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New World Housing Guide

Housing in New World allows you to purchase three houses in different Settlements. They will give you the opportunity to fast-travel, get a pet, increase your storage capacity, and place trophies for additional attributes. This guide will hopefully help you comprehend the mechanics and successfully get a house in New World.

How to Get a House in New World

Primarily, you should raise your Territory Standing Points up to the 10th Level. It is by this Level you will obtain a “House Ownership” Reward which unlocks the option to buy a House in New World. Now you only need to have Gold to buy the house of your dream.

When looking for a house you should consider some things. First, the location should be either near your common crafting sites or where you want to travel fast. Owning a House in New World allows you to fast-travel through the Aeternum as a respawn point, you may consider your houses to be in the far Territories with difficult access. Remember that you are limited to only three houses in New World and choose wisely.

The second issue is taxes. They are deducted from your account each week and depend on the Governor’s will mostly. The default tax rate for Housing in New World is 10%. To lower your taxes you can either increase your Territory Standing points and get the ‘Property Tax’ card on that Territory or get a House on your faction’s Territories. 

If you purchase a House in New World the first time, you will get a 50% discount not only on the House itself but on the territory taxes.

New World House Tiers

You can Level your Houses in New World to get more advantages on them. 

To purchase Tier I House in New World you need to be of Level 10 in territory Standing. It will cost you 5,000 Gold and has min tax of 250 Gold per week. it can be changed though by the Governor any time. You can fast travel every 4 hours. The storage furniture limit here is only 1. And 5 pets are allowed. 

You can obtain Tier II House when leveled your Territory Standing to 15. It has the price of 10,000 Gold and min tax of 500 Gold per week. It allows you fast travel every 3 hours. Storage furniture limit increases to 2 units and 6 pets are allowed.  

The required Territory Standing Level for Tier III House in New World is 20. It costs 15,000 Gold, and min tax is 750 Gold per week. You can fast travel a bit faster, every 2.5 hours. Storage unit limit is 3 and 7 pets are allowed.

Once you reach Level 80 in Territory Standing, you can get a Tier IV House. It is 20,000 Gold with min tax of 1,000 Gold per week. Fast travel every 2 hours, storage unit limit is 4, and 8 pets are allowed.

Storage Increase through Housing in New World

When talking of the storage capacity of the House in New World, we consider Storage Chests. They come in different Tiers too.

Tier I Chests
Hewn Log Storage Chest gives 200 extra Storage capacity
Old Wood Storage Chest gives 225 Extra Storage

Tier II Chests
Iron Storage Chest gives 300 extra Storage capacity
Hunter Storage Chest gives 325 extra Storage capacity
Stone Storage Chest gives 325 extra Storage capacity

Tier III Chests
Hope Storage Chest gives 400 extra Storage capacity
Booty Storage Chest gives 400 extra Storage capacity
Dynasty Storage Chest gives 400 extra Storage capacity

Tier IV Chests
Golden Steel Storage Chest gives 500 extra Storage capacity
Polished Marble Storage Chest gives 525 extra Storage capacity
Cursed Storage Chest gives 525 extra Storage capacity


You can also place trophies in your House in New World to increase your Luck when crafting or gathering or add attributes to weaponry. The same trophy type works in different houses of yours but you cannot place them in one. Moreover, you can furnish your House in New World but it won’t bring you any benefits besides pure aesthetics.

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