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New World Camp Guide

Camp in New World is a valuable item to obtain as it gives you haven when you are away from the Settlement. You can craft food, potions, weapon coatings, restore health, and it serves as a respawn when you are killed. So, here we try to make it all clear about the New World Camp.

All You Need to Know about New World Camp

To start setting up your Camp in New World, you actually need to unlock this feature. It is possible by completing quests at the beginning of the game until you are told to go to the Settlement, and then proceed there. In a while, you will be able to encounter the Survivalist, and he will share his secret ability to set up the Camp. From now on you can set up your own Tier I Camp in New World. Note that to set it up you need resources, in particular, Green-Wood x5 and Flint x1. 

Every time you want to set up the Camp, press the “Y” button and choose the right location. 

Your Camp level will be rising according to your character level, and to obtain a higher tier Camp in New World you will need to complete the quests from Survivalist which will be unlocked after a certain level. 

The Tier of your Camp in New World affects the quality of the items you craft there. So, by leveling your character and obtaining new Camp Tiers you can craft higher-level potions, food, and tinctures. 

New World Camp Tiers

Camp Tier I

Character Level 5 

Complete Survivalist Quest

Camp Tier II

Character Level 15

Complete Friends in Fashion Quest

Camp Tier III

Character Level 25

Complete Animal Instincts Quest

Camp Tier IV

Character Level 40

Complete Lupine Observations Quest

Camp Tier V

Character Level 55

Complete Fading Lights Quest

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