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How To Find LEDX in Tarkov

How to find LEDX in Tarkov

Looking for a LEDX is a known struggle for lots of players. Knowing where to look will help you obtain it not only fast but sometimes even when you are not expecting to find it at all.

What is a LEDX?


Answer is simple. LEDX is one of the most expensive items in the game. It could be sold to the therapist for 600.000 rubles or for twice the price on the flea market. It is also needed for quests and hideout.

Choosing a map


The most important step to succeed in finding a LEDX. First we want to look at the maps that have a spawn chance:

  • Customs
  • Streets of Tarkov
  • Shoreline
  • Laboratory
  • Woods

As for patch 0.13.5 the most effective maps are Woods and Laboratory. But before that we will briefly touch spawn locations on other maps.

On all of those maps LEDX may spawn anywhere medicine spawns. For example medic bags, medical supply crates or loose medicine spawns. 


The best spots to look for a ledx are Library building and Scav stronghold. You may find loose spawns and lot’s of containers that contain medicine.

Streets of Tarkov

Could be found in lots of places, in any container like dead scav or medicine bag, but the best place to look for is Lexos Car Dealership


You will need a lot of keys and even more luck for this map. From the start of the raid head to the Resort. 
Rooms you should look at are:
West wing: 104, 205, 216, 301, 306
East wing: 107, 110, 226, 314, 328

Increasing The Odds


LEDX can often be seen on Labs. To find it you will have to check every rare loot spawn for example offices or round table. Most of the times though LEDX spawns in the Laboratory experiment’s area or as it known black room. To get access to the black room, TerraGroup Labs keycard (Black) is required.

Round Table
Laboratory expertiment's area


As for update 0.13.5 the best map to look for a LEDX. There are 2 main spots on the map with a high chance to find a ledx. There are 2 specific places on the map that you should focus on.

USEC camp and RUAF camp Both have a high chance of spawning a LEDX on the tables you can see on the screenshots.

Speeding Up The Process

Specifically looking for LEDX can be tedious. To speed up this process you could use items like Trimadol stimulant and Sj6 stimulant, which will help you run longer to get to the desired spot. Also bring rubles for a Bridge V-Ex, to have an additional point of extraction in case it will be needed. Gear should be light and cheap so your raids would go faster and without any risk.

Sj6 stimulant
Trimadol stimulant

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