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New World Arcana Guide

Arcana in New World is a Trade skill type that allows you to craft some valuable items. By leveling Arcana you can progress in New World fast and efficiently. Especially if you are using Mage Weaponry. Let’s see how it works.

General Info about Arcana in New World

Arcana in New World is a Crafting Trade Skill. It allows you to create Magical Weaponry, Potions, Tinctures, Coatings. 

New World Arcana is closely interlinked with Gathering and Refining skills. In particular, Harvesting, Mining, and Smelting will be the most useful. So, you should keep in mind that these skills are leveled simultaneously. 

To craft using Arcana in New World you should access the Arcane Repository. They come from different Tiers. You need to either look for the Tier you specifically need for the item you are to craft or risen the Tier of the one in your Settlement through Town Projects.

You don’t need to have the resources in your Inventory. They are accessible according to the Settlement Storage you have.

Resources for Arcana in New World

To craft with Arcana in New World you need to store pools of water. It is an ingredient for the most of potions. You can get it from any water body you can find near. 

The other way to get the resources you need is the Trading Post. you can buy some cheap materials there by monitoring the Market prices. You can also buy the primary resources to craft or refine them and later use them for your Arcane in New World. Then you have an option to sell the items you crafted. It is a good way of leveling different skills, as you can craft in bulk and progress faster.

To level your New World Arcana skill you can stick to the items that have a drop-down menu for the ingredients or are generally easier. Don’t use the rare or higher-tier ingredients for lower-level items as you will definitely need them later.

What you can craft with Arcana in New World


Health Potions restore some portion of your Health.

Mana Potions restore some portion of your Mana.

Regeneration Potions restore some amount of Health and Mana.

Focus Potions increase Mana Regeneration Rate by some amount for 60 seconds.

Endurance Potions increase Stamina Regeneration Rate by some amount for a short time.

Encumbrance Potions increase Encumbrance Limit by some amount for a short time.

Ward Potions increase damage absorption from Mob type by 5-15% for 30 seconds or after receiving damage 5-15 times.

Absorption Potions increase Elemental Type Absorption by 9-15% for 30 seconds. Only one Boost can be active at a time.


Weapon Coatings

Give some% damage against Mob Type. Lasts for 5-20 minutes or upon unequip, whichever comes first. Only one Coating may be applied to a weapon at a time. Coatings stack with Weapon Traits. Apply to currently drawn weapon.



They fully remove the Type Affliction and gain some resistance to it for a short time.

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