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New World End-Game Activities

These four Areas are dedicated for New World end-game so you can raise your level to the highest, get higher Gear Score and overall farm Weapon Mastery, Gold, Territory Standing, or Azoth.

Skysong Crypt, Flower for the Departed End-Game in New World

This is actually a Level 59 New World eng-game Quest given by Elder Danya in Ebonscale Reach.

Your objective will be to place the flower on the grave. 

For that, you need to defeat some Lost Mobs.

Keep in mind that they take -15% Thrust damage and -40% Void damage. Their weaknesses are +10% Strike damage, +15% Ice damage, and +30% Nature damage.

The Boss, which is actually a mini-boss more than anything, named The Cursed One of lvl 60 appears after you placed the flower.

For that quest, you will get the Uncommon Armor Case in addition to the common XP, etc., etc.

Malevolence End-Game in New World

This New World end-game Area is in Edengrove. 

Mob type here is Angry Earth of 62 lvl. They take -15% Thrust damage, -40% Lightning damage, +20% Slash damage, and +30% Fire damage. So equip accordingly.

There are plenty of chests you can get valuable items from. However, you might not find the Boss, so if you want to complete the quest, don’t go there. 

Ambusti Superior End-Game in New World

The New World end-game is located on the northwest side of the Shattered Mountain.

The Mob Type is Corrupted. Equip Thrust (+20% damage), Arcane (+30% damage), or Nature (+15% damage). Avoid Strike (-15% damage) and Ice (-40% damage). 

The Boss Leviathan of the Deep is 66 lvl. It can drop legendary items like Volcano Smasher, Eyes in the Abyss, or the Bloody Valentine’s Ring.

It does swing its tail so don’t stick to its back. Dodge Large smashes especially, and the boulders will one-shot you.

Monoecious Cleft End-Game in New World

So-called Spriggan Arena in Edengrove. 

Mob Type for this New World eng-game is Angry Earth. Takes -15% Thrust damage, -40% Lightning damage, +20% Slash damage, and +30% Fire damage.

The objective for this New World end-game activity states you must defeat one Spriggan in 15 minutes. It is 66 lvl and is called Zygoramet if you want to know the name of it. It can elongate its arms and legs, has a defense barrier from the roots which you should break. 

This activity can bring you Epic Weaponry or other items of high GS.

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