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New World Gear Score Tips

Gear Score in New World is a point of interest of many players as it can help with the account progress. The higher GS you get the higher damage you cause and the higher the attribute rate you have. However, it is not always clear how the system works. So, here are some tips for you.

Gear Score is basically the quality of your Gear in numbers. It increases the damage of your gear, attributes, and buffs you apply to them. So you may want to risen your Gear Score in New World to progress with the weaponry and take more elite enemies.

You steadily progress through the game getting different kinds of gear, and your level rises. Then you hit level 60. Now, what happens?

Of course, you still want the drops from your enemies to be higher and higher increasing your Gear Score in New World. The thing is that you don’t just get it. No matter how hard you try, you just don’t get the higher drops.

Well, the system is based on chance. And the chance rises with the number of high-level enemies you kill. So you can be really frustrated getting the drops that have a lower New World Gear Score than your previous ones. However, the only option you have is to farm. Farm for elite enemies. There are plenty of PvE opportunities with 60+ enemies. You can go to the 60 lvl Expeditions: Genesis and Lazarus, Genesis of Malevolence Area in Edengrove, Siren’s Stand and Eternal Pool in Reek Water, Scorched Mines and Myrkgard with the Corrupted in Shattered Mountain.

Note that each type of gear you have is independent from the other. So you increase each kind of gear, not your overall gear.

The other thing is you don’t need to wear the highest gear you have, the system considers your slots, not the equipped weaponry.

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