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New World Engineering Guide

Engineering in New World is quite a useful and exciting type of Trade skill as you get to craft a large variety of tools, especially Ranged Weapons and Ammunition for them.

Info and Tips for Engineering in New World

The mechanics of the Engineering in New World is quite similar to the others, as you can start at Level 0 crafting some small or not so valuable items and leveling your skill to craft really good stuff. The thing is that you will need to more or less level your other Trade or Crafting Skills as New World Engineering largely relies on them as the resources for the items. 

Well, of course, you can go to the Trading Post in your Settlement and buy some resources there, but the chance that the price won’t be really nice is high. However, if you are a wealthy pal, then off you go. 

The Engineering in New World uses Workshop to craft Ranged Weapons and tools, and Forge for melee. You should find or develop these stations to have the Tier suit for the item you are going to craft. As well as any item you craft by Engineering in New World requires you to level this skill.

So, if you want to level your Engineering skill quickly, then stick to wooden Tier II items such as Weaponry: Spears or Bows or Tools: Sickles and Knives as they are easier to craft due to wood abundance. You can sell them or downgrade if there will be too many, but your level will rise. You can also Salvage some of your items to get the materials back and obtain a few repairing parts.

Don’t forget to manage your storage because your carry capacity may be overflown with different items. Dump them continuously at the nearby Settlement. You can additionally craft higher carry capacity bags to store more resources. 

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