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New World AFK Timer and Altering

These days we heard a lot of complains on the Servers status as many of them were overcrowded due to the high popularity of New World. It occurred that the servers are not able to hold so many interested in the new game players. So, while developers try to deal with the issue, the new problem with the AFK system came up. 

The time you can leave your character idle extends to 20 minutes. After that, you will get a notification that you are going to be logged out if you won’t resume the in-game activity. 

You will actually be logged out after a total of 25 of your character being idle. 

So from then on, you will have to wait in the queue to log in again. 

The developers of the New World decided to enhance AFK detection due to exploitation of the holes inside the system by players who didn’t want to be logged out if being idle. Amazon thinks it is inappropriate when there are many players wait to enter the game.

It is unclear how the new feature works and Amazon doesn’t want to disclose any details as they might fear someone will abuse it again. However, they also state that this won’t affect players who don’t abuse the system.

Simultaneously they add new servers and going to establish a new servers page, so, hopefully, the issue will come to an end. 

While we still wait for Amazon to deal with the situation by adding new servers and transferring options, you can go to the BostingExperts to boost your New World character. 

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