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New World Ice Gauntlet Guide

In the New World, you can equip your character with primary and secondary weapons, meaning you may want them to be supportive to each other and complementary. Ice Gauntlet Weapon here is a good option for you to consider mainly for its crowd control focus. 

To start with, Ice Gauntlet in the New World is a Magic Weapons type. As it is stated by the Game, the Ice Gauntlet consumes Mana for any attack. That means you need to constantly manage your mana not to run out of it during the battle, and also you will reserve to buying Mana Potions. 

It is also linked to the Intelligence Attribute, therefore, you need to bear in mind to develop it during the game to improve your performance. 

Ice Tempest in the Mastery Tree will direct you to the abilities that are all about the damage you can cause with this Weapon through AoE or projectile. You choose between Ice Storm, Wind Chill, and Ice Spikes. The best you can do here lies within the Ice Storm as it slows down enemies causing them damage, and is very effective against crowds on PvP and PvE Modes. Ice Spikes, as Wind Chill doesn’t cause a lot of damage. As for the Ice Spikes you really need to get used to it to make your attacks precise and timely, so take time to master it. 

The Builder is focused on distracting and area denial offenses. It has Ice Shower, Entombed, and Ice Pylon options. Ice Shower slows down your opponents by creating an ice layer before you, and you may use it when you need to keep the enemies away, but it doesn’t last long enough. Entombed helps you with defense, creating a protective layer for 10 seconds. The layer itself can be destroyed, and enemies attacking you still cause you minor damage, but you can turn off the Entombed any time within the given 10 sec. You better focus here on the Ice Pylon which is placed on the ground and shoots ice, while you can use some other frost abilities within one meter. 

There is a decent amount of Passive Abilities you can equip which will depend on what you are using the Ice Gauntlet for, but take into account Critical Frost, Cold Reach, and Energized Critical. If not, consider returning Mana abilities. 

As you only can use three Abilities at a time, you better focus on developing them, rather than developing all six. 

If you are using the Ice Gauntlet, then there are some weapons you can effectively pair it with. The first option is the Rapier which is linked to the Intelligence and Dexterity Attributes. But in PvP you actually need a Constitution, so it will be likely that you choose the Fire Staff, which too depends on the Intelligence. The Ice Gauntlet will actually suit you as a secondary weapon if you take a healer position and use a Life Staff. 

To develop the Ice Gauntlet you need to pick the items connected to the Intelligence, or INT gems. 

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