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New World Woodworking Guide

Woodworking is a New World Refining Trade Skill that deals with different trees making them into logs that can be later used in crafting. Let’s dive into the depth of that valuable skill.

To develop in New World Woodworking skill you will need to refine a lot of Trees, so it is intervened with the Logging Gathering skill. Pick as many Trees as you can wherever you are going. Actually, Weaponsmithing and Furnishing require wood, and you will either need or can use your Woodworking for that types of crfting. 

You can Refine Trees you logged in Woodshops located in Settlements. For higher quality wood you need to develop your Woodworking level accordingly as well as look work higher Tier Woodshops. 

Remember that when Logging your speed highly depends on the tool you use, so you need to constantly upgrade the axe to log faster.

The other way to obtain necessary wood is buying it from the Trading Post, which actually consumes a lot of Gold. 


Green-Wood x4
Woodworking Level 0
Woodshop Tier III


Timber x2 + Aged Wood x4
Woodworking Level 50
Woodshop Tier III

Wyrdwood Planks

Lumber x2 + Sandpaper x1 + Wyrdwood x6
Woodworking Level 100
Woodshop Tier IV

Ironwood Planks

Wyrdwood Planks x2 + Sandpaper x1 + Ironwood x8
Woodworking Level 150
Woodshop Tier V

If you want to craft the Legendary weapons by New World Woodworking, you will need the Glittering Ebony logs. You will need a Luck boost here. Luck is a 1000 to 1 rarity. So use trophies and food to increase luck as much as you can.

Glittering Ebony

Woodworking Level 200
Woodshop Tier V


Ironwood Planks x5

Wyrdwood Planks x2 + Sandpaper x1 + Ironwood x8
Woodworking Level 150
Woodshop Tier V

Wildwood x2

Derived from Ironwood Trees

Barbvine x1

Derived from Ironwood Trees

Obsidian Sandpaper x1

Derived from Supply Containers (Zone Level 56+)

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