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WoW Burning Crusade Leveling

WoW Burning Crusade leveling is the best way to start playing the golden time of World Of Warcraft history. Since all the changes in the BC went only to the benefit of both the world of Warcraft and the players.

The return to Burning Crusade is just around the corner, and many can’t wait to wipe Illidan’s nose again, proving they are ready. For some, preparation comes down to raising funds for a flying Epic vehicle. For others – to pumping many characters up to level 60 for the sake of Professions and filling the bank with materials on which they can coolly weld with the release of Burning Crusade Classic!

Obviously, players will have to adjust to the changes in PvE, and given the number, many will want to change to a different class. Now in WoW Classic it is a common thing to have a lot of Warriors in a raid, but outside the Dark Portal these same warriors will have to compete for a place in raids not only because of class changes, but at least because the maximum number of players in a raid group will be reduced … This is just one example of why many will have to think about pumping a new class for themselves.

Yes, this is not the most important decision in the game, but by dotting all i’s in advance in this matter, you can save yourself a decent amount of time, because getting access to certain raids will require a fair amount of time. Needless to say, how much will you win by getting into the raid you are interested in early? If you already have a few characters ready to step into Outland, it makes sense to pick the one your raid group needs first.

Considering all the innovations related to the professions in TBC, it will not be superfluous to take Leatherworking on your main character, because the usefulness of the drums they create is difficult to overestimate, and only the needle and leather masters themselves can use them. Blizzard has announced potential changes to the Drums of Battle, but so far nothing is known for certain. In any case, the presence of several tanners in the raid will be, if not mandatory, then at least useful. A new profession, Jewelcrafting, is also expected to be in demand, as most players will need gems as early as possible – think about that if you want to make a fortune in Burning Crusade Classic.

Again, based on the changes that will affect the professions, the materials needed to pump them will be in increased demand. It will not be superfluous to start stocking up on them now! To pump the same Jewelcrafting from 1 to 300 levels, you will need gems that are already available in the game and ready to be collected by miners – Tiger’s Eye, Moss Agate, Citrine, Aquamarine, Star Ruby, Huge Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Azerothian Diamond and others. In the first days of BC Classic launch, their prices will skyrocket, so start saving now!

A pretty obvious tip, but worth mentioning nonetheless. In general, you have two paths in front of you, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, we will talk about them further. The first path is traditional races across locations with tasks and passing visits to local dungeons. This is the standard development path for most players, and was often encountered during the Burning Crusade. This way you can earn extra gold for flight training if you decide not to bother preparing your cash reserves in advance.

The second path is the passage of dungeons on an ongoing basis with a pre-assembled group. Immediately on the shortcomings – you will need good equipment right from the start, preferably the level of Naxxramas, as well as, obviously, a group in which the Tank and the Healer will be. The main advantages are a little less time spent on pumping to level 70 and the ability to return later to tasks at any time and get an extra penny from them. The reputation that you get in the process of such pumping will also not be superfluous, making you a little closer to gaining access to raids.

In general, if you have gold, equipment from Naxxramas, and an assembled group, the second option will suit you better. If none of this you have – welcome to the World of Quests, again!

If you are not yet aware of what awaits you in this regard, it is better to sit down in advance. Gaining access to Karazhan, Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep and the Battle of Mount Hyjal is a long process, unlike gaining access to raids from Classic. You will find a unique collection of reputation with many factions, compulsory flight training, dozens of Heroic dungeons completed over and over again (passing one of them, by the way, is limited in time) and keys, keys, keys (hey, not what you thought, from the current WoW, their time has not come yet, even if the temporal flows, according to Chromie, are unstable)!

Again, obvious advice, but perhaps the best one for preparing for the Burning Crusade. With enough gold, you can buy anything – flight training, BoE gear, enchantments, materials for Professions, and even places in dungeons and raids (which are not very cheap, so be careful with your spending).

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