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New World 1.0.1 Update Features

It’s the first update of the Game after its launching, and it fixes a lot of bugs as well as implements new AFK system detection.

What was Altered

The patch started at 3 am PT on October, 6th and was launching up to 4 hours for different locations. It focuses heavily on the Sieges weapon – Turret, AI spawning, queues notification, and AFK which is quite an issue with players not wanting to return to the Servers queues if their character is idle. 

AFK now will notify you about you after 15 minutes of being idle, and log out after 20 minutes total. The way the detection works remains undisclosed. 

There is now a confirmation notification when the player attempts to leave the queue for the Server, so players won’t leave by mistake. 

There are a lot of bug fixes that can be divided into three categories.

General which are all about the system mistakes occurring while players involved in different activities such as  issue causing the interact key to not properly function or an issue where players did not receive coin as a reward from some activities.

The other category is AI. Here devs focused on Pastor Walsh, Bullrush Wash, Overseer Zane, and Master Zindt issues.

The third is Quests, of course, as you may encounter these issues already. They added missing journal information, in particular. 

So, now we all can enjoy New World more while still waiting the transferring between the Servers feature which was promised by the developers father the queues issue occurred. 

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New World

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