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New World Furnishing Tips

Furnishing in New World is a Crafting Trade Skill by means of which you can not only decorate your house with aesthetic items but actually make something valuable for your in-game activities such as trophies and storage. It’s not all that complicated but relies heavily on almost any trade skill and takes a lot of precision. Let’s see what all this is about.

When you only start your journey in New World Furnishing and try yourself in different crafting, you can also interchange them. As you won’t be able to purchase a house until Level 10 of Territory Standing, you can stick to crafting small and requiring a little amount of resources items. So you can level your character in New World Furnishing fast and get access to more valuable items. 

To furnish anything you need to go to the Workshop in your Settlement. Remember that in New World Furnishing as well as any crafting skill to craft a particular item you need to find or develop the Workshop of a certain Tier. The higher-level your item, the higher-tier you will need a Workshop to be. 

Level your Furnishing skill simultaneously with the other Trade Skills, as they are intervened and for higher-level furnishings, you should obtain higher-level resources that mostly come from your Gathering or Refining. 

Of course, you can always skip the resource hunting part and buy everything in the Trading Post. But for that, you should be rich, pal. 

As we already stated, you will be able to craft some really useful items. Some of them are Storage Chests of different kinds or Luck and other Attributes Trophies. 

Hope Storage Chest

gives you 400 extra storage

Loot Luck Trophy

gives you +1% chance at rare items from chests and monsters

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