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New World Damage to Mob Tips

There are certain types of damage you can cause to different mobs. However, the effect will be quite different and fluctuate towards certain types of mobs having a weakness to a particular kind of damage. 

You could already see that when you cause damage to the mob there is an indicator notifying you about the performance of your weapon. Certain types of Mobs are weak or strong against different weaponry, so you actually need to change it accordingly.

You can also enhance your performance by adding attributes that suit the weakness of the Mob. So, let’s focus on the Mobs. The Beast is generally weak against the Thrust (-20%).

The Ancients

Strong Against

Slash -15%
Fire -40%

Weak Against

Strike +20%
Void +15%
Lightning +30%

The Angry Earth

Strong Against

Trust -15%
Lightning -40%

Weak Against

Slash +20%
Fire +30%

The Corrupted

Strong Against

Strike -15%
Ice -40%

Weak Against

Trust +20%
Nature +15%
Arcane +30%

The Lost

Strong Against

Trust -15%
Void -40%

Weak Against

Strike +10%
Ice +15%
Nature +30%

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New World

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