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New World Leatherworking Guide

Leatherworking in New World is a Refining Trade Skill allowing you to refine the animal skins into leather crafting material of different levels and attributes. Let’s see into that.

General Information about Leatherworking in New World

You can craft the items using New World Leatherworking Skill at the Tanneries. As you may already know, such stations come in different Tiers. You can access them through Settlements. If you are keen to develop the Tanneries in your Settlement, then you should direct your attention to the Town Projects. If not, then just search through the Map to find the Tannery of the Tier you currently need in the other Settlements.

New World Leatherworking Leveling

You should also remember that your Leatherworking in New World rises accordingly to the number of times you use it. So, to level fast you need to craft a lot of leather. Start with Coarse Leather and save all of it for later, because you will really need it for the other items. 

The only resource you need to obtain for Coarse Leather crafting is Rawhide. For that, you need to skin animals such as bears or wolves. You can find them in abundance outside the Settlements.

To enhance the speed you skin with constantly upgrade your tool which is in our case a Knife. You can either buy it in the Trading Post or craft it using other skills. 

Materials for Leatherworking in New World

When you achieve Level 50 in New World Leatherworking, you will be able to craft Rugged Leather. The ingredients for this are quite simple. As you saved all of your Coarse Leather, you should have plenty. The other ingredient is Tannin. You can find it in Supply Containers or buy it from the Trading post. You can also consider Material Converters. They will come in handy when you will need higher-level Tannins. 

Recipes for New World Leatherworking

Coarse Leather

Level 0
Tannery Tier II
Rawhide x4

Rugged Leather

Level 50
Tannery Tier III
Coarse Leather x4 + Tannin x1

Layered Leather

Level 100
Tannery Tier IV
Rugged Leather x2 + Tannin x1 + Thick Hide x6

Infused Leather

Level 150
Tannery Tier V
Layered Leather x2 + Tannin x1 + Iron Hide x8

Runic Leather

Level 200
Tannery Tier V
Infused Leather x5 + Scarhide x1 + Smolderhide x2 + Aged Tannin x1

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