingExperts now! Stay vigilant, stay well-armed and good luck.

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