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New World Weaving Guide

Weaving in the New World is a Refining trade skill that can become for you a valuable crafting ingredient. Armoring, Furnishing, Engineering, snd Weaponsmithing all require cloth for their recipes. So, if you care about this kind of activity, regard Weaving with attention.

When you start your journey in the New World Weaving with lvl 0, you are able to harvest plants for Fibers and refine them into cloth, in particular, Linen. So take your Sickle and go for tons of Hemp. You can refine them at the station in the settlement called Loom. 

Looms come in different levels in accordance to how Guild developed their settlement, much like the crafting stations. So to craft a particular cloth you may look for a particular tier Loom in another settlement.

As for leveling your New World Weaving skill, it will rise accordingly to the amount you use it. The more you refine, the higher your level will be, so you need a lot of resources to upgrade. 

Then you get access to more complicated cloth like Sateen, Silk, Infused Silk, and Phoenixweave. They require a previous level cloth plus refining materials to refine. You can find them either in a supply container, trading post, or craft by the Material Converter. The Material converter should be bought every time and can only be used once.

You also have an option to grade your cloth down if you need a particular ingredient. For this, you need to obtain Weak Solvent. 

When you get to the point of crafting high-level Silk and Sateen, you may consider a Material Converter for Cloth Weave. They come in different levels too.


Level 0
Tier II
Fibers x4


Level 50
Tier III
Linen x4 + Cloth Weave x1


Level 100
Tier IV
Sateen x2 + Cloth Weave x1 + Silk Threads x4

Infused Silk

Level 150
Tier V
Wirefiber x4 + Cloth Weave x1 + Silk x2


Level 200
Tier V
Infused Silk x4 + Scalecloth x1 + Blisterweave x1 + Wireweave x1

Well, now that you get the theory, you can probably understand that for Weaving in the New World you will need to grind a lot in Harvesting. The leveling here is necessary.

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