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Last Epoch Monolith Guide

Last Epoch Monolith Guide

Welcome to our Last Epoch Monolith Guide. We’ll dive deep into the intricacies of the Monolith of Fate, one of the most captivating and challenging features in the game. In Last Epoch, the Monolith of Fate allows players to experience unique timelines, confront various threats, and unlock powerful rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned time-traveler or just stepping into this world for the first time. This Last Epoch Monolith Guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the Monolith effectively. Get ready to embark on an epic journey through time and space, as we unravel the mysteries and opportunities hidden within the Monolith.

What is Monolith of Fate?

In Last Epoch, the Monolith of Fate is an engaging and complex endgame system that allows players to experience alternate timelines and challenging gameplay scenarios. It’s a key feature that offers both narrative depth and high-level content.

How to Access the Monolith of Fate?

Quite early in the game’s campaign, players will arrive at a central hub known as “The End of Time.” At this point, the Monolith of Fate is unlocked by accessing a portal on the east side. However, since the enemies in the Monolith have a minimum level of 58, and there are still valuable campaign rewards to be earned, most players prefer to progress further in the campaign first before returning to explore the Monolith of Fate.


Timelines within the Monolith of Fate are distinct areas with their own quests, bosses, and unique rewards. Each timeline corresponds to a specific area level, with higher-level timelines located further on the map. When players first enter the Monolith, they have access to just one timeline. Once you finish this first timeline by completing quest echoes and beating the unique boss, you can pick from two new timelines to unlock.

In time, you can unlock all the timelines, but some might need you to replay an already completed one. You can redo timelines as much as you want, usually going back to get more timelines and collect unique rewards from each one.


Normal and Empowered Timelines

Normal Timelines start at area level zero and can only reach a maximum corruption level of 50. In contrast, Empowered Timelines always begin at level 100 with 100 Corruption and can keep scaling infinitely, but they become much more challenging.

Empowered Timelines offer unique rewards that can only drop at certain corruption levels within these timelines, and we’ll delve into this in an upcoming section.

How to Empower Your Timelines?

To activate the empowered iteration of each Timeline, the player must first successfully complete the regular versions of “Spirits of Fire,” “The Last Ruin,” and “The Age of Winter.” Upon the accomplishment of these three Timelines, proceed to the central island situated between these timelines and interact with the chest located at its center. This action will unlock the empowered versions of all Timelines.

From this point onward, each Timeline access offers two alternatives: selecting the regular or empowered version. The player can freely transition between them, with each maintaining its unique corruption and stability levels to suit their preference.


Last Epoch Monolith

Echoes are the maps players explore within timelines, each chosen through a procedurally generated web unique to that timeline. This web can be reset by defeating the Shade of Orobyss. Eliminating the Shade creates a fresh web for exploration while also impacting the level of Corruption.

In the ‘Echo Information’ panel, you can find details about each echo’s changes and what you’ll get when you finish it. Every Monolith Echo has its own map, changes, and rewards. The modifiers, which make things tougher, stay for some time and affect future echoes. The duration and how tough they get depend on how much corruption there is and how far you are from the start of the Timeline web. More corruption and echoes far from the start mean harder and longer-lasting modifiers.

Finishing echoes adds to the Timeline’s stability. How much you get depends on the echo’s distance from the center and the bonus stability from defeating enemies. You need this stability to unlock quest echoes, including the Timeline Boss. The UI shows your stability and what’s needed to unlock each quest.

Monolith of Fate Timeline Quests and Bosses

Every Monolith Timeline has three quests, with the third being a boss fight. Quests have a stability requirement, with the first quest having the lowest and the third the highest. Quests must be completed in order, and after defeating the boss, you receive a blessing and can choose to unlock a new timeline.

These quests are not randomly generated; they are fixed for each Timeline and will remain the same within that Timeline. The boss you face will also be consistent for any specific Timeline.

Boss Rewards

1. Blessings

Blessings are enduring enhancements for your character that enhance your strength or boost loot drops in various ways. Each boss offers a distinct set of Blessings, and these unique Blessings cannot be obtained elsewhere. This means that if you’re seeking a particular Blessing, you must repeatedly face the specific boss associated with it until you obtain the desired enhancement.

2. Uniques

Every boss possesses its exclusive set of unique items that solely drop from that particular boss. These items vary in rarity, with some being common and others considered rare. Moreover, certain uniques may necessitate a specific corruption level or mandate the empowered version of the Timeline to be eligible for obtaining. Given that these unique items cannot be found elsewhere, the only method to obtain them is by repeatedly confronting the boss until the desired unique item finally drops.

Corruption and The Shade of Orobyss

Corruption makes the game harder but gives better rewards. To raise Corruption, beat The Shade of Orobyss in specific echoes, which are more common the farther out you go. Be ready, Shade is a tough opponent.

As Corruption goes up, it makes everything in the Timeline, including bosses and extra Shade encounters, tougher with more health and damage. It also boosts experience and the chances of getting rare items, so you get better rewards. The speed of increase per Corruption point isn’t the same; it’s faster at lower Corruption levels, so adding Corruption early on has a bigger impact. Corruption also affects your chances of getting good rewards from Echo Objectives and unique items from bosses.


Here are some more Corruption and Shade of Orobyss tips:

  • Killing The Shade resets the Timeline Web and generates a new one. Ensure you only defeat the Shade when no desired echoes remain.
  • If you find the Corruption level too high, you can lower it by completing the Sanctuary of Eterra Echo, located near your web’s starting point. After completing the Echo, you can choose the amount of Corruption to remove from three available options.
  • Corruption is capped at 50 in normal timelines but is unlimited in Empowered ones (details in the next section).
  • Killing the Timeline Boss adds ‘Gaze of Orobyss’ stacks, which increase Corruption gained from Shade kills. These stacks are lost upon dying to a Shade.
  • The impact of Corruption on XP, rarity, and monster difficulty is non-linear. Early Corruption significantly boosts these factors, while at higher Corruption levels, the effect becomes more modest.

In conclusion, the Monolith of Fate is a dynamic and challenging feature in Last Epoch that provides endless opportunities for adventure and growth. Navigating through various timelines, completing echoes, and facing powerful bosses offer a thrilling gameplay experience. The pursuit of blessings, unique loot, and the management of Corruption levels add depth to the game. As you delve deeper into the Monolith with Last Epoch Monolith Guide, remember that strategic choices and careful planning are key to your success. Explore the multitude of timelines, face formidable foes, and reap the rewards that await in this ever-evolving realm. So, venture into the timelines and embrace the corruption to reap the rewards with Last Epoch Monolith Guide. If you are not sure you can complete The Monolith of Fate Timelines yourself, you can buy Last Epoch Boosting from BoostingExperts

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