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New World Gathering Guide

New World gathering is a trading skills attribute along with the Crafting and Refining. It contains Logging, Mining, Fishing, Harvesting, and Tracking & Skinning. Let’s dive deeper into the depth of Gathering skills, tools and resources.

General Information about the New World Gathering

✦ The items and resources you can gather in the New World solely depend on your current gathering level. So for gathering in the New Words you may consider leveling. The higher your gathering leveling is the higher the speed you gather with.

✦ To gather the materials in the New World faster you not only need leveling but also the tools. You will be able to craft tools in New World from the very beginning but some of the tools require specific levels and resources. The higher-level resources are present plentifully in the areas of the higher leveling, so these two things should be intervened when playing.

✦ To craft higher-level tools you need to go to the Crafting Stations (or Workshops) located in the towns of different Guilds. They are all progressed to a certain level you will be required to craft the tool, so you need to address the map and find the one that has the right Tier level for your tool.

✦ However, if you do not have any intention of developing your engineering skill, then you can go to the Market and buy the tools you need there. Although the price may be higher than you want it to be.

Logging in the New World

For developing that Gathering skill in the New World and craft something from the wood respectively, you will be required to have a Logging Axe. From the start, you will only be able to cut down young trees but as your level will progress, you will get access to the higher-level options.

Wyrdwood Trees are more common in Mourningdale and Edengrove, and the Ironwood Trees you mostly find in Shattered Mountain, Ebonscale Reach.

To start gathering walk to the resource and press “E”, don’t hold it.

Young Tree

Level 0
Widely spread

Mature Tree

Level 50
Widely spread

Wyrdwood Tree

Level 100
In Mourningdale, Edengrove

Ironwood Tree

Level 175
In Shattered Mountain,
Ebonscale Reach

Smelting in the New World

New World Smelting is the process of refining the Ore you previously obtained by Mining into the Ingots. To refine you need to enter the Smelter in your Settlement. The higher-level the Ore you want to refine the higher Tier Smether you should look for. 

From the start, you will only be able to mine Iron, but with your level of development, you will access other resources. The advice we can give you is stay near the Settlements where you have the option to drop the storage when your carry capacity will be overstretched. So you can constantly pick the ore and store it without any problem. 

The other thing is to find a free rotation as the ore of any kind is a popular trophy and many players seek to pick it. Don’t spend your time fighting with players but rather occupy a free rotation and return there once the fulfillment occurs.

Your Mining speed hugely depends on the tools you use, so make sure you upgrade them. The other option is to pick the increasing mining speed bonus from your Territory Standing rewards. 

You can always skip mining and go to the Trading Post to buy the Ore you currently need but it can be quite an expensive hobby. 

Charcoal can be derived from trees. Green-Wood and Aged Wood both result in 1 Charcoal.

Asmodeum and Void Ore require a lot of luck when concerning resources and will be very hard and time extending to obtain. 

Ingot Types and Ingredients

Iron Ingot

Iron Ore x4
Smelting Level 0
Refined at Smelter Tier II

Silver Ingot

Silver Ore x4
Smelting Level 0
Refined at Smelter Tier II

Gold Ingot

Silver Ingot x2 + Gold Ore x5
Smelting Level 0
Refined at Smelter Tier III

Steel Ingot

Iron Ingot x3 + Charcoal x2 + Flux x1
Smelting Level 20
Refined at Smelter Tier III

Starmetal Ingot

Steel Ingot x2 + Charcoal x2 + Starmetal Ore x6 + Flux x1
Smelting Level 100
Refined at Smelter Tier IV

Platinum Ingot

Gold Ingot x2 + Platinum Ore x6 + Flux Icon Flux x1
Smelting Level 100
Refined at Smelter Tier IV

Orichalcum Ingot

Starmetal Ingot x2 + Charcoal x2 + Orichalcum Ore x8 + Flux x1
Smelting Level 150
Refined at Smelter Tier V

Asmodeum Ingot

Orichalcum Ingot x5 + Cinnabar x1 + Tolvium x1 + Charcoal x2 + Obsidian Flux x1
Smelting Level 200
Refined at Smelter Tier V

Voidbent Ingot

Void Ore x1 + Void Essence x1 + Energy Core x10
Smelting Level 0
Refined at Smelter Tier III

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Fishing in the New World

This New World Gathering skill is good for relaxing and enjoying the scene and life in the New World.

For this, you need a Fishing, Rod. You can obtain fish meat for cooking and fish oil. Your efficiency in catching fish will depend on the bait you have. There are two types of baits – for fresh water and for salt water – you will be reminded which one you need.

When you pulling the fish out of the pool, you should track the tension of the fishing rode. The higher your level the more rare location is opened for you.

Tracking & Skinning in the New World

When you capture and kill an animal, you need to skin it. To do that you need a Skinning Knife. You can obtain skin and raw meat.

There are no visible requirements for any of the animals in this New World Gathering type. The level for harvesting Small Prey, Medium Prey, Large Pray, Smal Predators, Large Predators is 0. But there are instances and rare animals that will require you to have a certain level.

As you already got the point, you will need to grind a lot for Gathering in the New World. The leveling here is necessary.

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